“Kate Middleton was never bullied” — wasn’t she?

To dive right in, one thing I’ve noticed when clashing with Meghan Markle fans (a daily occurrence) is that one of the first things they like to claim is that “Kate was never bullied like this”. What they mean, of course, is that Kate never received vitriol from the press or public, and that it’s been all sunshine and daises for her over the last sixteen years, and everybody has loved her from the word “go”. Well— not quite.

Being perfectly honest, I’m quite sick of everyone making Meghan out to be this poor little victim and prisoner of her own fame. Before I turn my attention to Kate, I will say this: Meghan is a grown woman of 37-years-old. She knew what she was getting into and has the money and means to protect herself or simply ignore the bad press if she so wishes. She’d do well to use her resources wisely.

Now, onto Kate. Below, I have included some screenshots from Daily Mail articles, stemming back as far as 9-12 years ago. Here, you can see the way she was written about and how the public perceived her; I.e. not well. I don’t need to give much more of an intro for this — let the comments speak for themselves:

Here’s a nice article by Sandra Parsons of the DM, referring to Kate as “boring” (because she dared buy frozen pizza with William one time) and goes on to complain about Kate in this, especially over her lack of job. Funnily enough, this was written on the day William and Kate became engaged in Kenya, on 20th October 2010– the news wouldn’t go to press for another three weeks. Bet Sandra felt like an idiot after that.

She of course goes on to talk about the fact that William STILL hasn’t married Catherine after nine years together, as though it’s her business, and as most journalists did when trying to hit out at the future Duchess, included a picture of Kate at the roller rink, where she had taken a tumble— complete with scathing caption, where we could all guess the catty undertone:

And now, without further ado, let’s hear it from the public:

This echoes of a time when nobody gave a fig if the future king married or not, with others calling her a “royal wag”, bashing her for her lack of job and basically deeming her useless.

Oh, there it is. The famous “they should sod off and get married somewhere quietly” comment, said about the future monarch and Consort. That made me laugh, considering neither of them had ever been married and there was no earthly reason as to why they shouldn’t have had a big wedding. And yes, they were bashed for having a long courtship, where Prince William dared to take the time to see if the woman he loved was up to the task of being Queen one day.

More scathing remarks— do these sound familiar, Meghan lovers? “She’s nothing like Diana”, “she’s nobody’s role model” and “please choose someone else — she’s a social climber!”. But of course, Kate never got any hate right?

More people expressing their delight at William potentially choosing her as his bride. “The woman is a joke, she doesn’t have a job, etc.”

More people hoping William will dump her, as it appears to be “the only correct thing” he’d have done during the relationship.

“She’s not princess material”, “his image is suffering because of her”… and… “let King Henry take over”? Ha! Bet you’ve changed your tune now.

The ‘end of the monarchy’? Where have I heard that before?

“Didn’t he first notice her in a sleazy lingerie show, half-naked?” As opposed to… taking part in numerous sex scenes and simulating blowjobs onscreen? Hm.

None of us were too thrilled about Harry’s subsequent wedding either, and as far as William and Kate’s marriage goes, they’re doing quite well so far, I’d say. Nothing like Diana and Charles.

I think I’ve overloaded this, so I’m going to leave it there for now, but I think you get the point I’m trying to make. These comments that Meghan lovers deem to be so ‘hateful’ toward the Duchess of Sussex are really no different at all to the nasty comments Kate received back in the day. Catherine has put up with MANY years of scrunity from the press and vitriol from the public, but never once tried to control any of the palace’s social media accounts or forced them to police public opinion so that she could be put in a better light. She kept her head held high and got on with it, with an “I’ll show you” attitude.

And she has.

The comments and general public opinion toward Catherine these days are a far cry from what they used to be; she fixed up and buckled down, got behind some decent charities and does a fabulous job of looking and being the part every single time.

Meghan, in comparison, appears weaker and more self-centred. She seems more wrapped up with her own public image than actually conforming and adhering to royal protocol, and I think this will ultimately be her biggest downfall. There is a lack of respect for the crown, the family and what is expected of her in her new role; as long as she has global fame, the cameras in her face and people adoring her, she isn’t concerned about representing the monarchy, and that is where she falls short of the mark. And that is why I don’t think her and Harry’s marriage will last the course.

Kate has fought hard to prove herself over the last eight years that she’s been married to William; Markle has failed to toe the line even once over the last three that she has been involved with Harry. So Meghan lovers, next time you want to band around the term “bully”, as though Meghan is the first person to receive any backlash from the media and public, I’d invite you to look at this. She is NOT the first and will NOT be the last; so my best advice to her is to spend less time trying to doxx people, pull her socks up and get on with it. You chose the life Meghan; now time to see if you’ll sink or swim.