Is Meghan Markle really pregnant?

Since the announcement on 15th October last year that The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their first child this Spring, there has been the inevitable “bump” watch from the media and public for 37-year-old Meghan Markle. Of course, with any royal pregnancy, there have been questions; some wondering whether or not Meghan is actually pregnant and not just using a surrogate instead. Here we assess why…


Let’s start with the news of the day; Meghan was papped on Friday arriving in NYC, allegedly for her baby shower. First of all, there’s the bizarre fact that she couldn’t find any friends to have a baby shower with on UK soil with after a year-and-a-half of living here. I thought she was all pally with the elite set? What about all those Made in Chelsea people who were meant to be really close with her? Yeah — my backside.

Meghan arriving in New York City in Friday, using “pale and stale Male” to carry her bags. They’re good enough for that, apparently.

Also, why did her friends made a heavily pregnant woman fly to them rather than them making an effort to fly to London? I don’t know about you, but for every baby shower I’ve been to, we usually try and accommodate the mother-to-be, not the other way around. I’m sure they have space at Kensington Palace for a baby shower without a pregnant woman having to fly six hours across the Atlantic. And on a side note – I do find it odd that the paparazzi never seem to get a clear view of her stomach when they do snap her. There was that lunch with her PR pest Christian too, where they were just side shots with her coat sticking out whilst open, but her stomach isn’t visible.

She owns some very stiff-looking coats

And then there’s the amount of travel; a five-day trip to NYC this week and then Morocco this weekend, to a known Zika zone? I know most doctors and airlines will let you travel up until 36 weeks, but it’s a lot of extensive travel for someone in the final stages of their pregnancy. Why have the palace deemed it necessary for the Sussexes to take such unnecessary trips so late into her pregnancy? It’s very odd.

The size and shape

Let’s be real here, the size and shape of that thing changes more times a week than a shapeshifter would. She goes from looking like she swallowed a beach ball one minute to having only swallowed a few pancakes the next. And it’s not the style of dress either – it really is very weird.

These were taken one week apart. Did the kid shrink?

There was that video to the old people’s home where she not only wore a very ugly and inappropriate dress, but her bump also appeared to have sharp edges — more fitting for a basket than a baby bump. Unless she’s preparing to give birth to a royal hexagon, whatever it is in there isn’t actually a baby.

Maybe she figured they were all old and blind and wouldn’t notice, but everyone else seemed to.

And then there was that time that as she and Harry left an engagement, her bump had an “oopsie” moment and slipped to her knees — or that’s what it looked like, at the very least. Meghan, probably too busy looking for the nearest camera, didn’t seem to notice the “foetus faux pas”, but a lot of eagle-eyed royal watchers definitely did.

Judging by her expression in the last picture, she may have noticed it slipped but it was too late – kind of like just before you shit yourself and realise there’s nothing you can do in those final moments

General Stance

Before Meghan joined the royal family, I was told she was an actress, but I’m starting to think she may have been something of a contortionist. I have never seen a pregnant woman bend down like this six months in, with their knees completely in their chest.

Honestly, where has that stomach gone while she’s squatting? Her legs are together as well. It just doesn’t make sense.

Firstly, where is the baby going while she does this? It’s not a foldaway camping table, so I fail to see how there is room for baby, knees and chest in this equation. And how does she not need assistance standing up? Not only is she heavily pregnant, but she’s also wearing heels and squatting – I’ve never known a pregnant woman to be able to pull themselves up from a squat without holding onto their sofa/coffee table/husband/dog. It just doesn’t happen. It’s a “big baby” is it, Harry? Because your wife’s speeding around like she’s carrying a raisin in there.

Due date

For all royal pregnant women, once they are safely over that all-important 12-week mark, the palace usually makes the announcement that the baby is due *insert rough part of month here*. With The Duchess of Cambridge, she was announced as being due mid July for George, early to mid April for Charlotte and late April for Louis (in fact, quite bizarrely, some articles even gave the exact date of April 23rd.) With Meghan, no such confirmation was made; there was a very vague “baby is due in the Spring” and that was that. Considering they’d confirmed Meghan was over twelve weeks, it did seem weird that they wouldn’t even tell the public what month she was due in, let alone a timeframe within it. Why would they withhold that information if they hadn’t done for Kate?

Well, what else would they be expecting? A watermelon?

Prince Harry

Prince Harry has spoken for years about how much he wanted to settle down and start a family – so it does seem weird to me that he won’t discuss Meghan’s pregnancy at all. In fact, they’ve both been alarmingly quiet, not speaking very much at all about the pending arrival – with Harry only once commenting that the baby was “going to be fat” or something equally stupid.

The fuck?

For Meghan, a certified attention-seeker, I’m surprised she isn’t being drawn into discussion about the kid either. For all her over-the-top tummy-grasping, all she has really said so far is that they don’t know the gender (which is likely bullshit) and back in January, she told well-wishers (or sad people who stand in the cold for hours to look at a Z-list actress) that she was “six months pregnant”. That’s it. No real excitement from Harry, barely any references to pending fatherhood and they don’t appear to be receiving any gifts for the baby either – just silence. It’s a little strange.

Her body

I get that some women don’t put on much weight while pregnant, but she really hasn’t put on any at all; she more closely resembles a puff adder that swallowed a fox rather than a woman who is heavily pregnant. Her legs are still stick thin, as are her arms and her ankles haven’t swelled up at all, which is slightly bizarre so late into her pregnancy.

The scruffy and dumpy coat can be misleading, but she’s still boney as anything

Two weeks ago, after stepping out at the Endeavour Awards in London, many commented on the lack of weight gain in her face, a very common pregnancy symptom for most women. Lo and behold, a week later during a jolly to the Natural History Museum with Harry, her face is suddenly and miraculously chubbier — (as are her lips, but I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that one).

Either she’s been at the treats from Charles’s Duchy range again or she’s had fillers put in her face

The family

There haven’t been any public comments from the family on the pregnancy, save for that one time someone backed Kate into a corner during an an engagement and asked her how she felt about Meghan being pregnant:

Same goes for the pregnancy announcement — I may have missed it, but usually a pregnancy or birth announcement within the BRF is accompanied by a “the Queen is delighted” comment, although I don’t remember that this time around. No congratulatory words from the Cambridges either when the news broke – although the less cynical side of me put that down to the fact that Kate’s sister Pippa had given birth to her son on the same day as Meghan’s announcement, and naturally, Kate gave more of a shit about that.

You’d think William, who is due to become an uncle for the first time, would be more excited or say something publicly about his little brother’s pending fatherhood – but nothing. Zilch. Nada.

”One doesn’t really give a royal fark”

In conclusion, do I think Meghan Markle is actually pregnant? I have to be honest, I’m not completely sold either way. Her bump bunching up like knot of elastic bands half the time doesn’t really help her cause, but is it possible she’s just one of those women who’s doesn’t gain weight while pregnant and has an odd shaped stomach? Entirely.

As for the family not speaking up, I do have to say that I think that’s more to do with them not liking or accepting her than down to anything iffy— (and on this point I won’t negotiate— it’s clear there’s beef there). The Cambridges have been very bloody quiet since Harry and Meggers got engaged and looked as though they were physically having to drag themselves to the wedding or any other event in which Hazza and Markle are present. There’s bad blood there and I reckon it will only get worse after the arrival of the baby.

“Well, thank God that’s over with!”
”I need a stiff drink, William. Immediately.”

What are your thoughts?

23 responses to “Is Meghan Markle really pregnant?”

  1. Like you, I can go either way on “is she”or “isn’t she” really pregnant. You present very valid points as to “she isn’t”. So if I were backed into a corner and forced into taking a position, I’d go with Sally Surrogate is carrying the royal meal ticket. And the thing is, if they’re using a surrogate, I’m fine with. Yes, I get the whole “royal blood must be royal blood”.

    Just looking at the most recent NYC baby shower photo dump on DM, without a doubt she’s organized that massive pap walk. Who goes to a museum for a short visit in the middle of the day before their baby shower??? She simply could not resist the attention and spectacle of heavy security escorting her out the door with the “intrusive” photographers forcing her to look down, with sunglasses, cradling the pillow… and loving every single second of it. I suspect any very slim chance she had of building a cordial, working relationship with Prince William just vanished as quickly as the flash bulbs bouncing off her sunglasses.

    1. Your comment is dead on, and I agree completely. I have to say, I wouldn’t care if it was a surrogate either; it’s 2019 and that sort of thing wouldn’t phase most people. Technically, the child would still biologically be theirs, so I doubt many people would bat an eyelid. This whole New York trip just reeks of ‘Kardashian’, and that is the only term I can use for it. She could’ve stayed privately with a friend but chose to stay in a hotel with barriers around it to highlight her ‘importance’ and ensure she had an audience. She married in for al lthe wrong reasons and it’s starting to show. I just wonder how long it will be before Harry sees the light, if he hasn’t done already.

  2. You missed the biggest clue that it’s a fake moonbump – when she stands up at the animal centre after petting the dog there’s a fair loud “twhack” when she stands up as the crushed moonbump suddenly regains it’s shape. THe video’s on the DM page about the animal centre as soon as the “thwack” happens she looks panicked and suddenly grabs for her bump….enjoy:

    1. Oooh that’s a very good catch! I was tempted to call the whole “conspiracy” bollocks, but I really wonder how this video isn’t all over the gossipy newspages! You can absolutely hear a loud *pop* (and her feet are on the ground, so it’s not a step on hard floor or something) and actually see something inflating!

  3. Was her mother not even there too? I heard no mention.

    You fly across the ocean for a baby shower and Amal-please look at my hats and tall skinny bod-Clooney is there with Oprah’s friend Gale but you cant fly your mom in from LA for a weekend? Kard(trash)ian indeed.

    As far as it being a surrogate, it wouldnt surprise me if she didnt actually want kids. Or didnt want to ruin her “nice body”. I dont get a maternal vibe from her like Kate. She reminds me of my vain friends who had kids for show but complain about singing ABCs all day.

    The biggest thing that struck me as odd was no weight gain. C’mon, all women at least get bigger boobs due to milk production, plain and simple. Even if only her stomach got big, theres nothing in her face, legs, hands etc to show pregnancy at all.

    Also, she told someone during a trip, “I feel very pregnant today!!” Really? Odd comment. What does “very pregnant” feel like? As opposed to what, a little pregnant? Is it like when I ate a bean burrito? Doesnt seem to me like something a normal woman would say.

    1. Her mum stayed in LA, but is apparently now flying to London for Meghan’s second baby shower… yep, that’s right — as if the first one didn’t annoy people enough, she’s now having another one here in London sometime soon. As for the vanity— I totally agree. She apparently made her ex-husband sign an agreement that if they ever had kids, he’d need to pay for her to have some kind of weird yoga studio and a nutritionist after to get back into shape. Who does that? I feel sorry for baby Sussex; it’s got a narcissist for a mother, and at a time when a new baby is born and most new mums are busy looking after the new arrival, Meghan is apparently more concerned with how she looks. I hate to sound catty, but she didn’t have a good figure pre-pregnancy either, so not sure what the fuss is about. I am undecided on whether or not she is pregnant, but a lot of signs are leading to the fact she is not and is probably using a surrogate. Her bump changes shape and size all the time and she’s still able to crouch down with her knees together while so heavily pregnant? I’m not buying it.

  4. she is absolutely not pregnant—there may be a surrogate hidden away somewhere but mm is physically not pregnant which goes to show just what a crazy, delusional, narcissistic sociopath she it

    1. 💯 I’m betting the surrogate is in Morocco! What a random trip to take. It just doesn’t add up.

  5. I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. I thought (maybe still think) that she is pregnant but got into the whole moonbump wearing/coat flashing bump behavior because, let’s face it, she REALLY likes the attention. Bigger bump-more photos- more feeding of the narcissism. But the pictures and the bump do not match up chronologically or medically. In December when she went to the old folk’s home, she was allegedly five months pregnant or 20-22 weeks. At this point in the pregnancy, the bump should have been a little bit above the belly button. Heck – I went to a job interview at the same point in pregnancy with control top nylons and no one could tell I was even pregnant. And she is in much better shape than me. Hers looked more like she was ready to deliver. then two months later it was smaller. Makes you wonder why. Makes you wonder about Prince Harry too. I sort of feel bad for him but also think that he needs to get his life and marriage together.

    Yet, everything about her is so strange. There was not a single best friend from hometown, high school, college at her wedding or baby shower; there was no aunt, cousin, friend’s mom at wedding or baby shower; her own mother was not at the baby shower! Really bizarre.

    1. I agree completely. One of the biggest things that strikes me, as I mentioned, is Harry’s lack of interest in the pregnancy. For a man who was desperate to have kids for years, his silence is speaking volumes; I do wonder if that’s because Meghan isn’t actually carrying the child? It’s hard to tell. I think unfortunately for Harry, this marriage has damaged his reputation somewhat; he was always a popular royal so could probably redeem himself if they were to split, but it’ll take a bit of work. As for the lack of family & friends on her side at the wedding, I feel like it’s because her past may be shadier than we thought; she was probably terrified someone would open their mouths about something and shatter the princess illusion. As I think I said in another blog on here, if I went to a wedding where the bride only had a handful of friends and one family member present, it’d raise some questions. How harry has been totally blind to this, and seems to think it normal that he hasn’t met her father after being with her for three years, is very strange to me. There were so many red flags in the lead up to the wedding that the BRF and Harry particularly should have noticed, but didn’t or chose to ignore. It can only end one way and it isn’t going to be pretty.

      1. I totally agree the images and timelines don’t add up. I also don’t get a maternal vibe or any vibe that she would care about anyone or anything more than herself. As for Harry…WTAF dude! You’re going along with this insanity!!!

      2. Totally agree! xx

  6. I think she’s pregnant and not carrying very big. A woman I worked with last year had her third in late April and carried rather small and not in the typical round bump–she basically just kept getting wider around the lower abdomen. So much so that some of her male students didn’t realize she was pregnant since she never really directly told her classes. It wasn’t a good thing as the baby was actually in a bad position and there was concern that she would need a c-section. Fortunately, when baby dropped prior to labor, it corrected. It occurred to me this week that Meghan may have the same issue and is not looking conventionally pregnant. For someone who is 1–desperate for maximum press attention and 2–really vain, it would be distressing. So she’s padding herself to look more conventionally pregnant rather than just look like she’s gaining a lot of lower body weight as my co-worker did–both for attention and her vanity.

    1. I do agree with you; like I say, I’m undecided on whether or not I actually believe she is pregnant. I do accept that she may just have an odd shaped bump, but the bit that gets me is that it changes size a lot… and the fact that she is able to crouch down with her knees together and to her chest, which shouldn’t be possible so far into your pregnancy. I do still think it’s entirely possible she’s pregnant though, I guess I’m just drawing attention to anything that looks weird.

  7. Their households leaks worse than a car size holes sieve! I cannot believe that with all that is leaked about her, not being pregnant doesn’t make a blip? I don’t believe someone married to the son, brother, uncle of future kings of England would be able to get away with faking a pregnancy.

    As for weight gain, have you seen freakish celebs or even Kate, they barely gained anything and are flat and a size 0 within days of giving birth. She’s doing all she can to not gain weight, as I totally believe that story about her giving Trevor that legal prenup thing about him having to pay to help her regain her figure if she ever got pregnant with him. Now she really has access to all that money can buy to keep you thin and taut during pregnancy.

    But she has gained some weight, her legs are bigger, just not swollen tree stumps. She had twigs for legs to the point she’s gained weight in her legs and are looking “normal” so people can’t see the gain because they are looking for huge swelled legs. This picture is today (L) and days after the wedding (R).

    1. Oh, I can definitely believe she demanded that from Trevor– she looks the type. I still think her legs look painfully thin though, I’m sorry to say; the red dress she wore upon arrival into Morocco really highlighted it. She has put on a little bit of weight, but I’m not basing too much off that; it could of course be intentional to keep up the illusion that she is pregnant, even if she isn’t. I’m not saying she isn’t though– like I say, I’m undecided either way. Unfortunately though, we will likely never know the full truth.

  8. Personally i think not , there has been no announcement of her medical team at all.which is strange , plus HM announcement ” we are pleased to announce etc “.
    I thought they would come back from Morrocco with an olive skinned baby , but no.

    1. I thought there may possibly have been a surrogate in Morocco too, but I guess not. She apparently refused to be examined by the queen’s medical team in the early stages also, which does create some red flags; why would you not want to be seen by the best medical team in the country if you’re expecting your first child and, to be blunt, she’s pushing 40 so it might be an idea to get everything in check? Something is off. We still don’t know what hospital she’s having the baby at. Everything is hush hush.

  9. I really enjoy your blog – very well-researched and well-written! As for the “is she or isn’t she” debacle, have you seen the video from the visit to the Canada House? MM crouches (on heels and with both knees bent, no less) to talk to a little girl, and later, when a little boy approaches, she seems really nervous and doesn’t crouch again, but touches her belly over and over and looks as if she was desperately trying to cover up with her coat. It does make you wonder!

  10. murderfancier avatar

    This. This is what has been bugging me all along. Thank you very much. And now with the cluster f*** of a birth then labour announcement. As well as ”privacy please” birth certificate hooey. If there is smoke… and H&M clearly have flame throwers coming out of their asses.

  11. I completely agree with you. I think they used a surrogate. I think Amal used a surrogate too. If you could, and had access to funds for another woman to go through the inconvenience and unpleasantness of a pregnancy, why would not you? I think the reason Meghan was always holding the bump was because she was literally holding the bump up. Also, the way she moved never betrayed that she was ‘with child’. I am already bored of this carry on and just wish she would do something really, really stupid so Queenie could send her packing.

  12. You all are nut jobs reading the tabloids and feeding off crap get on with your business and leave her’s alone

    1. Yeah fuck off Jackie x

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