Royal round-up: 2nd December

Hello, hello– and happy mid-week!

Well, once again, it’s been a busy couple of months in royal world with certain members further embarrassing themselves; some of it is obviously a little old by the time I get around to reporting these days, but still– plenty of material to make fun of.

So, let’s get started…

Harry and Meghan’s Time 100 Interview

Ok, as usual, I didn’t listen to this because I just can’t listen to their condescending, hypocrisy-ridden voices, but I did read segments of the ‘interview’ and fuck me, what the hell was all that about?

Well as you might have guessed, as per usual, they made it all about themselves, banging on about the ‘hate’ Meghan has endured online, like she’s some poor little princess locked in a tower surrounded by serial killers rather than sitting on her boney arse in a multi-million dollar mansion in Santa Barbara.

”It was just so horrible in England, yah— they sent us to a dark, musty tower and made us stay there for hours.”
“Babe, that was our day trip to the Tower of London.”

Meghan then also spoke of her plight as a mother, explaining that before lockdown, she didn’t really have much of a chance to hang out with dear old Archie because she was ‘too busy’ or some shit.

Ah yes, I forgot that while in England, she worked 50+ hours a week, struggled to find childcare while her and Harry were out earning a living, dashed home to take over from the babysitter, cooked dinner, fed the baby, did bath time and then had to sit reading a book to Archie for an hour to get him to go to sleep.

Not that the “reading” portion went particularly well last time

And there was me thinking that all she did was venture out once a week to shake some hands and spent the rest of it holed up on a royal estate, eating avocado on toast and ordering the nanny about while she caught up on Coronation Street.

“Can someone shut that fucking kid up— I’m about to start an Instagram Live on The Benefits of Being A Hands-On Parent.”

Harry chimed in with a nice touch of “we’ve had more quality time to spend together as a family which we wouldn’t normally have had”.

Sorry, really– what??!!? Did they both get full time jobs and I missed it? Or is it just that they have less time to scout for freebies now that everyone’s locked indoors due to the pandemic? They really do talk some utter shit.

In any case, the one that made me laugh was when the interviewer asked Harry how he was and he bypassed the question, prattling on about how ‘when people ask that these days, they really mean it now’ (yeah, original)– yet totally failing to answer the basic opening question.

Perhaps Meghan had given him his auto-cues already and had threatened to beat him if he strayed from the script, terrified he’d let Time 100 know he was being held captive.

”And yes… we are having a good life in.. South Korea.”
”It’s Santa Barbara, dipshit. Read the autocue.”
”Meghan I can’t see anything yah, you flushed my contact lenses down the toilet last week because I had a beer.”

Meghan then went on to commandeer the conversation by telling us all that ‘their job is to get the experts to explain to people what is happening in the online world’….

Ok firstly, again– what is she talking about?

Secondly, why do her and Harry keep prattling on about the internet? I thought she ‘didn’t go online’ and ‘didn’t read items about herself’, so just what exactly does she find to be so important about the online world? This woman chats a lot of shit.

Do they think this is their ‘niche’? Going on and on about the internet, like none of us know how to use it? And what’s all this guff about ‘using it to spread hate’? Or are we now expected to do this like Meghan and send crushing letters to ailing fathers?

If I were them, I’d address the disgusting behaviour of their own fans first, as they are some of the nastiest people on the internet.

Girl honestly, piss off. And take your useless sock puppet with you.

The Hold Still Campaign

Let’s take a moment to focus on the royal couple actually conducting some work and cast a look back at The Duchess of Cambridge’s ‘Hold Still’ campaign for the National Portrait Gallery, of which she is patron.

The idea was that Catherine handpicked her favourite images from the UK’s first lockdown in March, which depicted the various emotions and situations everyone was going through at that time.

Some of these were displayed in Waterloo at the back end of October, with Catherine viewing these in person (accompanied by The Duke of Cambridge for support).

”Doesn’t it look wonderful, Wills?”
”Yah, they don’t happen to have a bog nearby do they? One is bursting for a slash.”

Catherine, who received over 31,000 submissions, narrowed the collection down to just 100 photos– with the royal couple meeting with one subject, a Sudanese refugee, Sami Massalami, who is a volunteer at Food Hub in Hackney.

The couple also met with hospital staff here in London, to hear how they had managed during the pandemic and what measures they had put in place to tackle the various issues they had been seeing. Although it appears William had other issues..

”I’m just saying Catherine yah, I missed breakfast and I did notice a build-your-own-taco machine next door.”
”Or even just a small sandwich from Pret.”
“Kate really yah, my stomach’s rumbling louder than an erupting volcano.”
“Oh for fuck’s sake, sorry, can you just give me a pack of nuts or a banana for him or something? He’s giving my arse a headache.”

But after a long day of work, and Prince William seemingly fighting hard to ignore his rumbling stomach, the two headed home to Kensington Palace, where William made something of a pit-stop along the way…

”Excuse me love, couldn’t spare a wing or two for your hungry future King, could you?”
“Actually fuck it, that chicken looks like it was sourced from one of Archie’s dirty nappies.”

It’s ok, Wills– happens to the best of us.

Meghan and Harry mark Remembrance Sunday

I don’t even know if I can laugh at this one, but it’s best to try and make light of the situation, or I’ll probably cry out of shock.

I know nothing should really shock me by now with these two, but I’ve found that it still does.

So in order to mark Remembrance Sunday and in honour of the fallen, Harry and Meghan decided to stage a photoshoot in a graveyard– you know, as we all do at some point during the year.

“Slow the fuck down Hazza, my heel just struck one of the headstones and I won’t be able to return them looking like shit, will I?”

Firstly, this seems to be one of just 848854 Sussex tantrums this year: this little photo op has come about as the Royal Family apparently told Harry they weren’t going to lay a personal wreath for him at the service, which pissed Harry off.

”How fucking dare they after all the sacrifices I made fannying about in Afghanistan for 5 years and pretending my life was in danger even though I was being protected by Scotland Yard…. and Granny.”

Secondly, I’m not sure why: the Royal Family don’t lay personal wreaths, which is something Harry should’ve known after several years serving the military and even longer serving the family.

But Harry and Meghan, ever keen to play the victim, dressed up in their finest attire and took to the cemetery– complete with photographers– to ensure that if they were going to do something charitable, as usual, they would need to be papped doing it.

Harry bows his head while Meghan thinks about how much better that wreath would look on her front door for Christmas.

Once again, Meghan put her poor acting skills to as good a use as she could by pretending she really gave a shit about Remembrance Sunday, when I think it was more a concentrated effort to stop herself looking directly at the cameras, as she so often loves to do.

”Don’t look at the cameras, look sad. Try and cry a bit… DO NOT look at the cameras.”

As predicted however, this PR stunt backfired massively and instead of receiving the praise they clearly thought they’d get, they got one hell of a backlash from the media and public.

Wow, it’s almost as if people don’t enjoy seeing two failed royals make a mockery of the dead

All in all, hardly surprising it was not a success; I suggest next time, they stay home and stay quiet.

”Trying not to turn around as I told Meghan this would be a success, but I fear this wreath will be wedged up my arse before we even reach the cemetery gates now.”

Prince William had Coronavirus

So last month, it came out that The Duke of Cambridge had actually tested positive for coronavirus in April this year, shortly after we went into lockdown in the UK.

“Yeah, fat lot of fucking good this mask did me.”

As usual of course, everyone had an opinion— some even berating Prince William for keeping his COVID diagnosis a secret, as though he owes the entire world an explanation on his medical condition.

“Oh sorry about that yah, maybe you’d like one to tell you the next time one takes a dump.”

I personally don’t see why anyone needed to be told; he doesn’t need to let us know what’s going on inside his body and he probably wanted to recover privately without the entire planet knowing he had a contagious virus. As long as the people who he came into contact with were alerted, I don’t see the big deal.

“And I’d ‘advise’ you to fuck off Richard— I’m not above having reporters beheaded when I’m King.”

It’s not been made clear whether or not Kate and the kids contracted the virus also, and it’s possible the kids brought it home from school and gave it to The Duke too— which I’m sure he was thrilled about.

“Listen mate, it is literally no man’s dream to have a tribe of snotty kids bring home potentially deadly viruses, but we needed another heir to the throne, so stop your snivelling and get into class.”
“Yes, don’t touch my hands please— Daddy said if we bring home COVID again, he’ll take away our titles, and I’m not about to give up being a Princess because some peasant wanted to shake my hand.”

All jokes aside, I’m glad William has made a good recovery, as it was reported he had some trouble breathing at one point, so good to hear it is full steam ahead for him.

“You don’t get rid of your future King that easily, yah… despite my brother and his wife’s best attempts.”

Meghan had a miscarriage

So the biggest news in the last week: Meghan apparently suffered a miscarriage back in July with her second child.

Now, quite obviously, I want to handle this sensitively— not because of Meghan, but more for those of you reading who have gone through the same or something similar.

But real talk, what was that “article” for the New York Times?

I’m sympathetic to her plight, as a miscarriage isn’t an easy thing for any woman to go through, but why did I feel like I was reading something out of Twilight?

Do women really ‘drop to the floor’ while having a miscarriage? Or has she been watching one too many movies in lockdown?
Meghan holding on to Harry’s hand— a first.
No, I believe you were thinking of what would sound good later in an article sold to the highest bidder

Actually, sorry, I can’t hide my anger any longer: this is pure unadulterated bullshit.

Whose first thoughts after losing a baby, a harrowing experience, would be “I realised the only way to begin to heal is to ask people if they’re ok.”

Honestly Meghan, was that really what you were thinking during your hospitalisation?

I guarantee most women are far too traumatised to string any logical thoughts together, but Meghan was somehow mentally penning an article or speech in her head during a time where most women have not even BEGUN to recover emotionally, physically and mentally.

I know I said I wouldn’t fly off the handle, but seriously, I actually think what she wrote was something of an insult and yes, dare I say, a bit of a PR move.

So the palace announces William had COVID, then the Cambridges’ dog Lupo dies, Harry and Meghan face immense backlash for their cemetery photo op and then we’re expected to believe that the timing of this release, four months after the fact, is purely coincidental and not to drum up some good publicity for them?

Infant and Baby Awareness loss is throughout all of October— she could’ve announced it then, but didn’t. I’m sure she now knows that it’s the month to discuss infant loss, as she announced her first pregnancy on International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness day in 2018 and received some backlash for it:

Ok, obviously, it’s wholly possible she didn’t know (and neither did the palace apparently), but even I knew about that and I’ve never been pregnant in my life. So to now come out of the woodwork and claim things such as “there is still a stigma around miscarriage” (incorrect) shows her lack of knowledge and own awareness on the subject.

So yeah, I’m a little angry: angry that she is trying to be at the forefront of ‘miscarriage awareness’, angry that she now seems to think it’s only an issue because she herself has apparently experienced it and angry because I know what’s coming— another 6 months of Zoom calls where Meghan behaves as the first woman to have ever lost a baby.

I know I must sound like an A-grade bitch, but not one woman I know who has had a miscarriage is sure about the way Meghan went about releasing this information, nor does anyone want her representing them.

If this is indeed the case, her and Harry have my sympathy, but quite frankly, I don’t believe this was released to help other women— I think it was released to help Meghan and Harry’s reputation.

And for all of those calling her “brave” and “heroic”— she is no more so than any other woman who has gone through the same and didn’t have the planet’s well wishes and support poured upon them.

However, these are just my views and I would be interested to hear yours in the comments: do you think this was Meghan reaching out to help other women or was the timing simply a calculated PR move?

In any case, there has and will be loads more to cover, so I’ll be back again soon.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay happy and let’s catch up again soon!

35 responses to “Royal round-up: 2nd December”

  1. I whole-heartedly agree with you about Meghan’s “miscarriage,” if she indeed had one. I had 2. My reaction was not like that at all. It wasn’t dramatic….it was just a shock at being told there was no heartbeat on the ultrasound. She so obviously wants a lot of attention, but then complains about getting a lot of attention because it’s not the right kind of attention. She’s a narcissist and embarrassing for the royal family. But this heads off any attempt right now to take away their titles because it would look mean if the Queen did it right now. So just expect more of these types of stories from Meghan to save her own arse.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your miscarriages! I do hope you’re doing ok now. I do agree with you about the timing of the announcement and the possibility of having titles taken away…. there is a good chance they are doing whatever they can do scupper whatever the Queen has planned for March. Totally, totally agree. xx

    2. Exactly!

  2. Wow, what a read. I didn’t think you could surpass yourself after your last article, but you’ve blown that one out of of the water. It was a long wait but well worth it. I don’t know where to start –

    – I was laughing my a*se off after the first photo “Babe, that was our day trip to the Tower of London”, lol!!!
    – “you flushed my contact lenses down the toilet because I had a beer”
    – William desperate for a burger or a banana, so, so funny
    – Markle at the graveyard ;looking so sad, but had time before leaving the house to stick some false eyelashes on knowing that the whole world would be looking at her, talk about a narcissist. I don’t think it was even on the American Remembrance Day as it was pouring with rain apparently on the Sunday so they must have done it before the Sunday. How shocking but nothing shocks me now with these two.
    – Yes, William had every right to keep his Covid diagnosis private. If it had got out there would have been worldwide speculation that if anything serious happened to him Harry would have to take over, God help us if that ever happens. The world wide newspapers would have gone berserk with their headlines.
    – then we come to the “supposed” miscarriage, sorry but I don’t believe a word of it, it’s all a load of bs. Firstly because she didn’t have Archie, someone else had him, and for a woman who had to suffer a mc her words are far away from reality, because she didn’t suffer a mc she didn’t know what she would be feeling and made it up as she went along, as others have said, straight out of Mills and Boon. At least it closed down the articles that weren’t in her or his favour, 3 in a row, all gone quiet and forgotten about. That was her intention, nothing else.

    Sorry about the long post, but just wanted to say how I feel about the whole lot of garbage the Sussexes keep throwing at us. Thanks again for your wonderful insight into the two miscreants, I look forward to the next one however long it takes.

    1. Ahh thank you my love! xx And agreed- the very obvious false eyelashes for a ‘sombre’ moment was a little odd… Veterans Day was on the following Wednesday so they decided to hold a UK event in the USA… little weird. I’m still not 100% on the whole Archie pregnancy thing, so I won’t lean fully either way, but there was something awfully strange about that one, so I’m not sure what to think about this news of a miscarriage either, but hey ho… Let’s see what the next few months bring!

    2. I agree 100% with what you said. Never pregnant so no Mc and Archie (if he does actually live with them) was surrogate.

  3. I LOVE your bog posts, they refreshingly blunt and salty!

    1. Thank you lovely! xx

  4. And now that we know the moment of loss (para three) was plagiarized, one wonders if she wasn’t trying to jump on Chrissy Teigen’s band wagon.

  5. Well this post surely woke me up this morning! Thanks so much for the laughs. Your gif’s and take on things are always hilarious and spot on.

    I will chime in for a couple of points. I was shocked at the Remembrance Day stunt (that’s exactly what it was). Here in Canada, media were sympathizing with Harry being “refused” to lay a wreath, which was ridiculous as I know (and a simple Google search will tell you) that no one lays a personal wreath. He had a tantrum because someone told him “no” for the second time in his life (Sandringham Summit was probably the first) and did something so garish. It’s now been discovered that the bodies of the two Commonwealth soldiers were repatriated, so, again, their crack team of PR aides came through for them yet again. As a member of the Commonwealth, and a military daughter, this stunt made me furious.

    The miscarriage story struck me a few ways. I had a miscarriage, so I won’t tell other people how to feel or how they should share their emotions. Like you, Saffy, I will discuss the flowery, odd writing style. My first thought was “she’s copying Chrissy Teigen.” Chrissy is unfiltered. She showed raw photos and wrote an essay of her experience. Meghan wanted to do the same and expect the same sympathy. It backfired because it read like a drama script. It sounded like a scene out of Steel Magnolias when Julia Roberts picked up her child and fell to the floor. The other part that stood out for me was when she was a teenager riding in a cab and was the only kind person in all of NYC who wanted to stop and ask if a woman crying on the street was “ok.” Young Meghan even remembered the exact words the sage cab driver said to her. In all of the humanitarian stories we have heard about young Meghan, this was never mentioned until now.

    These two have gone beyond ridiculous and have entered laughing stock territory. 2020 started out with them thinking they’d take over the world, now it’s turned into their own “annus horribilis.”

  6. Stellar as always. Place me on the doubting Thomas list with the MC. Once again there are so many things that just don’t fall into place. The most egregious being the idea she would hold back four months, the lack of stating how far along she was, and more and more people finding other published versions of women’s Mc experiences that look
    like M and her P/R plagiarized the description of her Mc. Unfortunately the new P/R folk seem to be cycling through the same stale attempts to win back popularity with diminishing returns.

  7. I have to agree that I find everything they do is BS.
    They are still plagarising in their speeches/ annoucements. I wish they were called out for this.

  8. First, delighted to find your latest post this morning! You truly have a way with words.

    Onto the Sussexes-sigh. Thrse two cannot get out of their own way. I am sorry that Meghan miscarried; if they want another child this is definitely a sad occurence for them.
    When Harry and Meghan stepped back from the BRF it was allegedly because they wanted privacy. Then, please, step back, parent your child, take stock of your lives and just be private….for a change.

  9. Seeing as how there’s an international acknowledgement & month dedicated to lost pregnancies, it’s hard to see the stigma. Sounds like a lot of support. My fav part of her heart-rending tale was all the things she did when she got up: fed the dogs! made breakkie, took her veet-i-mins (as you Brits call them), tidied up the house, fixed her hair … oh, and then, there was something missing, what could it be? Something overlooked …something, someth…oh right! that’s a right, silly, old twaddle, innit? Baby Archie, must check in on the little dear, it’s almost noon, maybe needs a nappie changed & bit of lullaby after waiting around for his mum to show up. I know he’s around here somewhere …
    thanks for the fun read!

  10. Good to hear from you again lovely lady, it’s been a minute.
    My thought on her ‘miscarriage’ – she’s full of shit! I don’t believe a word of it. I suffered (yes, you suffer!) several miscarriages when trying to have my children & every single one was followed by weeks, sometimes months, of beating myself up – that never ending question of why – did I do something wrong, eat the wrong thing, not do something I should have; the guilt was sometimes overwhelming. I found out years later it was probably because of my – at that time – undiagnosed Lupus.

    But I digress – she’s a bitch, he’s a pussy & they both need to fuck off … in my opinion

    Oh, & Archies hopefully thousands of miles away from them with his biological mother.

    Have an awesome day 😊☮️

  11. I don’t believe she had a miscarriage. This woman never tells the truth, never. She is a manipulator. She uses people and events to get what she wants. I had a miscarriage 35 years ago, right before Christmas. I was 13 weeks pregnant. There was no stigma or shame. It happened and that was it. I always enjoy your humorous take on the Markles.

  12. You can hold your baby AND sing while miscarrying? And who sings a lullaby to a baby that just woke up?

  13. The creature plagiarized at least three different sources to come up with this cringey tale (as it her custom, as she has never had an original idea in her malignant brain). Not only did she plagiarize, but in my considered opinion this entire soapy mess never happened. She was NEVER in a hospital at that time. LA, and the US in general these days, are overwhelmed with C-19 cases. And even if the idiot did wind up in hospital, clammy Aitch would not have been allowed in so that she could slobber all over his fist. I despise this woman so much (and her klown konsort), that I am getting angry just typing this. If anything (and I even doubt this), she dropped a fetus the size of bean out of her well-used fanny as she squatted in one of the 16 bathrooms in her mcmansionb. She is a pathological liar, and she will not stop her antics until she is stopped. Everything she does now (and instructs numbnuts to do) smacks of utter desperation and existential panic. There is nothing that is beneath her, and I believe this tall tale was fabricated to try to sway the court to rule favorable in her frivolous suit against the MOS. Sweet baby Jeebus, she is VILE!

  14. As wonderfully put in a comment above me – the actuality of how you feel, what happens & “what goes through your mind” during mc, after & then even years later – nothing that was said (3 sentences were actually ALL MM had to say about her own loss – I can’t put how I felt then 20 yrs ago into 3 sentences unless each sentence is a books worth long. 1 in 4 pregnancies end in mc. There is NOTHING taboo about the subject even 30yrs ago when I was a nurse there was nothing taboo about it!”

    The woman is seriously mentally ill & TBH should be taken into care immediately. “a sharp cramp I fell to the floor clutching my 1stborn – Hmm nope. Very melodramatic – but totally true to MM’s “style” I don’t think it was really a mc, possibly she was peri-menopausal, hadn’t a period for a couple of moths then along comes a big one – been there! (Only I KNEW I wasn’t pregnant!) She is that stupid & that conniving to turn a “normal” issue into something bigger than it was.

    1. “She fell to the floor clutching her first born” – she couldn’t even control Archie when she did that stupid Rabbit Duck book video with him, he was too strong for her to control and he didn’t even know who she was. How would she hold him, clutching him to the floor whilst having a painful cramp, he would have fought her off no doubt about that, that’s if it even happened which I very much doubt. I see she had to insert “her first born” when there’s been photos of her on the internet looking very pregnant in the past, about 6 months gone, I’ve seen them myself. That was before she married Trevor. She is so deceitful and I think mentally unstable, it is quite worrying that she has infiltrated herself into the RF.

  15. I have to admit that I had a hard time at first with the ‘miscarriage’ story because I felt genuine sympathy and didn’t want to be a megabitch about it. IF she’s telling the truth about it, my sympathy, but I honestly think that the bitch is lying. Anyhoo I’m so glad you posted and will patiently wait for the next!

  16. You are TOTALLY right, Crowns, on being skeptical of Meghan’s “miscarriage”.

    It’s not just because she’s a nonstop liar; it’s because she’s a narcissist who demands instant satisfaction. The instant something bad happens to her, she’s howling her head off. She literally can’t wait 5 seconds to whine about her ‘suffering’.

    So her waiting 5 MONTHS to scream about suffering a miscarriage is pure nonsense.

    Hell, the split second that supposed ‘miscarriage’ started, Meghan would drop kicked Archie into the corner (because this was all about her), then begun speed dialing Sunshine Sachs to alert the paps. She’d then have started taking selfies of herself writhing in ‘pain’ on the kitchen floor, her being loaded into the ambulance, inside ER and then inside her private hospital room with her and what-his-name poking themselves in the eyes to make tears for the camera. After that, she’d ask for bids from the media, with the highest bidder getting to interview her in her hospital bed (wearing makeup and an ensemble already for sale on ‘Meghan’s Mirror’). The interview would have been a total “Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup” performance with her wailing her tragedy was worse than anyone else’s tragedy, how no one in the world had ever had a miscarriage except her, and, last but not least, how her miscarriage had been caused by the racism of the Palace and England.

    Sheesh, Meghan’s such a liar I wouldn’t believe her if she said water was wet.

    1. “Meghan would drop kick Archie into a corner” Yes, I agree with that. I can’t see her holding him and falling to the floor as she states as he was a strong, wriggling toddler, she had trouble holding him still in that stupid Duck Rabbit video, it wasn’t as it he was a new born, he had a mind of his own and it wasn’t on her, he didn’t even know who she was.

      1. You’re right. Archie doesn’t know who Meghan is. In the two times I’ve watched him with her (South Africa and that wretched Duck Rabbit video), he’s never done the things a baby normally does with its mother, i.e., he’s never looked at her, touched her, laughed or gurgled at her, nothing. Babies who love their mothers are all OVER their moms, touching her, grabbing, etc., which is why mothers of tots don’t wear glasses, jewelry, etc., when holding their baby because the kid goes grabby when he’s with mom. But not poor little Archie, he doesn’t even LOOK at Meghan, let alone touch her. That poor kid.

  17. They both have huge mental problems. Don’t believe the mc story either. Another PR stunt to gain sympathy from the public, and a reason to postpone the Court hearing in January . There’s no way she would have been able to keep a pregnancy/mc quiet for four months. Thanks for the laughs. It’s lovely to have you back.

  18. Hi Saffy! Wonderful, funny read! Thanks for the laughs out loud. I think the mc is a lie or if it did happen, it was very early on and she didn t realize it. But because she has to milk everything, she made up a story. I avoid reading about them anymore because they are useless but I ll always read your writings as you’re so amusing!

  19. You, as always, get it right. I had a miscarriage, which is NOT the same as a having a stillborn baby. This was years ago and, as my mom told me, there is no shame and it is nature’s way of saving a baby from an untenable, awful birth, followed by a sad death. My mom had 4 of them. I am sickened, once again, by mm’s plagiarism. Those two no longer amuse me. They sicken me. And only attention-seeking narcissists try to get any “PR” out of it.

  20. P.S. If she had actually been pregnant and it was in the first two months, it is more like a heavy, crampy period. You may end up in the hospital for a D&C, but not necessarily. If you lose your baby later in the pregnancy then you may have to deliver in hospital, like Chrissy Teigan, and that is very different. If that happened, OMG, we would have been subjected to pictures, and thank all that is holy, we were spared. Whole thing is a crock of we all know what.

  21. Welcome back! I’ve read on several other sites she plagiarized directly from the book “Chasing Light: Hope Through Loss” by Stefanie Tong. I’m hoping somehow this will reach the author & someone will sue her. Personally, I don’t believe the whole story- she was seen around the time she had her “miscarriage” and she seemed her usual self. She’s not that good of an actress. And this story can’t be proven/disproved. How convenient (eyeroll). Also, to me, it’s pretty sad that using a miscarriage is a way to get some positive PR.Typical of her, but it’s definitely a desperate and pathetic move.

  22. Another great post as usual! You are absolutely right about everything. And I heard that Meghan plagiarized parts of her Op Ed piece!

  23. Hey Saffy. First time I’ve commented here ( because logging in WordPress is a pain. They require a difficult password and I can never remember it). But I have to tell you how much I love your blog. You’re one of a kind. Re sour question about whether the miscarriage article was just a PR stunt, you’re kinder than me. I don’t believe she can even conceive at her age. But it’s something no one can prove (unlike the fake pregnancy) so a lot of people have taken her at her word, which has no value left after all her lies and stunts. Anyway, we’ll done. I know you feel pressured to write these posts because people get cranky if you don’t post. That’s just a sign of how much we love them. Don’t feel pressured and write whenever you feel it. 💕💗

  24. So happy to read your newest post and the hilarious comments above mine! I’m actually relieved so many people are questioning the credibility of Nutmeg’s supposed loss – I didn’t believe a word of it and have been doubting ever since. That woman is a pathological liar and restless attention seeker. It’s disgusting that she had the guts – or the lack of sense – to exploit a subject that is so deeply personal and traumatic. It was a relief to see that the media didn’t really buy this story as well and there was so much criticism of her choice of words and timing that the attention died down quickly.

  25. I believe she is trying to manipulate people’s sympathy with more lies.
    Waiting for “cancer scare” so she can be the face of the pap smear,Harry’s faux suicide article and poor baby Archie’s Lindenburgesque kidnapping to cover future tuck ups.

  26. This insipid, shallow, manipulative woman lies with every word that comes out of her artificially puffed up lips. Well, except for the times she’s called herself a fraud.

    Her entire miscarriage fantasy sounds like something from a soap opera. But the facts are – she directly plagiarized some of the essay from the book “Chasing Life” from Stefanie Tong that gives Meghan’s narrative of her miscarriage almost word for word:

    ” I clutched her tightly and cried into her. As I tenderly held my firstborn in my arms, I was saying goodbye to my third.”

    People need to start filing copyright infringements against her. She’s making money by stealing other people’s creative works and ideas. She loves to sue people so much, she should get it right back.

  27. Simply love those photos posted with your writings. Especially those of Prince William looking in at KFC.

    My condolences to those who had miscarriages.

    NOPE, I don’t think that woman had a miscarriage. She is just a blatant-in-your-face lair and professional victim.

    Looking forward to your next one. Stay safe and well.

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