Meghan’s Misconceptions

Sometimes when I look around the internet, in all it’s glory, I realise just how fucking deluded people are – especially where Meghan Markle is concerned. 

A number of us dislike her, a few really don’t care either way and the rest live with their heads up her arse. For those living with their heads up her backside, I’ve noticed that a lot of what you say about Meghan online is, quite frankly, total bullshit and sometimes so utterly absurd, I wonder if most of you are simply on day release.

So below, I have tackled the most common misconceptions head-on; because we all know I don’t enjoy anything more than putting Sussex fans in their place.  

She’s a style icon 

Yeah, if you’re blind

I don’t know anybody on this Earth who has access to so much money and the best stylists you can buy, but still appears to have gotten dressed in the dark most of the time. Yes, she has worn one or two nice pieces; but by and large, she looks like a cheap knock-off of Victoria Beckham and I don’t think that image exactly screams “royalty”. 

Until I take my last breath on this earth, I will forever be baffled by how Meghan Markle has gotten it so spectacularly wrong in the style stakes. Some people do seem to like the way she dresses; they see her “style” (if you can call it that) as “fresh” and “modern” – but quite frankly, I prefer Kate’s dress coats and hats, which some have labelled “boring”. I don’t agree at all. 

Yes, Kate is the future Queen and therefore has played it slightly safer with fashion; but I do really like her clothing which is usually a perfect mix of the traditional and modern. She looks like a ROYAL. And yes Meghan, those long trousers that sweep the floor as you walk may have looked nice on Vicky B, but she is the wife of a footballer – not a member of the royal family. Believe it or not, there is a difference.

She’s a humanitarian 

This one always makes me laugh. 

Show of hands please; how many of you know genuine “humanitarians” who visit the impoverished in a coat worth £7,000? I thought humanitarians were meant to have common sense?

Meghan, dear; walking down the road in Kensington with an “alleviate poverty” bag doesn’t make you a charitable person or a humanitarian – it just makes you a hypocrite. Instead of spending thousands of pounds on ugly clothing that you’ll only wear once anyway, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and donate to your chosen charities? Yes, instead of getting your fans to donate to them on your behalf under the guise of a “Global Sussex baby shower”.

“Yeah, thanks for doing my work for me, guys”

And just another tip for the future; humanitarians don’t preach about climate change off the back of a million-pound trip on a private jet to New York for a party. They don’t wear £99k maternity dresses in Morocco. They don’t spend millions of pounds of the taxpayers’ money to renovate one of their many homes. And they certainly don’t visit those living in poverty dressed from head to toe in Givenchy. 

She was already famous and rich in her own right and didn’t need Harry’s money 

Right – we’ve been through this. How rich do you really think she was before the ring went on? I mean, seriously? Suits was a lowly cable show and she is not an A-lister. And given her knack of merching at every available opportunity, I’m guessing the woman looks for every possible chance to make money. That doesn’t scream “well off” to me. 

Yeah – and I’m Obama

Meghan has only really ever gone after men who have a lot of money or means to open doors for her toward new opportunities and a better life, and then drops them when they can no longer do anything for her. This is not the behaviour of an independent feminist who is able to achieve things on her own – this is the behaviour of a gold digger.

So sure – Meg had money; from her divorce settlement with Trevor, from her rumoured days as a yacht girl and Soho House regular and from all the merching she did and does for Jessica Mulroney. But was it millions and millions? Clearly not or she wouldn’t have had to marry a Prince. 

She’s proud to represent Britain 

In two (very British) words: my arse. 

In the year and a half since Harry and Meghan became engaged, I have yet to see her wear any British designers or champion much that is British at all. In fact, I’m pretty sure she goes out of her way to actively avoid wearing anything that is British. 

“What – England?”

There are even rumours that she has apparently hired an all-American medical team to deliver her brat because in Meghan’s expert opinion, our 70-year-old NHS service isn’t good enough to deliver the second coming of Markle and Wales. It was good enough for the future Queen Consort to deliver three children in an NHS Hospital, but no, not for old Meggy. 

“Yeah, no thanks guys.”

And when charity patronages for Meghan were announced back in January, it was revealed that she would be focusing on – you guessed it – everywhere but the UK. Africa, the Middle East, Antarctica… you name it – if it’s not Britain, Meghan’s happy to back it. 

She is the best thing to hit the Royal Family 

I think you’ll find that was Kate eight years ago.

(Happy Anniversary for tomorrow, Cambridges!)

Despite the adamant claims of her fans, so far, I have yet to see Meghan do anything groundbreaking. If you ask her little followers for proof of anything they’re all like: 


Oh, and when they’re really stumped, they’ll come out with “yeah? Well Meghan’s only been married a year but Kate’s been on the scene for eight and hasn’t done anything at all.”

Right… Apart from being an ambassador for Britain on several overseas tours, starting the Heads Together charity (amongst others) and birthing a future King?

Meghan has so far, by my tally – cooked once or twice with a few Grenfell victims and gave a bunch of bananas to some prostitutes.

While I’m all for backing any disaster that happens on my doorstep (I live around the corner from where Grenfell stood), I will say this: the tower disaster has had more money thrown at it than you can shake a stick at and it was almost two years ago now – Meghan, it’s time to find something more current to support, not just backing the first “English” cause that you could get your hands on. 

As for the bananas – don’t get me started. What bright spark thought it’d be a good idea to give phallic shaped fruit to a group of sex workers? And with messages like “you’re so loved ❤️”… yeah, I’m sure 35-year-old Louise from Dagenham is feeling totally “loved” when she’s shivering at the side of the road waiting for possible clientele to drive by or blowing some guy for a fiver at the back of his Ford Mondeo. Get real, Meghan.

“The banana, I mean”

If I were one of those women, I’d tell Her Royal Highness exactly where she could put those bananas – and probably not for the first time either.

She doesn’t want the limelight 

Yeah, like a cat doesn’t want the canary. 

I have never seen a person so adept at sniffing out a camera from at least fifty miles away. The Cambridges could’ve used her in France seven years ago when Kate was papped taking her clothes off on their villa balcony – with Meghan about, no photographer goes undetected. 

“I’m picking up… three journalists from The Daily Mail.”

Bottom line: Meghan loves herself and she loves the cameras. The two combined thrill her to no end. 

The best example of this would’ve been at the British Fashion Awards earlier this year – she was so unbelievably excited to have the spotlight on her where she could squeeze the life out of her bump in front of the UK press for all to see, I’m surprised she didn’t have an orgasm. 

I’d put fifty quid on this whole “privacy” thing surrounding the baby’s birth being Harry’s idea and Meghan has just been forced to go along with it. Madam? Give up the spotlight when her mealticket arrives? Once again – my arse.

She could potentially be Queen one day 

I know this one sounds totally mental, but please go with me on it – her fans are actually saying this sort of crap on Twitter. They actually believe, in their tiny deluded minds, that this woman could eventually wind up as Queen Consort one day.

And how exactly do you think this will happen? 

Perhaps she’ll poison Kate with the contents of one of her diamonds, divorce Harry’s balding, ginger arse and William will marry her after realising the deceptive, social-climbing grifter actress was really “The One” after all? Ah, just like Romeo and Juliet. 

“Fuck off and die will you, Kate – that crown is MINE!”

For any Meghan fans reading this, please let me say this for the final time, as some of you do not appear to understand how the line of succession works – Meghan will never become Queen. Say it with me now… 

“Meghan will never be Queen”

No fewer than five people have to cark it in order for Harry to get anywhere near the throne, and no, he does NOT take over if William were to die suddenly while George is still young. In this instance, the throne would be powered by a team of advisors until George turned eighteen, and then he would be crowned officially. Harry and Meghan are unlikely to ever sniff the material the throne is made from, let alone sit on it – sorry Sussex Stans. 

She’s here to stay 

Incorrect again, I’m afraid.

Given the woman’s track record, it doesn’t appear she sticks around anywhere for very long and the second something better comes along, she’s off.

“I can’t do what I want anymore? See ya!”

No, right now, I can’t imagine what could be higher than royalty – but I’m sure Meghan has a few ideas and is probably targeting her next victim as we speak.

What will it be, Meg? A billionaire without the life of restrictions and protocol? Or maybe you’ll run for President? Nah, even though you love the sound of your own voice, that seems like it would be too stressful for madam’s liking. 

Whatever her next move is, I have no doubt she’ll be hitting the road in the next two to three years. 

Once the novelty of having a title wears off, the royal purse strings are tightened by the Queen and the penny finally drops for Meghan that she’ll never really have her own brand and platform to project her oh-so-wonderful ideas from, she’ll be out of there – with half of Harry’s money and his kid(s) in tow. 

Of course, the list of misconceptions about Meghan goes on and on; there is so much utter rubbish spewed on social media by her fans that I can only assume they’re either paid PR people, seriously deranged or Meghan herself. Honestly, you can’t write some of the stuff that comes up – or apparently you can. It’s a crazy world out there. 

If you do think any of the above is incorrect, and you believe Meghan really is a stand-up (Non-UK) citizen, you can find me on Twitter to discuss it @CrownofSapphire – I’m always ready and willing to have an argument. 

Have a good one, guys!

44 responses to “Meghan’s Misconceptions”

  1. Great writing and spot on

    1. Thank you!! ❤️

  2. Annddd again, you hit it out of the park with your frank appraisal of the mess that is MM. Brilliant, love your work! Reblogged 😊☮️

    1. Thank you so much lovely 💖 always appreciate your comments and support xx

  3. Spot on!!!! Thankyou !!! Everything I believe but you say it better .

    1. Thank you so much 💖

  4. Oh YES!! Thank you, been saying similiar on the DM comments section for ages, but MM fans are deluded fantasists (like attracts like I believe), and they dont seem to get it. Will have to direct them here in future, as you’ve put it perfectly .

    1. You’re so right with that one – her fans seem to be just like her! And thank you so much, I really appreciate it 💖

  5. If I can stop laughing my fool head off, I could type….I love the visual of this one, too! You’re so doggone talented, but surely you already know that. Actually, I’m embarrassed about Meghan for she is American and I am fretting that y’all will begin to detest the rest of us, too. All I can do to redeem just myself (American) is to promise that I’ll never
    print messages to sex workers on bananas!

    1. Hahahaha thank you so much, your comment is so lovely ❤️ And don’t worry at all, I’d never expect anyone to tar all Americans with the same brush. The USA was my home for two years and I know you guys to be an intelligent and hard-working nation – Meghan is just in a league of her own and not in a good way! X

  6. Oh, my God! I spewed my screen when I read this. You’re hilarious! Thanks for a good honest laugh!

    1. Thank you so much darling! 🧡🧡

  7. lesley Hutchison avatar
    lesley Hutchison

    I believe most of the MM fans are North American citizens and therefore do not understand fully the Royal line of succession.

    1. Thing is though, there are plenty of Americans who understand it just fine – it just appears to be Meghan’s fans who are writing their own (wishful) laws when it comes to the line of succession. There are plenty of Americans who do know how it works and understand that Meghan is never going to be Queen – there are just a deluded few who choose to ignore this xx

  8. When will she leave ? So sick of seeing her ruining things

    1. I’m wondering why the BRF have allowed it to go this far – she is fully running the joint. However, I do firmly believe the shutters will start coming down once Meghan has the baby. I think the arrival of this child will basically signal the beginning of the end. The press already turned on her long ago and I don’t see them showing her mercy just because she’s having a baby.

  9. And why is th rf putting up with her bs? She’s leaking to the press smearing Kate and William and yet nothing is done. Makes people wonder if anyone has Brian’s in there

    1. I know what you mean and I find it frustrating too. Meghan fans like to deny she has any involvement in the campaigns against the Cambridges, but let’s be real here, none of this crap was happening before Meghan showed up. She’s clearly trouble but I trust the palace are very much in the driving seat and have a plan in place. I do think they’re letting her make a total arse of herself first before stepping in – makes it easier to phase her out further down the line. Kinda like what happened with Fergie. Not much gets past the Windsors – of that you can be sure.

  10. You are a very ridiculous person. You are sick and need help. I think their metal health campaign would be of help to you. Call their help lines for an appointment.

    1. Oh, really? Thank you for your diagnosis Dr. Sarah. Are you perhaps just jealous that I’m able to construct a sentence in English and you’re stuck being an illiterate clusterfuck? Pray tell, what is a “metal health” helpline? Is that a guide to which metals are harmful to us, or…? I’m genuinely fascinated.
      Oh, and I’d be careful posting these types of comments on my blog, darling; when you write something, more information comes up about you thank you might think. I can find out exactly who you are in seconds. It’s not a good move. Take it easy now.

  11. You have stupid followers who give stupid comments to enhance your stupidity.

    1. Spoken like a true intellectual. Keep going darling, all your information is coming up as you post 😉

      1. My God, TCOB, what part of your “Meghan’s Misconceptions” post popped Meghan’s cork badly enough for her to send one of her trolls to attack you just now? I don’t recall Sparkles doing that in the past; you must really have struck a nerve to make her go for your throat! I’ve reread your post again, top to bottom, and I’m betting it’s the words ‘yacht girl’ and ‘Soho House regular’ that did it! Oh, yeah! I’m sure that’s it. Yes sir, nothing irritates a “knees behind the ears” girl more than alluding to those pesky little knees in a public blog. Well, TCOB, you just ignore Meghan’s minions and keep up the good work speaking the truth like you always do. We ‘stupid followers’ simply adore it!

      2. Thank you for your lovely comment 💖 I tend to ignore idiots like that anyway – she’s apparently easily offended, but if she is, she may want to remove herself from this page. It’s my own personal blog and I’ll post what I like on it. Strangely, she hasn’t responded to any of my comments 😜 I wonder why! Thanks again for all your support, much appreciated xx

  12. American here and when she’s been tossed out, please don’t send her back. We don’t want her.

    1. But… we didn’t ask for her in Britain either 😩 maybe they can send her to offer aid in Syria or something? With her being this big “humanitarian” and all that.

  13. You are amazing! I love reading your posts because you speak such truth.

    1. Thank you so much! 💖

  14. Agree with everything you said……but have a question: Don’t all children born to the RF technically belong to the Crown? If the child has Harry’s dna wouldn’t the child stay with Harry when they split? I would think in this case, especially, the RF will demand a dna test. There are some super shady things going on in the Frog’s Nest.

    1. Actually, technically you’re correct – the children are property of the crown and would likely remain with Harry. Just wouldn’t put anything past Meg – not sure what tricks she has up her sleeve. I honestly doubt she’d even care about taking the kid with her if they split though – she’d probably happily leave it with Harry!

    2. Should Meghan divorce Harry, she would lose custody of her child because the rules are that all Royal children “belong” to the Crown. The problem, however, is the Crown is a very passive organization which relies totally on people choosing to obey its rules rather than the Crown forcing them to do so. So if someone refuses to obey the Crown’s rules, the Crown is pretty much helpless. Meghan knows this which is why I’m certain she’ll refuse to hand her baby over to the Crown should she leave and/or divorce Harry. Meghan won’t take the child because she loves it but because she needs the child’s money. Meghan’s spectacularly failed to generate any income herself or establish herself as a ‘brand’ that would generate income, so the child’s income is all she’ll have. I expect her to bolt with the baby to America, then negotiate with her lawyers for a settlement amount in exchange for her allowing the child to return to England. I pray for that poor child.

  15. I love you and your blogs, but there are a couple of mistakes in this.

    Kate’s kids were born in the Lindo Wing, which is not NHS. It’s attached to an NHS hospital but it’s run by a private healthcare company. All of the doctors attending her will also consult for the NHS though, so care is basically the same.

    Also, if William died while George was young, Harry may well be regent. That’s not 100% certain, but it would be what would ordinarily happen (we’ve had a regency period before).

    So let’s all keep our fingers crossed that William has the longevity of his grandparents!

    1. Thank you! 💖 and I understand the Lindo Wing is “linked to” the main hospital, but hopefully people got the gist of what I was saying – St. Mary’s is a fully functioning NHS hospital either way. And you are correct – we have had regency periods before, but let’s bloody well hope that’s not the case should anything happen to William! Babies and young children have also inherited the throne and had it led by advisors until they were old enough to reign in their own right. I’m hoping nothing happens to the Cambridges! X

  16. Just love your blogs – you speak for all us long suffering anti-megs!
    You didn’t mention though her weird coat twitching that kept that bump displayed at regular intervals in case us idiots forgot she was pregnant (or is she?)
    Speaking of the line to the throne I was reminded of the film Kind hearts and coronets – old uk film where the main character bumps off a long line of family members to get his earldom, maybe she’s getting ideas!

    1. sfnewcatholic avatar

      Meghan’s weird coat twitching is the gesture of someone needing to prove they’re pregnant. Except —- women who are REALLY pregnant don’t need to prove anything.

      1. I was saying this to someone the other day as well… she always behaves like she has something to prove – whether it’s clinging to Harry’s hand or supergluing her hands to her bump. She seems so eager to show us all she’s “married and pregnant”. Yeah, we get it hun!

    2. Thank you so much for your comment 💖 and I hope she’s not getting any ideas from films, but at this stage, I wouldn’t run anything past her. The coat twitching is one of the most irritating habits she has. She’s always so aware of the cameras and I find it rather pathetic. It shows that she’s not focused on the charity or work she’s doing – just more interested in who’s looking at her. I find it incredibly childish, actually.

  17. Great writing, just want to say maybe British designers are quite happy that she doesn’t wear them since she looks dreadful in almost everything

    1. Thank you so much ❤️ And oh, I figure you’re right there! I think it was Givenchy’s page that even removed photos of her after the British Fashion Awards because the pictures were so embarrassing – her gurning and clinging to her stomach. She looked like she was going to have a stroke from the excitement. She for real can’t dress though – utterly terrible fashion choices thus far.

      1. sfnewcatholic avatar

        That’s the thing I can’t understand. WHY does Meghan dress so badly? Her entire adult life has been spent in an industry obsessed with looking good; I saw a fashion shoot of her just after her engagement in which she looked fabulous – I mean, she was stunning. So, obviously, she’s been introduced to good fashion, she knows what it is. So why on earth has she ignored it to the point where she doesn’t even observe the most basic rule of fashion which even women who scrub floors for a living are aware of – being tidy? She’s a slovenly mess with her hair blowing in her face, cheap gaudy makeup, blouses too small, dresses too big, pants dragging on the ground, etc. This is sloppy and there’s no excuse for it. Common sense should tell Meghan to be tidy, two decades in fashion-obsessed Hollywood certainly should – yet it hasn’t taught Meghan. Making her lack of fashion sense even more baffling is her status as a member of the Royal family – every fashion expert in the world is dying to dress a royal, yet Meghan spurns all of them to dress herself in the most ghastly outfits imaginable. I just don’t get it.

      2. I’ve never understood it either and I’ve always said she looked fab pre-Harry. Her hair was nice, she wore good clothes and was just generally better put-together. I wonder if she is trying to forge her own path as some kind of “royal fashion icon”, but is failing miserably. I reckon she’s trying to show people how “modern” she is in comparison to Kate, but it’s not going as planned. I also don’t think the “Victorian” style get-ups suit her at all. She looks like a child playing dress-up, or y’know, an actress playing a role. Every time she tries to look “royal”, there is some item or another that lets her down, be it a hat or jacket. She misses the mark every time unfortunately and I’m never sure why. She should hire a stylist and take tips, but I’m sure she thinks that’s beneath her.

  18. dudette the infidel avatar
    dudette the infidel

    You’re a bloody star, you are!

    1. That’s a fab thing to hear today – thank you so very much! 💖

  19. murderfancier avatar

    So good!
    But my dog and cat are getting tired of me slapping the countertop and reading your words out loud.
    Brilliant job, as always, Crowns!

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