Meghan and Harry: A very “private” couple

So last week, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released a statement regarding their baby through their brand new office at Buckingham Palace to tell us, well – nothing, really. Well essentially, it had undertones of “bugger off”, but we’ll pretend that’s not the case for the minute.

lol yeah ok

So here we have it; “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have taken the personal decision to keep the plans around the arrival of the baby private.”
First of all, the wording in the whole statement is off, in my opinion at the very least. It’s like Buckingham Palace were trying very hard to avoid the term “giving birth”, so they used a variety of terms that seemed more like this kid is being delivered to Meghan and Harry via FedEx express delivery than being pushed out of her.

“One baby girl for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, overnight delivery, signed for.”

“Prepare to welcome…”, “the arrival of…”… nowhere, anywhere, does it state “birth” or “giving birth”. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but it seems a bit off to me.

The next part which had me in stitches though was the use of the term “private”.

PRIVATE? Meghan? Are we talking about the same woman? Because the Meghan I’ve been forced to look at in the press for the last nine months has had her hand continually stapled to her stomach to draw attention to her “pregnancy”. She’s also the same woman who flicked her coat open at every opportunity to show off the rather oddly-shaped bump she has – “oh, did you hear? I’m pregnant!”Private? Come off it. Meghan wouldn’t know the meaning of the word if it jumped up and bit her in the arse.

But once I’d stopped laughing, wiped the tears from my eyes and straightened myself out, I had to wonder about this “personal decision” the Sussexes have made regarding their baby. Why, after Meghan flaunting her pregnancy at every available opportunity, have they suddenly become really shady and shut out the public and press?

Nothing past what Buckingham Palace wrote in that statement has been confirmed, but if royal reporters and their tweets are anything to go by, there will still be a photo call with Meghan, Harry and Sussex Spawn a few days after it’s arrival in the grounds of Windsor castle – but with only three members of press present.

Now – why would Meghan, who is so desperate for attention, she may as well hold a sign up above her head – suddenly want to shut things down altogether and hide completely?

Let’s be real here, we all know madam would’ve been practically frothing at the mouth for the “baby reveal” Kate had with all three of her own kids; wall-to-wall press outside the hospital, hundreds of adoring fans in the street and live coverage worldwide as Meghan steps out of the hospital, Spanx firmly in place to show us just how “in shape” she is and babe in arms, with her saintly Mother Theresa expression. So the fact they’ve not opted to go down this route is totally bizarre and does make me think something is up.

If I was on the fence before about the use of a surrogate, I’m now somewhat totally convinced there is one being used.

Just dissecting what Buckingham Palace have put out, the Sussexes keeping the “plans around the arrival of their baby private” would be a perfect get-out clause for them. I did a previous blog post about my predictions of the arrival of baby Sussex (that we will revisit when the child surely arrives within the next week or so) and one of them was the fact that they won’t announce the medical team.

Of course, if there is a surrogate being used, it’d be the best excuse for them not to reveal who has delivered the child – the fewer details the better. They also don’t appear to want to reveal where the baby is being delivered either, which is rather strange and leads me to believe it will be a home birth, as I predicted – because the baby being delivered in a hospital would invite too many questions.

There are also rumours swirling that Meghan has hired an all-American team to deliver the child – because apparently our 70-year old NHS system with all it’s hardworking doctors and nurses isn’t good enough to deliver the Second Coming of Meghan Markle. It could just be Meghan thumbing her nose at British traditions and customs, as she has done at every turn since arriving in this country anyway, or it could be because there is something she wants to cover up.

“Yeah, fuck you Britain!”

Let’s face it; I wouldn’t put it past Meghan to do something like this just because she wants to show how “modern” and “celebrity” she is – but putting that aside, if it was good enough for the future Queen Consort of the Commonwealth to deliver three children in an NHS hospital – one of which being the future King – then it should be good enough for Markle to deliver her kid in one of our hospitals, especially since her child is going to be seventh in line and will never even get to sniff the throne, let alone sit on it, all thanks to The Duchess of Cambridge’s uterus.

Cheers Kate – big up yourself 👊🏻

By now, Harry is very far back from the throne and it’s time he and his wife started behaving like it.

No, we shouldn’t be privy to every last detail; if you both have something you don’t want to share with the class, then that’s all on you – I don’t care how much your kid weighs or what colour it’s hair is anyway.

No, you shouldn’t get to present your baby with live coverage like the Cambridges did; by all accounts, this one won’t even be a Prince or Princess, so what is the need? I think we could all do without that live feed being replayed over and over for the next eighteen years anyway.

No, I have no interest in seeing its birth certificate, so it’s a good thing you’re not going to release one. A birth certificate is hardly a fucking novelty; I have one, you have one, the Queen has one and this baby will have one too. Big whoop. It doesn’t mean we need to see it. It won’t make me like the Sussexes any more.

Royal reporters have also stated we’ll be told when Meghan “goes into labour” and when the baby is born (so not totally private then), but past that, we won’t be getting much information (hallelujah, quite frankly). In keeping with my predictions, I also don’t expect a birth certificate for the baby will be released like it was for all three Cambridge kids.

Let’s face it, they wouldn’t be able to pull that one off; the certificate would need to detail the place of delivery for the child and other such “private” details that this totally “private” couple have decided that they don’t want to share with the people who foot the bill for their lavish (private) lifestyles.

Am I relieved they’ve gone down this route? Yes, actually – I am.

I watched the live feeds for Kate leaving hospital with all three kids; (I had broken from university for the summer when George was born, was parked on the sofa on the Saturday evening Charlotte departed the hospital and yes, I confess to leaving my office and standing outside the tube station so as not to lose signal on my phone for when Louis made his big debut last year). But I did that because I was genuinely interested. I’m not this time.

Quite frankly, I don’t give a rat’s arse about being informed every time this child sits, stands or takes a dump. I’m in it just for the laughs and to watch Meghan and Harry desperately scramble around to hide what is so clearly a surrogate cover-up.

For now, it’s all just speculation; I do firmly believe this kid will arrive by the time Easter is out, and I sort of can’t wait for all of this to be over with. I’m sick of the pregnancy and delivery rumours and will-it-be-a-boy-or-girl and will-they-name-it-Diana. I’m sick of Meghan holding her stomach like it’s going to fall out if she doesn’t. And I’m sick of the Sussexes, full stop.

But hold tight, ladies and gents. All will be revealed soon and at last, we can finally say – the finish line is in sight.

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  1. Enjoyed reading this. I agree. I am sick and tired of this pregnancy, belly holding, flicking of the coat, hanging onto Harry like he is her “Oscar” for a best actress performance. But I’ve wondered about one thing…..Since Harry is in line to the throne behind his father and William and William’s family. Would it not be a great fraud to have a surrogate carrying a baby who is in line to the throne but keeping it secret? This surrogate is she carrying Megs’ egg and Harry’s sperm or is it a donated egg and/or sperm? If it is a surrogate wouldn’t those sort of questions be asked about the legitimacy of this baby in line to the throne? I am not sold that it is a surrogate but I can see where a surrogate pregnancy would cause all sorts of problems if it is known and perhaps that is why the big secret.

    1. A surrogate renders the child illegitimate in law and therefore not in the line of succession, no titles now or ever and no access to family wealth. And that’s just the peerage law that governs inheritance in the aristocrat class and the royal class. Read up on the warming pan baby story about James Charles Edward to find out the consequences of suspected surrogacy and the law that was written to block surrogates even if genetic material is 100% Meghan and Harry.

      Secondly, the UK laws around surrogates for regular people are incredibly stringent and make surrogacy in UK complicated. In a nutshell, the surrogate (and their partner) are deemed to be the child’s parents in law even if 100% genetic material belongs to couple that hired surrogate. The hiring couple have to formally adopt their own child which means a full court hearing in family court. Until the adoption is granted by the court, child belongs to surrogate who can refuse to hand the child over and nought the hiring couple can do because the law is on the side of the surrogate. To compound the issue, surrogate agreements are not recognised in UK law so if the surrogate goes rogue, the UK courts can’t enforce any agreements made between the surrogate and hiring couple.

      1. I’ve always found this confusing, because if the child is still biologically Meghan and Harry’s but carried by someone else, does it actually matter? I’m always confused by it.

      2. The Peerage law was written at a time before science made surrogates possible, and it still stands. It rules out genetic material carried by someone else.

        The law contains to very important phrases that have to be true at the same time…..’born of the body’…..’in legitimate marriage’.

        Those two phrases mean that the baby must be born to two people legitimately married to each other, even if they are separated, at the time of baby’s birth. It also means that the baby must be born from the body of one of the two people in the legitimate marriage during the marriage.

        A surrogate doesn’t meet these two conditions. The law has not been changed to accommodate the fact that the genetic material may be 100% of the couple hiring the surrogate.

        Recently, a second law has been written to accommodate surrogates, but this law also renders the child illegitimate at birth because the surrogate is deemed the legal parent of the child regardless of the genetics of the child. The couple have to apply to family court to adopt their child from the surrogate.

        And by peerage law, adopted children are also not allowed to inherit anything or be included in the line of succession.

        The genetic make up of the child does not matter at all except in scenerios where a child was suspected to have been born of an affair or donor eggs or sperm and is being passed off as legitimate. These exceptional circumstances would render the child illegitimate.

        This rule applies to both Harry and Meghan. Any illegitimate children can not be included in the line of succession or inheritance.

      3. Could this perhaps be why they were planning their ‘financial independence’ and exit from the BRF? Seems so to me. They trademarked the Royal Sussex brand and set up their website before Archie was born, which just reconfirmed to me that she indeed used a surrogate. She knows the kid is illegitimate under UK law, so in order for it to make any money from the BRF, she knows she has to somehow find an alternative way to ride the coattails of this dynasty. She makes me sick! 🤮

      4. The lesson taken from the warming pan story and the peerage law that was written as a result of it is that children born from surrogates can not inherit nor can they be allowed to inherit. That means if Harry and Meghan use a surrogate, even if the eggs belong to Meghan and sperm belongs to Harry, the resulting child can not inherit nor can it be included in the line of succession because it is illegitimate.

        If Harry and Meghan care about legitimacy and birthright of their child(ren), then using a surrogate is out of the question. However if they don’t care, and are fine with their child(ren) being illegitimate, out of the line of inheritance and unable to inherit anything, then they can use surrogate.

  2. Whenever Meghan asks for privacy, she’s really screaming for attention. She pulled this stunt before in 2017 when she got stupid Harry to yell at the press to leave her alone. In reality, Meghan WAS alone, sulking in her house in Toronto with no press pounding on her door, no talk shows begging her to appear, no cameras snapping her picture, etc. It was driving her crazy, so she got Harry to yell for the press to back off and, presto! she got all the attention she wanted. Well, it’s the same thing now; i.e, once again no one’s paying attention to Meghan. The British public’s turned its back on her, the Royal family’s shunning her, the media’s massively cut back on her press coverage and Hollywood doesn’t give a damn, etc. Well, Me-Me-Meghan can’t handle being ignored, she goes nuts when that happens. That’s why she’s pulling this ‘privacy’ stunt with the baby. Why not? It worked before.

    1. That’s absolutely insane though and I don’t know where she gets the energy from to be like this! Then again, not much surprises me this far into the game. But of course, everything is a stunt on her side to get more attention- always has been, always will be. Meghan? Private? My arse.

    2. I agree with this. I live in Toronto and I remember that stunt thinking, who the heck is she and what is she talking about wanting to be left alone?

      I do also think she is pregnant. Her face shape and body changed a lot right towards the end. I thought she looked like crap to be honest. During the Australia trip right when they announced it my mom said “oh shes pregnant, her face changed”. Shes the type that can spot a pregnant woman from day one.

      My theory is that Meghan wants to come out when she looks “perfect” and not as bloated or blotchy. She is horribly vain afterall. I dont think she can pull off a big photoshoot hours after birth like Kate.

      The other possibility I am thinking of is the Queen keeping them under wraps because as you said, not in line for the throne and therefore this Hollywood business and showing off needs to calm down. They shouldnt *deserve* a big photoshoot. They arent the future King and Queen. I dont recall any other royals (like descendants of Charles siblings) getting so much attention during births.

  3. I love your very finely tuned BS detector, and you’re such a funny writer.

    This saga reminds me so much of America’s very own Sarah Palin, whose path to motherdom/martyrdom was similarly weird, with fluctuating bump, labor that began in Texas and ended in Alaska after two long-haul flights, and refusal to provide a birth certificate. Seems to me that Meghan has the same tactic of stirring up controversy and then playing the victim. She’s been making the world’s biggest deal of her pregnancy since she announced, she understands full well that pulling back on the publicity now is deeply inconsistent with her actions of the past six months and raises questions. There are really only two possibilities in my mind now, both of which are deeply unfortunate for the BRF: either there really is a surrogate (or no baby at all), or she is indeed pregnant but trolling for any kind of attention, even negative. I don’t see how they can tolerate a troll in their midst indefinitely.

    1. Thank you so much! 💖 and your comment about Palin really made me laugh – it’s so true though! I was on the fence about Meghan and a surrogate for a long time and of course we will never know for sure, but I just can’t see why such an attention seeker would want to suddenly keep things private when she’s spent her whole pregnancy trying to draw attention to herself. But I do agree – it might be to create an air of mystery around it all, just to garner further attention for herself. Absolutely nothing would surprise me at this point!

  4. Absolutely love your blogs – I was suspicious of this woman ever since she came out to announce the engagement in that badly belted white coat at Kensington palace
    But have you seen on sky news a special programme about all the online abuse she is supposedly getting and they also mentioned the apparently dreadful people who are saying her pregnancy is not real! They are showing the tweets and posts so be prepared to be arrested in your house and laptops confiscated!

    1. Thank you! 💖 I have to be honest though, I don’t think the police have much of a leg to stand on. What are they gonna do – arrest people for having an opinion? Maybe I’ll get 25 to life for disliking Meghan Markle. There are so many people who dislike her, they’d have to arrest half the UK. There has never been any kind of defence of this calibre for any other member of the BRF, so I’m not about to stand for it now. Sending the police to people’s houses (when there are bigger issues in the UK right now) is utterly absurd and is also classed as bullying. They can’t take items away from you unless you were sending death threats to Meghan directly, which nobody is. With knife crime and other random attacks between civilians in the streets at an all time high in the UK, I’d suggest the British police find something more worthwhile to do with their time.

      1. You are right of course – I just get so mad at the way we are being labelled as terrible people just because we have an opinion – the evidence against her is mounting so maybe it’s the last line of defence to target perfectly reasonable people who are expressing concern for what is happening with our RF

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