Why Meghan Markle needs to stay in her lane

Over the last few months, we’ve seen more and more of Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle coming to the forefront, trying to highlight what a “great ambassador” she is for the UK and how “passionately” she feels about feminism and “empowering others”.
First off, I don’t have an issue with women uplifting other women or being proud of their gender; I’m a woman myself and I am proud of that fact also. Sorry men, I do believe we are the superior gender; we go through far more physically and emotionally, and (usually) do it without complaint.With that being said though, I have to say I’m not much of a “feminist” per se; I don’t need another woman telling me how to be proud of the fact I am one– you can rest assured I’ve got that one covered myself and have done most of my life — no assistance needed.

But back on to Meghan; last Friday was International Women’s Day and the palace decided it was a good idea to trot out the Duchess of Sussex to speak on a panel about, well, being a woman, I guess? I, for one, was positively delighted; after nearly 26 years on this earth, I really needed a former-actress-turned-royal to spew out some quotes (she had stolen from elsewhere) in order to feel empowered. Gee, thanks Meghan!

There was a lot wrong with this picture; first of all, Meghan decided to turn up in a dress so short, I could see what she had for breakfast.

Err… ok

I’m all for women expressing themselves through their dress sense, and I get that there’s a bump hitching things up too, but when you’re supposed to be a member of the royal family, there are some things that are best left to the imagination (that means covered up, Meghan– just in case you were confused). How she left the house thinking having her arse barely covered was a good move and one that inspired us all, I don’t know– she must’ve been too busy trying to recruit for all the staff members she’s lost over the last ten months.

Like Meghan does that herself

Flashing aside, the bigger issue was the fact Meghan was asked to join this panel at all. Call me bitter and cynical, but I’d rather not take life advice and be educated on “independence” by a woman who couldn’t break into Hollywood, so had to marry a British prince to gain any shred of notoriety, as she was somewhat incapable of doing this on her own. I’m also massively put off by the fact that she doesn’t seem to have any original ideas of her own, so likes to regurgitate quotes taken from other (actually influential) people in order to seem intelligent. (“I felt the embryonic kick of feminism”):

The whole panel appearance was unnecessary and irritating; Meghan, who appears to enjoy these outings less for what they actually are, and more so that she can be photographed with her hands stapled to her stomach, didn’t really say anything noteworthy at all. She was surrounded by a bunch of women who also didn’t look too thrilled about being preached to by a phoney “princess”– and I was there more for their puzzled expressions every time she spoke rather than anything the Duchess had to say.

“What shit is she chatting now?”

But of course, the panel wasn’t Meghan’s only appearance last week: there was the 50-year investiture of Charles as the Prince of Wales, which took place at Buckingham Palace last Tuesday. The media were excited: “the Fab Four reunited!” the headlines screamed — although The Duchess of Cambridge looked more like she’d rather contract Ebola than stand within a two-mile radius of Meghan. As usual, the “Fab Four” ignored each other and Meghan and Harry were relegated to the background, which simply wouldn’t do for her ladyship.

But fear not; there was the WE Day event at Wembley later that night, where things got even more interesting. Harry, who had been asked to give a speech at the event, took to the stage to do so, eventually having his appearance gatecrashed by Meghan — (“I’m just going to drag my wife onto stage now” announces Harry halfway through, as though Meghan wasn’t waiting in the wings and pissing her pants in excitement at the prospect of being centre stage, especially after being sidelined at the palace earlier in the day.)

“Oh, did you hear? I’m pregnant.”

I’m currently trying to imagine the outrage from Meghan lovers/Kate haters if Catherine had done this with William.

“Shut UP, Kate!”

It has to be said– it was very clear that Meghan was behind the total crap that Harry spewed out onstage. The British don’t talk like that and Prince Harry certainly never used to either — it had “American actress” written all over it.

Secondly, it was the most hypocritical pile of rubbish I’ve ever heard in my life. Prince Harry had the audacity to lecture the public about climate change, made far worse by the fact that the speech was obviously penned by his wife, who recently took a £200,000 private jet to and from New York for a party because she thought she was above flying on a commercial airliner. 

To add insult to injury, Harry then goes on to tell people that they should be free to “express their opinions and views” and not feel that they should have to “hide how they feel” at any point. That’s funny, Harry; because a few people exercised that right in regards to your inappropriate wife, and Kensington Palace exercised the block and report buttons. What you mean to say is, “feel free to state how you feel, but if it’s anything negative toward myself or my wife, you can promptly stick that opinion up your arse”. Such is the mantra of the Sussexes these days.

Meghan, complete with terrible wig and bump-clutching as per, couldn’t resist chiming in and having her moment in the spotlight: “We make a great team. We know we do” she says, throwing her usual faux adoring glances at her brainless Prince, another thing she likes to do a lot when she’s aware the cameras are on her.

First of all darling, who the hell told you that? Since getting married, they haven’t achieved much (if anything at all), apart from spending bucketloads of money and pissing off the public at every turn.

And second of all, what was the need for Meghan to be there anyway? Once again, not content with letting someone else have their moment, Princess Pushy had to shove her way to the forefront and ensure she was seen by the world, while taking yet another opportunity to show that she’s pregnant– and to be a condescending cow whilst doing so.

The crowd, made up largely of screaming teenage fan girls who buy into all that fairytale crap, cheered and applauded. The adults however, who actually pay taxes unlike the teeny-boppers in the audience, were not so impressed. The Daily Mail was flooded with comments such as “who do they think they are?” and “they’ve got a bloody nerve, haven’t they?”– probably not the reaction Harry and Meghan had initially hoped for.

One thing I can tell you, if you’re outside the UK, is that the British don’t like being preached to or patronised. If we won’t tolerate crap from our Prime Minister, we sure as hell won’t accept it from a two-bit American actress whose only claim to fame is marrying a rich white guy.

I’m also perplexed as to why Meghan is writing Harry’s speeches. I understand Harry is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it seems Meghan has no qualms insinuating that to him directly by basically telling him he’s incapable of penning a few lines and then reciting them in front of people. Quite an insult, coming from your wife. At this stage in the game, it’s quite clear Harry is now simply Meghan’s mouthpiece, as she pushes her strange agendas forward in her campaign to “revolutionise” the royal family. He’s very clearly just her puppet at this point– I’m suprised he doesn’t walk around with Meghan’s hand up his arse.

Blink twice if you’re being held hostage, Harry

In fact, scrap that — I’m surprised any of this is happening at all. The royal family have never been ones to allow members of it to go rogue and push their own ideals out, much to the detriment of the family’s image. A loud-mouthed divorcee from across the pond, preaching to the public about feminism, empowerment and independence? The Queen Mother would be turning in her grave.

“What the shit? Did Wallis die and come back as Meghan Markle? WHO allowed this?!”

I’ve also never been one to particularly enjoy people telling me how and what to think either, least of all from somebody like Meghan Markle. This “do as I say and not as I do” attitude from her and Harry is fast becoming very old; not only is it highly irritating, but it’s also incredibly insulting to the public. Harry telling us to “be kind” to each other while his self-absorbed wife hasn’t bothered visiting the father that had a heart attack nearly a year ago, is quite frankly, utterly laughable.

“Daddy? Oh fuck that old loser.”

So yes, I do feel that Meghan Markle needs to learn her place within the royal family and with that, learn to stay in her lane too. The Duchess of Cambridge manages it beautifully, so why does Meghan struggle with it? It’s not because she’s outspoken, wants to empower women or feels strongly about making a change– to put it plainly, it’s simply because she loves attention and the sound of her own voice.

Any speech she has ever done (and let’s face it, there have been a few) are usually littered with lies and are always somehow turned into a story about Meghan’s life and how she’s Mother Theresa the second. I honestly marvel at her ability to turn a totally random subject into a story about herself — I wonder if she ever put that on her resume? It’s quite a skill.

If Kate stood at a mental health conference to give a speech and managed to turn it into an entry from her diary, we’d all wonder just what the hell she was playing at. So why is Meghan allowed to get away with this? I’ve always said that if she wanted to change the world, she should’ve gone into politics — not married into a family where they expect the wives to dress up, shut up and walk two steps behind their husbands at all times.

Bottom line: I, like many others, am just simply not interested in hearing the ramblings of a former actress. People hailing her for being an “inspiration” just because she opened her legs for a Prince and subsequently snagged the much-sought after ring is really unbelievable. She is no different to the likes of her pal Amal Clooney, Melania Trump or any other woman who married a man for his wealth and riches.

So Meghan, you can lecture me on climate change once you ditch the private jet jollies around the world.

You can tell me to be “kind” to people once you treat your elderly father with a bit more respect, like any child should with their parents.

You can tell me to donate to charities and help the needy once you stop spending £10,000 on one outfit for a half an hour visit to the impoverished.

By all means, find your niche within the royal family and explore it– nobody is objecting to that. But in the process, dress properly, behave like a Duchess and stop trying to outshine the rest of the royals, especially Catherine, the future Queen consort. Realise you don’t need to always be at the forefront of everything or in the spotlight to make a difference.

But the simple fact remains; until you heed your own advice, people won’t be interested in listening to you offer it– and the sooner you accept that, the better.

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  1. Great read! I disagree with your advice to her though. Too little too late for me. Harrys WE speech was my limit reached. The Sussexes just need to go – Harry needs to renounce his titles, pack up his wife & move to the Stares. It’s obvious that’s where she wants to be. It’s all about the ‘celebrity’ for her. Harrys made his bed, time to lay in it ☮️😊

    1. Thank you so much! 🧡 Oh you know, I agree with you completely. I was discussing something similar with someone on Twitter the other day, and I said “she could start toeing the line, but I’d rather she just went away to be honest”. And I do stand by that; as you say, it’s too little to late for me too. I feel like if she was going to fit in, she would’ve done so ages ago. It’s been a couple of years now and she clearly has no intention of doing so. Have lost massive respect for Harry also; he’s been duped by Meghan and turned into a real idiot. My opinion of him has tanked massively also. What a shame…

    2. oops *States

    3. I love your comments and I agree with you on everything except including Melania Trump with Meghan and Amal. Melania might have married for money but she is very respectful in her speeches and doesn’t try to smear family and friends with fake PR

      1. Thank you! 💕 I can promise you no disrespect intended; I’m not a fan of Trump at all (apologies to the republicans), but I do think Melania carries herself with class and dignity, unlike Meghan. And I do think she makes a good First Lady, so agreed – she probably doesn’t deserve to be put in there with the other two women. It’s just more an example of somebody who married for money also. But she has done a good job and knows what is expected of her — totally agree xx

    4. Cassie McMahon avatar
      Cassie McMahon

      Yikes. We don’t really want them in the States. No one had any idea who she was before Harry.You have created this monster. Perhaps NZ since the PM there seems to like them.

      Excellent article. Harry needs to get a job and step down from royal duties. The Sussexes are dreadful.

      1. Thank you for your comment! And I know, I do apologise if she does decide to head back to America at any point, but… let’s be fair here… you guys made her and should take full responsibility. We don’t want her here either. Just kidding! Well… sort of, anyway. I agree; they are supporting characters and should behave as such. But far be it for Meghan to fade into the background… xx

  2. Excellent truthful article.

    1. Thank you so much! 💋 x

  3. Once again, you’re spot on. I agree; she needs to go. Too late for me as far as she is concerned. And Harry, too. I’m sure (hoping) HM and BP/KP have reached their limit with MM as well.

    1. Thank you! ❤️ I agree – i think it’s too late for her also, but I hope the BRF see the damage she is doing to their family’s reputation. I hope Harry can see it also, although I’m worried he’s not picking up on it just yet.. we can only hope, right?

  4. As a Brit, you’ve nailed it again for me! I can’t say any more than you already have.

    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! 💕💋

  5. They won’t move to the states, because no one would care about them here…MM never was that famous or successful. What is Harry going to do in the states? What job would be qualified for in the states? Help her, memorize her lines for the next D rated cable show she can get a part on? They are insignificant in the states and MM knows it! So she’d rather keep them in the UK doing the “royal” acting part, so she can get her narcissist supply ego fed daily & her designer clothes & lifestyle paid for w/someone else’s money…even if that is your father in law, but oh yeah- she doesn’t even speak to her father. No way would she have this lifestyle if they moved back to the states!

    1. Thank you for your comment 💕 and exactly! Moving to the USA would mean coming off the royal gravy train and I can’t see Harry wanting to do that, least of all Meghan. They know which side their bread is buttered and that would be remaining in the UK. Like you say, what on earth would they do out there? I can just picture Harry having to get a job in Walmart or something 🙄 it’s never going to happen, but I do think they’ll divorce and Meghan will head back to the states, possibly trying to take the kid with her. It all remains to be seen… it’ll be interesting though, that’s for sure! Xx

  6. What really baffles me is the giant disconnect between the negative ripples both MM and PH are causing and the seemingly compliant BRF. Either the public are getting it completely wrong, or the BRF are and I can’t work out which.

    Anyway back to your post. I think the reason IWD and WE has struck so many the wrong way is that the whole thing seems utterly inauthentic. And, this is where it falls flat for me: MM is a product of her generation (millennial) and demonstrates all the qualities the generation is criticized for. She’s of the unicorn generation: believing she’s special/unique; she can get anything she wants, wants the rewards without the work, expects things to happen immediately with very little work, big payoff for small efforts, seeks recognition, hates authority, believes in flat ornagizational structures, shuns the old fashioned values and ways, etc etc. Her “hit the ground running” approach is doing her no favours. She has accomplished little of any real value despite racking up fluff for her CV. And, all the responsibilities she’s been bequeathed has come to mean nothing as they come tumbling in so quickly. I liken her entry into the BRF like a new employee in a workplace – if they get recognized too much, too often, and gets promoted too quickly (especially when they’re under qualified and haven’t proved themselves yet) you can bet everyone will be suspiciously wondering how they managed to pull it off (sleeping with the boss, blackmail, family favor, etc etc). From this perspective things get even more interesting. Since she’s never had a job/career she lacks the skills and sadly it’s very apparent. She’s essentially a graduate/intern. And sadly for her she’s the obnoxious, glory-hunting proactive graduate, not the diligent, happy to shadow and learn graduate.

    1. Thank you for your comment – I agree with you 100%!! Very well worded. I’ve been criticised for saying this, but to me, she really hasn’t done anything of any real value so far. Her fans make out like she’s the second coming, but I have yet to see her do anything groundbreaking. I think she wants to be seen as a “breath of fresh air” for the BRF, but let’s be real, that was Kate 8 years ago. She’s trying to come across as ‘modern’, but I don’t think most people are interested in having the BRF revolutionised. The BRF stand for tradition and most people would rather keep it that way – not turn it into some Hollywood premiere. In regards to your first comment, I agree wholeheartedly; I don’t wish to be preached to by two faux humanitarians who jet around the world on private planes and spend money like it’s water. They both need to buckle up and learn their place, in my opinion anyway xx

      1. Agree, agree, agree!

        It’s interesting to me that she studied international relations and yet seems to be completely oblivious to the political climate in the UK at the moment. Any astute student of international history will attest that in similar tumultuous historical events people have sought comfort from “leadership” that is reliable, considered, steadfast, and can be counted upon rather than radical, fickle, and unproven. And in those times when the latter has been favoured, the country has undergone political and ideological transformations. MM – regardless of how well intended – may end up achieving unintended consequences. That is to say, she’s hoping to inject newfound spirit and life into the BRF but instead she’s highlighting the monarchy as superfluous in the modern democracy. IMO. If all fails she can be a celebrity I guess. It’s a win-win for her either way.

  7. Anyone who is writing anything remotely negative is getting attacked, according to a Canadian Macleans article:

    To me, the RF trying too hard to appear as if they have no issues with her, usually tells me they have a pretty big issue with her. I feel like any negativity towards Meghan by the RF will be misconstrued as “racist”, so it seems as if they are letting her slide for fear of any backlash. There is no way Kate could have gotten away with this behaviour.

    1. Thank you for your comment and I agree completely; they are probably scared of the outcome and reception from the public, but that’s not fair on Kate… she put up with years of abuse and there was no protection of her. The right to safety and happiness shouldn’t be because of colour – all royal girlfriends and wives should be afforded that. I don’t agree that Meghan should be treated as though she is more special. xx

  8. Meghan can never return to the United States, no one wants her. She tried to prove America loved her when she uncorked that lie about ‘Suits’ wanting to pay her millions to do a cameo for them. Sparkles was sure they’d want her because of her awesome fans and star power. And it wasn’t just ‘Suits’ Meghan was dangling her availability in front of, it was Hollywood and all of the media. “Hi, this is Meghan. Make me an offer.” But no one did. ‘Suits’ threw her cameo back in her face by saying there was no way in hell they’d let her return to the series. And in Hollywood not a single person, not one, made her an offer. Ditto with the talk shows. None of them offered outrageous sums to ‘donate’ to her charity in order to get her regal presence on their show. In short, American media doesn’t want Meghan. And they aren’t the only ones. The American public doesn’t want her either – and that’s unusual since she’s ‘royalty’.

    As an American, I’ve lived quite a few years watching my fellow citizens go gaga over royalty. They adored Princess Grace, couldn’t get enough of her. And they totally fell in love with Diana; all of us, myself included, worshiped the ground she walked on. Face it, Americans are fascinated with royalty. But not Meghan. The thunderous indifference to her in this country is monumental – no one this side of the pond gives a damn about her. Her picture on a cover doesn’t sell, there are no ‘special’ publications about her, eBay isn’t swamped with demands for her mug, t-shirt, anything. In short, no one here gives a shit about her. Meghan’s such a nothing that when she landed in New York for her baby shower, no one noticed. In NY for crying out loud, ground zero for press coverage. And yet she didn’t get any. She tried to get some by going out to one the chicest restaurants in the city, sat there at high noon with her tea and pastries, flashing her divine smile at everyone and NO one noticed. The next day she STILL wasn’t noticed. It wasn’t until the third day after she screamed at her PR department to get some interest that finally she got her face in the spotlight. And guess what? It didn’t work. The media was blabbing about her but not the people. So few people gave a hoot about her that Meghan had to hire a ‘rent a crowd’ to stand in front of her hotel and even that blew up in her face when some brave soul called out ‘charlatan’ as Meg walked past.

    Nope, if things don’t work out for Meghan in England, she’s just going to have to stay there because no one here wants her.

  9. Great article! Maybe MM can head back to Canada. I agree no one knew who she was until she married poor Harry. I think the divorce is coming sooner than any of us thought. She’s toxic, so far her 1/2 sister Samantha has been right.Even her own mother didn’t show for her party in NYC. She invited fake friends like Gayle King, probably cause she wanted exposure. Oh I’ll be on the morning shows! Yikes what has Harry done. She’s the type you might bed but never wed.

    1. Thank you so much! 💕 and I love your comment, especially the last sentence 😂😂 I agree completely and I do say that I think the separation will be announced within the next two years tops – I can’t see it going much further than that. Markle will have her mealticket and can hold onto her title, so it’d serve her no purpose to stay married to Harry. And 100% people like Gayle were for exposure; because she knew Gayle would make mention of it on morning TV. It’s just attention-seeking and it’s pathetic. I cannot wait for the divorce!!

  10. There is certainly more to all this than meets the eye!!!


  11. murderfancier avatar

    Brilliant! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  12. Diana Lauder Sacks avatar
    Diana Lauder Sacks

    I agree with everything said above. But, where can they go? UK does not want them, USA does not want them, the Commonwealth countries have no place for them, and Africa (H’s spiritual home!) may not want them either. What have their visits to any of the African countries done for the residents? They are short term visits and mostly photo ops. I have not seen much else from either one. And, you are right, the poor little public speeches, often composed by M, and delivered by either one or the other are insulting. Neither one has any knowledge or interest in world events. And the money spent during the past two years by both of them on private travel and clothes is outrageous. When is the public going to loudly complain about where their tax money is being spent. Final word: remember the messages written on bananas and place in care packages of food for homeless women. How patronizing!!

    1. Renee' Killian-Zeiger avatar
      Renee’ Killian-Zeiger

      As a 58 yr old American, we’ve all seen the “I’m a celebrity and everyone shall sit up and take notice”. MM wasn’t even a C -List actor. I think I “might” have heard her name before being linked with PH. As an American, we’ve all been exposed to the Loose Cannon that is PH, much like his father when P Charles was younger. Unfortunately, MM is treating Harry like her little child and UNFORTUNATELY, PH having lost his precious mother so early in life is letting her. It does seem as if MM is running the show. It seems very clear that MM is determined to be the center of attention and haven’t her close friends even stated that MM WAS always the center of attention?! It’s clear MM doesn’t like it when she can’t be front and center and the ridiculous comments of George Clooney and the self imposed views of Oprah are stupid. Hollywood always tries to protect “their own”. But again, MM was never an A-Lister in Hollywood and would never have been. Not throwing shade, it’s just true. After hearing about MM and PH, I decided to watch a HALLMARK CHANNEL movie MM was in……in all honesty, I was so under impressed with her as an actress. So not natural…very fake. If MM is the “all prepared actress”, then she would have known the press she would receive was going to be NOT flattering! Kate Middleton was treated harshly and she (in my opinion) is the epitome of what a queen in waiting should be. Kate knows her place and didn’t go in trying to “modernize” the monarchy. MM needs to suck it up buttercup and quickly learn her place, which isn’t to upstage Kate OR the queen, and she needs to quit looking so sloppy! MM is the typical California millennial….their opinions are suppose to save the world while sitting on their asses. She looked disgraceful at Wimbledon!!!!! Looks as if she climbed out of bed, didn’t comb her hair and wore the first thing she grabbed. Princess Diana and I were born in the same year, so I was ENAMOURED with her and as with the rest of the world was horrified of her passing. I LOVE the royals but MM will (in my opinion) NEVER FIT IN. It just seems MM thinks she can change hundreds of years of traditions that I think are great. Yes, maybe some things should change, but MM trying to be more popular than the queen is pretty disgusting. She and PH will NEVER be king and queen and MM definitely needs to learn her place….

  13. Dr. David Sheppard avatar
    Dr. David Sheppard

    Now we have 70 “politicians” sending her their support! As they are signing as the MPs of their constituencies is this reaction representative of who those constituents are? Do they support their signing this document, in favor of the woman who stands for everything the Royal family is opposed to like, duty…honor…morality…stiff upper lip! She is such a grifter our little ms. markle and the fool of a prince who signed on for her because no one else would. The rest of the people who appreciate the royals want them gone…and it appears those who support her, those 70 politicians when the next election comes should be gone as well. I hope they are held accountable and made to answer for speaking and representing themselves as the voice of the people because they are not!

  14. I really enjoy your blog! I’m very glad we haven’t royal family in my country anymore, it would’ve been so painful to watch our prince embarass himself like that with another American D-list actress (btw, the muppet gif was really sad 🙁 ). Anyway, thanks for you I can practise my English skills enjoying your funny observations and cool insight into British culture. That’s cool to read you 🙂

    1. Aww thank you lovely! Glad you’re enjoying it! ☺️💕

  15. Harry tried to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear and it didn’t work.

  16. Once again spot on with your points! I cannot believe she seems to get away with dressing like that as a supposed royal. She may have the title, but she’ll never be royalty to me.

    1. Totally agree! Thanks for your comment hun xx

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