Why Meghan lovers (and their arguments) are getting boring

Let’s face it— there’s always a cyber war waging between the Pro-Meghan and Anti-Meghan camps. As a person who is, admittedly, an Anti-Meghan person, and growing tired of receiving the same boring comments on social media, I’ve penned some general answers below— largely because the “arguments” the Pro-Meghan ladies come up with are predictable, unoriginal and downright boring. Of course, if they are any questions about any of the below, you know where I am; parked up on my sofa with a glass of red. So…

“Why do you have a problem with how she spends her money?”
Because first of all, it’s not her money. Her and Harry don’t have day-jobs stacking shelves in Tesco — the money they live on and spend (like it’s going out of fashion, in Meghan’s case) is predominantly from the British taxpayer; if you think otherwise, I would suggest reading up and educating yourself on the matter. Charles has the Duchy of Cornwall estate, which yields some financial gain for the family, but it does not uphold the entire House of Windsor; and considering the Prince of Wales has been paying for all of Meghan’s very pricey clothing, I’d say she’s probably bankrupted the estate already. Nearly all of what they survive on is from the public— you can make damn sure of that. 

Oh, and I’m not getting into the argument about Harry’s inheritance money from Princess Diana either; that money was split between him and William, it wasn’t that much in the grand scheme of things and seeing as the last instalment came in for Hazza nearly five years ago now, you can bet there isn’t a lot left. We fund the royals — end of. 

“Meghan was rich before she married Harry— she doesn’t need his money.”

Once again, if this is a statement you’ve uttered, I’d invite you to revise it. She was a supporting actress on what was essentially a lowly cable show; how much money do you really think she made from that? It was Suits— not Game of Thrones. Maybe by the time she left Canada to move to the UK, she had a few million left, but compared to what the Windsors have in their back account, her money is basically pocket change. Meghan Markle is not in the same orbit, let alone the same field, as the likes of Jennifer Aniston; a stint on a TV show, where she was not even a main character, and a few straight-to-DVD films have almost certainly not made her a millionaire. 

“She can’t do anything right for you haters.”

Well, this is largely because she doesn’t attempt to. While engaged, she made at least a half-arsed attempt at towing the line, but once the ring went on, she ripped up the rule book faster than a shredder crunching paper.

Meghan’s message to the good people of Great Britain

Whether it’s her clothes, her etiquette or general demeanour, Meghan really hasn’t made a solid effort to look or act the part of a Royal Duchess over the last nine months. Like any member of the royal family, I’m sure she is given advice and guidance from the palace, but something tells me Meghan is sticking two fingers (or bananas) up at them. There is no way they are advising her to behave the way she is at the moment, so we can only deduce from this that she is hellbent on doing things her own way— which I’m sorry to say, won’t end well for her. 

“Her friends paid for her baby shower, so stop complaining.”

Let’s see the receipts then. One quick scan (if you’ll pardon the pun) of the “baby shower brigade” will tell you that the only women there with any real money were Amal Clooney and Serena Williams, and even then, only one of those women has made her own money herself. 

Jessica Mulroney, judging by her terrible stylist photos on Instagram, almost certainly isn’t making enough money to foot the bill for that ridiculous spectacle, so I’ll need to see solid proof that any of them actually paid for it instead of Meghan. The initial line that was put out was that Meghan had paid for the shower; and then Kensington Palace changed their narrative when she got back to the UK and they realised how pissed off everyone was with her blowing half a million on a party. Did a bunch of D-listers really pay through their noses for a member of the royal family to have a knees-up? It’s not looking likely. 

”lol don’t mind me UK, just pissing away your money”

“Is it your concern if her and Harry hold hands in public?”

Actually, yes it is. As her and Prince Harry are supported by the taxpayer and are representatives of the United Kingdom, of which I am a citizen, I get to have my say in their behaviour when they represent my nation. 

When they trot out on one of their jollies to Australia, the Middle East, or wherever else takes their fancy, on a private aircraft we have funded, they are acting as ambassadors for the UK— and if I don’t think it’s appropriate for my ambassadors to cling to each other like two sixteen-year-olds at the cinema, I will bloody well say so. It’s irritating, unprofessional and unnecessary, and if people view it that way, they have the right to express that. 

“Why do you care if she holds on to her bump?”

Please see above — the same answer applies, really. 

If I went to a client meeting heavily pregnant, spending the entirety of the meeting touching or stroking my stomach, I wouldn’t be taken very seriously by those around me. Once again, there is zero need for this kind of behaviour. The Duchess of Cambridge (and millions of other women) made it through three pregnancies without having her to hold her stomach like she was shoplifting a watermelon — Meghan doesn’t need to do it either. Save it for when you’re sat on the sofa at home, after another long, hard day of squandering our money on yet more ugly clothing. 

“She’s Harry’s choice — and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Well yes, correct and correct. She was Harry’s choice and no, there isn’t much any of us can do about it, nor do we intend to. But at the end of the day, Harry and his wife are property of the crown; and if the British public do not feel Harry’s wife is adhering to protocol or the Sussexes are not behaving in an appropriate manner, we exercise the right to voice that.

I can assure you that Prince Harry is fully aware of this; while he may not be the heir to the throne, he is a Prince of the realm from birth, and all decisions he’s made throughout his life have been with the monarchy in mind— I’m sorry to say that his marriage is no different. Ripping up the rule book and thumbing your nose at the very people who fund your lavish lifestyle simply isn’t on. 

And I would trust Harry’s judgement on his choice of wife, but let’s be real here, this is also the same guy who thought it was a good idea to dress up as a Nazi and smoke cannabis in plain view of the paparazzi, so I’m inclined to believe he’s not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed.

I mean, how clever is he really?

“She’s doing so much better in her role than Kate is”

If this is your opinion, I’ve got one word for you: Specsavers. 

I won’t even negotiate on this point, because there is absolutely no way Meghan has ever handled this better than Kate. There is a difference in role in between the two Duchesses, sure; one is a Queen Consort in waiting and the other is, once again, in a supporting role. But while Kate has fought long and hard to portray a certain type of image and tow the line where the crown is concerned, Meghan really hasn’t bothered at all. 

One dresses, acts and looks the part of a Queen and the other rolls out of bed, barely gets dressed and spends the day searching for her next opportunity to spend her father-in-law’s money. When I look at Catherine, I think “royalty”; when I look at Meghan, I think “Kardashian”, and unless some serious changes are made on the Duchess of Sussex’s part, my view on that will not shift. 

“You’re just jealous”

The standard line that high-schoolers throw at each other when one of the cheerleaders gets a new boyfriend and her girlfriends aren’t so sure, so they’re accused of jealousy.  

“You’re just jealous of me Britney, because I got a boyfriend and you didn’t!”

Come on, we’re all adults here— and let me just start off by saying that having an opinion does not equate to being jealous. You may have not liked a dinner a friend prepared for you in the past— does that mean you were jealous of their (lack of) culinary prowess? You may not have liked a haircut your sister got— does that mean you were jealous of the top salon that cut it? Do you see just how ridiculous it sounds?

Not all of us talking within our groups on Twitter are a bunch of jealous hags, sat around a cauldron, devastated that a half-balding ginger prince married someone else and not us (boo hoo). Please. Most on the group are married/have partners and children — it’s a group of people having a chat about a topic and nothing more. Don’t shatter any more brain cells over-thinking it— you won’t have anything left at this rate. 

“Just leave her alone!”

We would, except as I’ve said, she’s public property now, so leaving her alone really isn’t an option; besides, I don’t get the impression she actually wants to be. 

Meghan is a (semi) failed actress who now has far more fame and notoriety than she ever could’ve dreamed of, solely because of who she married; and given her grand entrance into New York last week, she very clearly wants to be seen by everyone.

She could’ve stayed with a friend to minimise press attention, but instead chose the most famous hotel in New York, complete with barriers outside to announce her big arrival. She could’ve flown under the radar and not alerted anyone to her whereabouts, but no, the press had to be there outside the hotel to catch her departing for her baby shower. Who else would’ve told them? Please don’t feel sorry for her— this woman wants to be seen.

Like I’ve said several times, the Cambridges took their kids skiing last week for half term— where did they go? Well, that’s anyone’s guess. Could be the French Alps, could be the Swiss Alps. And you know why we don’t know? Because they didn’t alert the press so they could be papped. That’s right— FIVE people left the UK undetected but one pint-sized woman couldn’t manage it? Yeah— ok. We’ll leave her alone when she wishes to be left alone, but I don’t see that day on the horizon at the minute. 

“You’re a racist bully”

I saved the best for last, because as much as I hate to admit it bothers me as much as it does, this one absolutely boils my blood. 
Firstly, for those who band around this term far too freely, here is a dictionary definition of what the term “racism” actually means: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/racism

If you’re done reading, welcome back.

I’ll start by saying that accusing somebody of being a racist is a VERY serious accusation, and if you’re going to brand someone with this term, you need some substantial evidence to back this claim up. You wouldn’t accuse someone of being a paedophile if they kindly offered to babysit your kids— and why not? Because that’s not the definition of what a paedophile is. So why is this any different?

Am I disputing that there aren’t people out there who do dislike Meghan because of her skin colour? No, I’m not. Of course there are and we know racists exist. But will you find those people in our groups? No— you most certainly won’t. A lot of us are mixed, come from different countries and diverse backgrounds — accusing me of being a racist because I don’t like a dress Meghan wore is laughable.

For most of you who like to shell out this term like parents hand out candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween, I actually feel a degree of sympathy for you. It couldn’t be more apparent that you have racial hang-ups of your own that obviously stem from something else, and the best way you could find to project this into the world is by using the marriage of a biracial woman into the British royal family. If you’re one of these people, it’s kind of sad that this is what you’ve resorted to. Surely there are stronger arguments?

“That dress doesn’t fit Meghan properly.”

“You’re a racist!”

“I don’t like her hair that way.”

“You’re a racist!”

“She doesn’t adhere to protocol.”

“You’re a racist!”

Do you not see how ridiculous that sounds? Racism is discriminating against someone because of their skin colour— so what about all of the reasons we don’t find her suitable in spite of that? Or do we just ignore that?What about the African-American ladies reading this who have written hateful things about the Duchess of Cambridge? Do we accuse them of racism? No. Or does racism not work when it’s the other way around? As far as I’m aware, the definition didn’t change. 

The Duchess of Cambridge was called “lazy” and “waity Katie” for years. The Duchess of Cornwall was called a “home wrecker” and told she’d ”never be accepted”. Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriends Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas were torn to shreds by the press for years and told they’d never make good royal wives. And guess what? THEY’RE ALL WHITE. But of course, when they were attacked and nobody came to their defence, it wasn’t known as bullying. It wasn’t known as racism if anyone who wasn’t white said anything about them. It was called “suck it up and deal with it — it’s the life you chose.”

So why can’t we say the same to Meghan, just because she’s biracial? Why is it any different now? Equality and special treatment don’t go hand-in-hand. One negates the other. You can’t have both. 

Calling someone a racist is a loaded term, and a bit like operating a gun when you don’t know how; if you’re not sure how to use it, best to leave it to one side. And that’s all I’m going to say for now. 

37 responses to “Why Meghan lovers (and their arguments) are getting boring”

  1. This is really good. Your points are totally valid. It is like you read my mind, and then spat it out. 🙂

    I find a lot of the people who say ‘what’s it got to do with you?’ don’t even live in the UK. .

    Her stint to NYC was a joke. I don’t believe her friends paid for the security as they would be on SALARY.

    Besides, if these people are spending half a million on her (if they did) what favours do they want from her? As a member of the royal family, and as monarchy often can override our own elected Government (house of lords and Queen meeting with PM weekly) – her actions and who she associates with, taking tokenistic favours to fuel her own ego, could be a security risk for our country.

    As a UK resident, this bothers me, a lot.

    How she tries to interfere in UK politics.

    Oh, and then there is the fake humanitarian, and don’t get me started how she thought it was ‘ok’ to take her used flowers to a kids hospice for kids who are dying from cancer, when the flowers were bought for her new life, and her child for the baby shower. That was beyond…. Another shameless self promotion.

    Aragh, just aragh.

    1. Thank you very much! I agree completely; the trip to nyc was a total joke and I don’t believe her friends pajs for it. I can’t believe she’s squandered so much money and then it’s come out today she spent £110k on her wardrobe for a two day visit to Morocco? What a disgrace this woman is.

      Her PR stunt with the flowers was so very sad; those poor kids propped up with wilting flowers just to make her look better? I felt very sorry for them. I have no respect for Meghan at all now.

      1. I know.. she is going to be trotted out again soon for national woman’s Day. As a woman I don’t particularly need a day. Or another woman to make me feel empowered. Who knows what she will do next. I do wonder just how much of it is deliberately engineered.

      2. Call me a Negative Nancy, but I don’t particularly want to hear a woman who supports a “pale, male and stale” movement and thinks of herself as a “feminist”, talk to me about empowerment and being independent— for all her statements, she had to marry an over-privileged white guy to elevate her status in society and get her global attention, so I’m hardly interested in hearing what her contradictory and hypocritical self has to say. I do think the BRF are giving her enough rope to hang herself; they’ve never been the type of institution to allow members speak so freely and voice their own views, so I can only imagine there’s an agenda for the palace. They’re waiting for her to fall flat on her face, I’m sure.

      3. This is what I was thinking. Are they giving her enough rope to hang herself? Either that or they have to be complicit?

        Her dress that she wore in Morocco, 90k was outrageous. Can imagine her having a drama that she had ‘nothing to wear’.

        I still don’t understand why she was allowed to do the content of her wedding which a sheer dig at the royal family. So offensive.

        She really is a threat to the monarchy. Or does she simply make even Charles and Camilla seem more popular?

        One thing I do know, is the drama will not stop. Soon she is due to be out again. She should keep her head down. Stay out of the media. But she loves the spotlight and the attention too much, like a moth to light.

        How she walks in front of Harry. Treats him like a child. She seems so full of her own self importance. I had wondered too . If enough rope to hang herself. But with her ego would she even see it? As no matter what, when others would be upset/ashamed, not want to be seen in public, she is out there again. No doubt in another expensive piece of clothing.

      4. Completely. If they are giving her enough rope to hang herself, they may want to pull it in soon; she’s doing quite a bit of damage to the monarchy’s reputation, and save for a few obsessed fans, most people either don’t care or don’t actually like her at all. Surely she must know what people say about her, but she still continues to spend obscene amounts of money and ignore royal protocol at every turn; this, to me, isn’t a sign of somebody who wants to fit in and is in it for long haul. She’s trying to be Diana with a twist, and it’s backfiring; all she appears to be is childish, insolent, over dramatic and bolshy. This won’t end well for her.

    2. I actually found the flowers episode to be a privacy violation. How many of the children or adults consented to have their pictures used?

      1. I agree! But what was the saddest for me was the fact they were clearly forced to sit up with the flowers and pose for a picture, just to make her look good. I doubt they gave consent for that. How shameless – using the terminally ill for a PR stunt.

      2. What children?

      3. Oh sorry I thought this was my blog…. and I was responding to one of my posts.

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  3. Your points are excellent, and so relevant, but I have tried some of this reasoning with some of the more shrill corespondents and their responses then escalate to such gems as ‘you’re no oil painting’, or ‘grandma’, although why that’s perceived to be an insult is beyond me. It’s clear that there is a general lack of an ease with the finer points of the English language among her supporters. Or to put it more bluntly, because somebody has to – most of them are just numpties. And that says a lot about the quality of ‘fan’ that she attracts.

    1. Thank you for your comment; don’t worry, they will always fire back with something like that because they don’t have any other arguments. I was tired of explaining the same things over and over again, so I listed it all here, but they will still fire back with the same inane crap on Twitter– it’s enough to give anyone a headache! None of them appear to be too intelligent.

  4. You nailed it girl.. ripped them apart! Sharing!

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it xxx

  5. Brilliant assessment, agree with you except…..I don’t for one minute believe that she buys her clothes or indeed anything else she waves in front of the cameras. She’s an advertising person’s wet dream, there will be a brown envelope for her somewhere along the line, as there was alleged to be with Fawcett and his boss back in the old days. Hate corruption.

    1. Thank you! You may be right and I don’t knock the fact that she may definitely be merching as well (she definitely does it a lot), but I do think she is spending quite a bit of money also. I don’t think the palace want to let on too much though, because they know the British taxpayers will be pissed off and quite rightly so.

  6. As a UK taxpayer myself, you’ve but the nail on the head. I’m a grown woman,why would I be jealous of a z list actress whose best move was simulated sex on screen? Take Sofia of Sweden, she was up front & honest about her racy past. She buckled down, toed the line & is now mum to 2 beautiful kids with no scandal!

    1. Thank you! And totally; Sofia of Sweden is a great example— I absolutely adore her. But that’s where Meghan has gone wrong; instead of upfront dealing with it all, she’s trying to sweep everything under the carpet and bits and pieces are now coming to the surface. She can’t silence people forever, unfortunately for her.

  7. Bravo! You spoke my mind on the “you’re jealous” thing. That’s such a ridiculous and juvenile retort. What would I be jealous of? I’m ten years older than her, happily married to a man who doesn’t look like a miserable hostage when we’re out in public together and we have earned everything we have. Why would I be jealous of her marriage that appears to have tension less than a year in or the fact that she had to use and manipulate people to get everything she has and is dependent on her husband and father-in-law’s goodwill? I have a good relationship with my mother and brother and had a good relationship with my late father. Why would I be jealous of someone who can’t get along with her own family long enough to invite them to her wedding? And my clothes may come from a run of the mill department store, but at least they fit.

    1. Miserable hostage, hahaha. That is so very accurate! He always looks like he has a rod up his backside whenever they are out together. Hardly the face of a happily married man! I think Meghan fans get angry because everyone else is far more astute than them and can see things they don’t want to see. It’s ok– it will all come out in the wash anyway, and I can’t wait to see the faces of the Meghan lovers once it does.

  8. I love this post. I would agree with all of your points – and then some. The most crucial one of course is the “racist” one. Unfortunately it’s becoming a difficult issue to navigate anywhere (workplaces etc) because there’s genuine fear of being labeled racist simply for ruling out someone who is of a minority group. Many of the negative comments MM has received don’t have much to do with her skin colour but her conduct. So unless her conduct is specific to her race (or a direct result of her race) it’s not racism. And, let’s not forget that MM made a sexist and racist remark about “male, pale and stale” lecturers. Now THAT is definitely racism because it’s encouraging discrimination against white academics. Besides, it’s really irritating that these fans are worshiping the ground she walks on as if she’s the first non-Caucasian woman to marry a royal. You only need to look at other royal families to discover she’s not the first “melanated mama” around as Queen Beyonce so quickly points out. Lastly, I feel there’s a lot of hypocrisy about MM racial identity anyway (and perhaps understandably so) but she seems to be African American when it suit the narrative she wants but white when it presents ease and opportunities (education, acting roles etc). There! Rant over. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much — and I 100% agree— your comment is perfect!! I can’t help but feel that so many of them back her just because she is biracial and for no other reason. Most of them don’t have the same opinion of Kate, which is fine if it’s validated (I don’t expect everyone to love Kate at all), but it’s not fine if the dislike is solely because she is a white woman. When did we become this culture where we band around terms like “racist” so freely, especially when it’s unsubstantiated? There has to be solid evidence to back this up, or you’re just another person projecting your racial hang ups just because you feel you can. It’s not ok, and I wish people would learn this. As you say, people mainly dislike Meghan because of her conduct; if people still want to go around and shout “racism” at every turn, then I say let them — they won’t get very far in life, that’s for sure!

  9. It might not be the politically correct thing to say, but a majority of her fans are women of color, many of them young and almost all of them became her fans after she got engaged to Harry. I don’t think they are even a fan of her per se but they’re enthralled by the fairy tale of a prince falling in love with someone they can identify with and turn them into royalty. A standard trope in so many cheesy Hallmark movies. They’re not willing to examine her character because she’s just a symbol to them and they’re living vicariously through her.

    1. Worded perfectly and I’ve said this time and time again. I don’t think any of them would care at all if she was white— they back her solely because of her mixed heritage. They don’t have much else to go on, so they keep playing the same card over and over. They pit Meghan against Kate and call her “beautiful and smart”; Meghan is average looking at best, and besides snaring a Prince, I don’t see any real evidence of intelligence; and even that is down to luck more than brain cells. Kate is stunning and graduated from a top 5 university — I don’t see how Meghan ranks above her. It’s obvious why they back Meghan and not Kate, and the answer lies within your comment also.

  10. Thank you for this post. Spot on.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! 💕

  11. If you disagree with anyone these days you are a racist, it is just the way people act!

    1. It’s sad – because it’s not a valid argument. Claims of racism have to be substantiated and in these circumstances, they’re not.

  12. Are you white?

    1. Why, are you going to play the race card if I say I am? Not that I have to answer to anybody about my ethnicity because it’s nobody’s business but my own, but I’m mixed race.

      1. SiSi (CeeCee) avatar
        SiSi (CeeCee)

        I don’t understand what “play the race card” means – honestly. I’ve always found that phrase rather confusing due to it being based solidly in the subjective (IMO). If you could/would be willing to clarify what you meant by that I have no problem answering it (or least attempting to) — I just need to know what you specifically meant when using that phrase in this context. Thanks.

        I was asking your race because given the subject matter of the discussion I believe knowing the race (and other qualifiers/identifiers) of commenters is helpful in trying understanding viewpoints & where people are coming from on things. *This is the case for me personally but others may, and I know do, feel quite differently about it. No offense was meant by asking you to identify your ethnicity and I am sorry if/that my question caused you any upset — that was NOT at all my intention. In truth, I never once considered that my question may be seen/taken as offensive or uncouth (specifically, in this context & regarding this subject matter), & I apologize for my total lack of empathy on this. I tend to see things almost exclusively in an objective manner and I am overly cerebral (to a fault), add those 2 things together & the result is me always asking questions in the hopes of trying to understand or obtain an answer, BUT also inserting that proverbial foot into my mouth. With all of that said, there is absolutely no excuse for causing someone offense, intentionally or unintentionally, when it comes to this topic (race/ethnicity/etc.) and I apologize for the callous nature of my mistake.

        On a (probably) positive note… this experience has taught me a crucial lesson, to let things go & stay off the comment section/s. 🙂

        PS. I am also mixed-race… thought it’s only fair for me to answer my own question, since you did.

      2. Hi,

        Thank you for your comment.

        “Play the race card” usually means to accuse others of racism (especially if you’re biracial or otherwise) for their comments – usually when there is no need for the accusation.

        Sorry if you thought my comment was going straight for the jugular, but posting a comment on somebody’s blog writing nothing else other than “are you white?” comes across as rather aggressive and somewhat accusatory, given the context of my post and others that I have penned on here.

        I appreciate your response and your apology; I don’t feel you have anything to apologise for, nor that you have to stay away from the comments section either – but I just wanted to let you know how your comment came across when that lone question wasn’t accompanied by any other supporting sentences.

        Put bluntly, it looked as though you were checking to see if I was fully white in case you wanted to accuse me of being a racist in regards to my comments about Meghan.

        In any case, I welcome all discussions on this blog; if there are any questions, I’m happy to answer them – it’s good to hear what other people have to say too.

        Thank you once again xx

  13. As a UK tax payer myself I agree with every word in this post

    1. Thank you so much 💖

  14. Renee' Killian-Zeiger avatar
    Renee’ Killian-Zeiger

    I’m an American and I AGREE with everything you say on these postings. MM is out for attention, and even though I don’t think Harry is the smartest cookie, I feel sorry he’s so needy as to marry this excuse of a person trying to be a royal. So sad, bc Harry is the one whose gonna get hurt. And the child, Archie is going to be put in the middle and suffer.

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