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Hi all,

Just a note to say I’ll be taking a small break from the blog. It won’t be for long – just a short spell.

I put a lot of time and effort into the blog every week, often giving up a large portion of my Sunday, in order to make people laugh and give them some enjoyment… so it’s a real shame that some of the people who expect me to entertain them think it’s ok to attack me on Twitter for expressing my own views on other matters and to call me names.

I shouldn’t be expected to carry on entertaining if this is how people behave. It’s not fair and it’s not right. I keep the blog running because I enjoy making you all laugh – but I won’t be subjected to abuse either. This is obviously not aimed at everyone, because 99% of you are lovely and I don’t like having to “punish” you all, but I really do need a break.

I’ll be back soon; for now, take care, stay safe and we’ll catch up in the very near future 💖

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  1. Ooooh noooo, Saffy! I will miss your sparkling humor if you do this! ?not that I could blame you, but still … you will be sorely missed! Screw those weirdos!! 🤬

  2. Absolutely take your break! I think we’re all in a state of heightened stress & need to take care of ourselves. You are so sweet to let us know.

  3. That’s awful that you are getting abuse from some quarters. I love your blog. It’s so true. Hope to see you very soon after your break. XXXXXX

  4. Keep up your spirits. My advice is block them and carry on with your wonderful life.

  5. Saffy, I will miss your wickedly funny blog but I understand your need to step back. People can be nasty arses and have nothing better to do than spread their own misery upon others. I hope you come back soon! Big hugs to you!

  6. Enjoy your break. I love your blog, I very rarely comment, but after reading your comment on unacceptable behaviour by certain others, that drew me to the keyboard!. Nastiness comes from people who are unhappy in their own life. Nothing better to do. You shine on this blog, Your wit and humour is marvellous. You wipe the floor with people who are cruel. Take care.

  7. I’ll miss your wit, but take care of yourself first! We’ll leave a light on 😉

  8. Hi Saffy- agree with the other commenters. I will miss your blog but totally understand. Sadly, there are too many mean, ignorant people everwhere. Maybe C19 will find them.🤣 Take a break, stay healthy and your fans will be here when you return!

  9. I’m sorry that people have been abusing you.

    Keep calm and we’ll.

    Best Wishes ❤️

    David Probett Sent from my iPhone


  10. I will miss you. But, you know if you need a break. Btw, it is unfathomable to me, that people would dis you on any social media platform.

    Please do stay well.
    Until the time then.

  11. Let me guess…it’s a group of Meghan’s whores ( oops, I mean sugars 🙄). Take care of yourself…we can wait. Besides, absence makes the readers laugh harder because there will be more quality material!!

  12. So sorry you are being attacked! Stay safe and healthy, and come back when you are ready. Your blog is such a delight to read, but you shouldn’t feel pressure!!!

  13. Apparently there are people reading your blog that refuse to face the truth even when it’s right in front of them.

  14. I’m extremely sorry to hear you’ve received such treatment. I will look forward to your return and in the interim wish you and yours good health and wellness.

  15. You are absolutely right to take a break from your blog, you give up your valuable free time to entertain us each week only for a small percentage of people to abuse you for having opinions. Take as long as you need, these are trying times for all of us and it is important to look after your mental health and well being as much as your physical needs. I hope the twunts that are abusing you get bored or get a few brain cells to share so they can see the hurt and pain they are causing. Look after yourself Saffy, we will be here waiting to welcome you with open arms when you decide to come bacl. xxx

  16. So sorry to hear this. Come back soon!

  17. Hi Saffy, just wanted to drop a quick note to say Thank You for the laughs and sass! You will be missed as I really look forward to your blog each Sunday. Have a well deserved break and hope to be reading your posts again in the future!

  18. I don’t comment but I’m a long time lurker and reader of your blog. I’m coming out of my hiding place to tell you you will be missed and please come back soon.

  19. Take care and tell the idiots to sod off!!

  20. Oh Saffy! I’m so sorry to hear you’re being subjected to such awful behaviour. I totally understand you taking a break. Your happiness and mental health is of paramount importance. I’ll miss your blog, but as always I’ll happily wait for your hilarious blog whenever you come back! You’re so talented and you make me laugh every single week. Take care and big hugs and love to you! Xxxx

  21. Patricia Keane avatar
    Patricia Keane

    Your blog is hilarious and truthful. I will miss your humour.

    1. Yes! I agree with Patricia. Stay well and I’m sure your break will provide you with plenty more Sussex hilarity. ❤️

  22. Hi, such a pity to hear that. See you when you are back. I don’t think m and h are going anywhere so there will no doubt be lots to talk about.

  23. I look forward to your blog it’s such a snarky fun laugh to end the weekend with. You do a great job! I’m so sad to hear that you’ve experienced abuse from creeps. I hope you enjoy your break and I hope someday to enjoy it again. Thanks for all the work you put in. I appreciate it!

  24. Sorry to see you go but I will sorely miss your blog.Take your break and breathe and stay safe and healthy..I always check your weekend blog.Please be back soon..Block those nasty b*tches :))

  25. I enjoy your witty blog.
    Please take great care and stay safe

  26. Sorry just can’t fix rude and stupid. We’re grown ups ( well most of us anyway) and should be quite capable of entertaining ourselves. Hopefully we will get through this ( where is Winston when you need him?) and if and when you are able to, we’ll enjoy your humour, again. Please please look after yourself and hope to see you soon. Remember good hand washing all, and social distancing ..sounds so much better than self isolation or quarantine doesn’t it?? Bye love!

  27. So sorry to hear you are being attacked, it’s inexcusable! I will miss your humorous and insightful blog tremendously. Take care and hope you come back soon.

  28. So sorry to hear about this. Sounds horrible. Will miss your blog but have always appreciated how much time and thought you put into it. Very public spirited. Stay well, and will look forward to your return.

  29. Take a break but don’t let them drive you off. That’s what they’re after. Enjoy your time off, but please come back I miss your humour. Hugs.

  30. Oh Saffy,

    Why am I not surprised? The “sheep like sugars” are trying too hard to keep M in the public’s mind – and anyone saying “Boo” is enough for them to have a total breakdown & throw the hissy fits we are used to seeing from H & M! Poor little sheep their shepherd is being made to shut the F up! (we can but HOPE!)

    But, taking a break is a much deserved thing in this time of uncertainty & worry. We all DO UNDERSTAND, & many of us care far too much for our social media friends & feel quite horrified when they see abusive remarks made by some others.

    You have had a hard few months with many ailments & it’s only fair for you to take a break! You put in a lot of thought, time & energy with your blogs so make sure you take ALL the time you need… We won’t be going anywhere!

    Just keep safe, healthy & avoid Covid-19 as much as possible!


  31. Love, love, love your blog! Please enjoy a well deserved break. Looking forward to your return 😘

  32. One of the reasons I don’t want anything with Twitter…such a savage space! Just to let you know that, your blog is the best! During these trying times your wise words of truth that brings us laughter, will be missed 😌 hope you’re back soon! Take care 💞 stay safe!

  33. I will miss your words of wisdom but you must look after yourself first.Keep safe.

  34. What everyone else said; enjoy your break! We’ll be here. Much love!

  35. I’ll personally miss your posts & want to thank you for your effort. I hope you rejuvenate & come back soon! We could all use a good laugh in these tough times.

    Thanks again!

    Lynn Barclay


  36. Nooooo!

    But I totally understand.

    My advice is to get off TWITter (can’t have TWITter without TWITS) and other social media. Delete your account and just read posts if you must but remember to wear a virtual hazmat suit when you do so. “Social media” is any but social. It is the world wide insane asylum full of people who gave up eating Tide pods to lick toilet seats to “defy Coronovirus”.

  37. So sorry to read that you are being abused for being smarter and funnier (and I bet prettier, too!) than others! I love reading your blog and have never commented before, however I would just like to add that I agree with all the “regulars” above and will miss laughing out loud, literally, when reading your hilarious take on JH and mm.

    Thank you, take care and come back when you feel like it!

  38. P.S. I was dying to get your take on that simpering, take me to bed look she gave that athlete (sorry, don’t know his name) at one of their last events.

  39. I will miss your posts and can only imagine what fun you would have with the Sussexes attempt at world dominance by turning their IG into a go-to (not) place for all things COVID-19!

  40. God be with you, Saffy! Take care of yourself and ignore the trolls. Remember, trolls only come after the best, which is what you are, so think of trolls as hideous versions of envy. Again, take care and I so look forward to your return.

  41. I miss your posts. I’m also glad you’re looking out for your health. I would have loved to see your face after Trump’s tweet about their protection

  42. Hello Saffy

    This is my first comment but just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you have put in to giving us so much entertainment. I appreciate very much that it is very hard work for you and you must spend hours trying to find the right videos to go with your articles, for our amusement, I don’t know how you do it week after week, it must be exhausting.

    Please take some time off to refresh yourself and have a rest. No doubt there will be months of more amusement to come from the ridiculous duo who think they’re going to conquer the world. Tomorrow is the day of reckoning for them when they (or Harry I should say) lose everything and they are set adrift on their own in the ocean of sharks i.e. fending for themselves like us normal human beings.

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