Will, Kate, Rose – and the infidelity scandal

So in the past couple of weeks, some headlines hit the news regarding the Duchess of Cambridge and a suspected falling-out with her longtime friend, Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley. At first, it was stated that Kate had told William that she wished for Rose to be excluded from the group – but minimal reasons were given – just that they’d “had a falling out”, like women tend to do.
In any case, the initial headlines didn’t gain much traction; people glossed over it in the Daily Mail sidebar and didn’t really have an opinion; women argue and fall out all the time over really stupid things. So Kate may have severed ties with a friend – is it newsworthy? Not really.But over the last couple of weeks, the story has been surfacing in the press… and this time, with a twist. There are now reports coming out that William may have cheated on Catherine with Rose.

First of all, let’s be clear here – this is a serious allegation and one that could be incredibly damaging to the Cambridges’ marriage, assuming it’s not true, and I don’t think that it is. Secondly, let’s look at the timing of this; isn’t it incredibly funny how all this supposed “dirt” on the Cambridges comes out just as negative press on Meghan Markle reaches it’s apex? I’m not jumping to conclusions here, but there has been nothing even remotely scandalous on the Cambridges in the eight years since their wedding, and now something like this surfaces? It couldn’t possibly be from a certain someone’s camp, because they’re trying to make themselves look better, could it? 

Then, this morning, as I muddle my way to the kitchen to fire up the coffee machine, I do my usual twitter-scrolling to catch up on anything that took place while I was in the land of nod. And of course, there’s something to look at; one of my friends has sent through a Twitter thread from someone called Nicole Cliffe, who apparently believes she has insider information and maybe lives in the Cambridges’ attic, according to the outright shit she has been spewing on her twitter page. 

Before I dive into the outrageous tweets, I must stress first off that she is nobody credible; I’ve never heard of her, her work or any links between her and royalty, so I’ll take what she says with a gigantic tablespoon of salt – and I’d advise you to also. So with that, let’s get started:

“US gossip places” – ah, that well known Mecca of news, where absolutely everything reported by the likes of Us Weekly is completely 100% correct. Is this chick for real? No offence to the Americans here, but do you really think you’d be the first to hear about it if the future King of England banged an aristocrat? My guess is no. But it’s nice that Nicole thinks she has credible sources, even though if “US gossip places” was quoted in an article related to Meghan, her supporters would rubbish it; they’d call it “a pack of lies” and “an untrustworthy source”, and “how dare you make up lies about Saint Meghan” yada, yada, yada. But apparently they’re all good to believe it when it involves dragging the Cambridges.

Now this is where things start to get interesting… First of all, I must correct her on the last sentence of the first tweet. “Not a mistake Prince Phillip would EVER have made”… Er, yes he did, darling – and then some. Prince Phillip had a notorious roving eye and cheated on the Queen left, right and centre with basically anyone that winked at him. He still has a lady friend he spends time with now and the Queen has always turned a blind eye. It’s well-documented and a simple google would tell you this. But of course, Meghan lovers are allergic to sticking to the facts. 

Secondly, because it suits her narrative, she “believes” that the breakdown of Harry and William’s relationship is NOT due to Meghan after all. Emphasis on “believes” – I.e. she has absolutely no clue and is going with the option that puts Meghan in a good light. 

Also, I like how she seems to think she knows everything about Harry and William’s imagined conversations they’d have had behind closed doors. And that William cheated on Kate for certain. She must be a fly on the wall or a sheepskin rug at the palace or something – she seems to know everything. 

But ok, let’s entertain the idea for a second that Will had done the dirty and confided in Harry about screwing Rose – this still doesn’t explain a large number of things about the behaviour of the Cambridges and the Sussexes toward each other. 

Why do Kate and Meghan never spend time with each other and look so painfully awkward together in public? 

Why aren’t Harry and Kate anywhere near as close before? They used to have banter and now they don’t even speak to one another in public. If the theory above holds up, then why would Harry and Kate avoid each other? Surely Harry would be supporting Kate as the victim of it all, would he not?

Why does Prince William avoid Meghan like the plague? Surely if he was the offending party, he’d have no reason to be on his high horse? Especially since it’s clear that Meghan has tried to start a conversation with him on several occasions and PW simply wasn’t interested. Why would Meghan try and curry favour with him if her husband wasn’t speaking to Will?

How long has this alleged “affair” been going on for or was it a one-off? Because tabloids are saying “over the past few months”, but William and Harry have looked like the arctic zone has been between them for nearly a year. 

And this doesn’t explain the royal family’s lack of interest in Meghan and Harry’s wedding either? Kate spent the entire ceremony looking like she’d rather be anywhere else and couldn’t even cast a glance at the altar while Harry and Meghan were taking their vows. What would that have to do with an alleged affair William had?

I don’t believe this utter shite for a second. There has been a barrage of stories in the press regarding Meghan that have eff all to do with the Cambridges and more to do with how Meghan has conducted herself. I fail to see how the negativity surrounding her for ignoring her elderly father has anything to do with Kate or William? 

Bottom line, most of us have drawn our conclusions on Meghan based on her conduct and evident attention-seeking. If Harry was all about protecting his wife, he’d have put a statement out or fought harder to protect her in the press; let’s face it, he had no issue putting one out three years ago to call us all racists, so why not now? 

The best line – “Harry worships Meghan”. Does that make her a decent human being? There’s many a man on this planet that has “worshipped” his woman when she was a vapid narcissist – it doesn’t make her an upstanding citizen or make the man correct in his views. And are we really sitting here claiming that William doesn’t worship Catherine, a woman who he’s been with for nearly two decades and shares three children with? Yeah, ok.

And on the subject of being “teased at school” for his father’s infidelity, well I’m sure William was too; after all, they share parents, do they not? William has a sense of duty, is the future King and knows what’s expected of him; I doubt he’d flush it all down the toilet so publicly for some married high society woman, least of all somebody who’s close friends with his wife. 

The golden line I was waiting for; “I’m staunchly Team Meghan” – and just like that, any water this inane thread could have held has evaporated. It’s clear then; she doesn’t like Kate, but supports Meghan – so anything negative directed at Catherine MUST be correct, while anything said about Meghan must be because people are jealous and doesn’t hold any truth at all. That’s basically the gist of it. 

And the whole “people hanging out in couples leading to affairs” thing is rather funny. So by rights then darling, Meghan has probably shagged George Clooney, right? Because him and Amal are always sniffing around the Sussexes and have stayed with them several times, and vice versa, so if we’re going to make that claim about one couple and their friends, the same should go for the Sussexes too. 

Bottom line; this is pure and unequivocal Meghan Markle propaganda. And one thing that is clear is that in order to be a Meghan fan, you have to be a raging hypocrite. If the boot was on the other foot and such an article has arisen from some lowly American gossip rag about Harry cheating on Meghan, her little minions would be at the forefront – pitchforks in hand – calling everyone “racist, bullies and trolls”, because it couldn’t POSSIBLY be true. One glance at the comments on the thread shows that people are happy to believe any negative press about the Cambridges and are dragging William to the ends of the earth based on a rumour. But when it comes to the Cambridges and bad (likely bullshit) press, Catherine is fair game.

“Oh don’t worry about Kate, someone will come to her defence – she’s white, after all.”

I will end by saying that if this tripe has been put out by Meghan’s camp, she has sunk far lower than I ever thought possible. Putting down one person to make yourself look better, because you don’t have any redeeming features and cannot garner positive press for yourself, is not just incredibly malicious but it’s also pathetic. I’ve worked with people like this before; the ones who are nice to your face but then throw you under the bus in front of the directors when the shit hits the fan, because they have to hide the fact that they’re incompetent and you’re far better at your job. It’s petty, childish and incredibly telling about the other person. 

How this plays out over time remains to be seen; but one warning to the Sussexes – you won’t be any more popular because of this. We all know which marriage will stand the test of time. Meghan will still continue to piss people off with her extravagant spending and attention-seeking antics – and the Cambridges will rise above it and will one day lead the nation as King and Queen. 

And that, dear Meghan, is something you can’t do anything about. 

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  1. Lisa Armstrong avatar
    Lisa Armstrong

    Awesome blog! Right to the point and correct at who will come out on top!

    1. Thank you so much! Really appreciate it 💕

  2. sfnewcatholic avatar

    May I please tweet a link to your excellent article above? People NEED to read what you’ve said. Thank you. (And, btw, you did an awesome job of it.)

    1. Thank you so much! And of course you can! I really appreciate it 💞

  3. I think the most annoying thing is that this lady says plainly that she is making stuff up…..that’s what the term ‘editorialising’ means. Yet all of M’s fans are spreading her made up lies as truth.

    What is the word for some telling you plainly that they are telling you lies yet you take those lies as truth?

  4. murderfancier avatar

    Crowns, I am brand new to WP, but I am soooo glad I found your blog!
    It’s Gold! Solid gold!
    Must go, I have a lot of reading to do!

  5. Also– they have employed a Clintonite as their pr person. This woman creates false narratives to deceive the public and press. This marriage is more about global connections and power than love. I fear for the Monarchy.

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