8 Reasons Meghan Markle is becoming highly irritating

The Bump Grabbing

Where do I begin with this one? There have to be thousands upon thousands of photos of this woman with both hands stapled to her stomach, in a way no pregnant woman has ever held their bump before. Really, what is the need for this? Is she scared the child will fall out? Is she trying to show us that there’s a baby in there and not just a big lunch? Does she think we missed the media furores over the last four months and didn’t know she was pregnant? It’s anyone’s guess, but this action coupled with the Virgin Mary expression as she does it appears to be rapidly getting on most people’s last nerve. 

I’ll honestly never get over how utterly ridiculous she looked during this event. Wow.

The Hand Holding

Ok Meghan, you love your husband (we think), but why do you both feel it necessary to hold hands like teenagers EVERYWHERE you go? If you’re meeting foreign royalty or dignitaries, don’t you think you’ll be taken a bit more seriously and come across more professional if you’re not stuck to each other like Siamese twins? I can’t imagine it’s anything to do with stability while being pregnant and walking in heels, as they have been doing this since day dot, so I’m slightly baffled. I’ve seen people on life support put less effort into clinging to life that Meghan does to her husband’s hand. It’s annoying – please stop it. 

Oh, look! Bump-holding AND hand-holding at the same time. She really is a multi-tasker!

The “Look of Love”

Meghan doesn’t actually spend too much time doing this anymore – (probably because she’s too preoccupied with the bump grabbing and hand-holding) – but for a long time, she made it a point to gaze up “lovingly” at Harry whenever she knew a camera was pointed in their direction; kind of the same way kids stare up at the castle on their first trip to Disneyland, but less genuine. Unfortunately though, the doe eyes are unconvincing, laughable and downright annoying. My favourite occasion where she projected said wide-eye-gaze was at her wedding when Harry lifted her veil – it really was a stunning moment… because it finally hit me why she’d never made it as an actress in Hollywood. You’ll have to practice a bit longer for that Oscar, darling.

Picturing the divorce settlement already 😍

The Lies 

Like most people in life, she’s told a few porkies; just unfortunately for her, a lot of it has been spilled out behind her in her new role on the world stage. The first of which was her singing her father’s praises for paying for her college education, which she mentioned before their wedding. After the wedding, when poor old Thomas Markle was given the royal middle-finger, the story changed and while giving a speech (somewhere or other), perhaps in attempt to empower young women, she tweaked the details and told a (barely) listening audience that she had “worked all the way through college” to pay for her own tuition fees. Yep, nothing more empowering than a barefaced LIE.

There have been several, but my absolute favourite was during the engagement interview when she said she’d “never heard of Harry and family”…. *crickets*

Never heard of… the British Royal Family? Huh?

Er, ok. Darling, unless you’re an Eskimo living in an igloo without any access to electronics – or you died before 1981 – you have most certainly heard of Princess Diana and her sons. She even referenced Will and Kate’s (better) wedding in her online blog, The Tig, back in 2011. What family did she think she was referring to? The Kardashians? Harry was the bloody Best Man! Come on hun, that is Clear and Present Bullshit – try harder next time. 

But don’t forget, guys – she didn’t know who the Royal Family were

The General Get-Up

For some reason, and I don’t know why, the lady always looks a mess. She has boatloads of money, designers and stylists at her disposal, yet she still always manages to look like she just rolled out of bed and biked it thirty miles into work during a hurricane. 

As we say in England, her hair is “all over the gaff”

I mean really, how difficult is it to find a nice dress coat and spritz your hair with some hairspray? I’ve managed to look better put-together crawling out of bed after a heavy night out. Her hair was coming out of place even on her wedding day… her WEDDING DAY. Where millions of people around the globe were watching her. Honestly – the mind boggles. 

Get the girl some hair clips, please

The PR Pushes 

Now that Meghan has shut down her second (secret) Instagram account in fury after realising the public don’t actually think of her as the second coming of Diana, she has had a lightbulb moment – push the good PR, even if the constant flood of stories really begin to piss people off!

In December, she hired some hot, young guy  called Christian to start reeling off crap about her in the press to make her look like a Stepford Wife. The stories included some bangers, such as “she cooks for Harry every night” and “she’s still so down-to-earth despite her marriage”, allegedly told by five close friends, who are apparently so close to her, they weren’t invited to her wedding last May. Perhaps there wasn’t enough space in Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Chapel? I think it only seats 800 people. 

Just like that

In any case, we await the next batch of bullshit with baited breath; tomorrow, we’ll hear all about how she rescues injured animals, sings to woodland creatures and has found the cure for cancer. Can’t wait. 

The Camera Searching

No matter where she is, she seems to be able to sniff out a camera lens the way a Great White Shark can usually smell a drop of blood a hundred miles away in the ocean. And when she has located one, it’s painfully obvious just how aware of it she is with every move she makes after. She also does this weird thing sometimes where she arches her back and does a big hand wave straight at the lens. It’s irritating, but also somehow makes her look incredibly comical. 

That’s the stance of a woman who is very pleased with herself

The “I-Must-Come-First”

One thing I’m finding particularly amusing at the moment is how whenever her and Harry are introduced to anyone new, she barges her way in front of him to shake their hand first. Yes Meghan, while the general rule is ‘ladies first’, it doesn’t usually apply in royal circumstances. Your husband is the ACTUAL royal, while you’re  only really there because you forced a friend to set you up on a blind date with him and somehow, by the grace of God, ended up with the ring – does it make sense yet?

“Let” her, or she forced her way in front? Because this has happened several times since then also, so I’m just wondering

A lot of the time as well, even them simply walking side-by-side is like a power struggle, with Harry looking like he’s putting every ounce of strength into pushing her back slightly so she doesn’t frogmarch ahead of him. Annoying, but as usual, highly entertaining. 

With Sussex Sprog Number One due to drop within the next month or so, we can only expect more irritating behaviour. Meghan will probably insist on bringing the child everywhere with her, strapped to her in a sling, while showing the public how to make bassinets out of kale – heck, she’ll probably start breastfeeding during official engagements to show everyone just how “modern” she is too! I actually can’t wait – for the entertainment, if nothing else. 

16 responses to “8 Reasons Meghan Markle is becoming highly irritating”

  1. Great comments. This article nailed it! Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much! 😊❤️

      1. I shared the 1st blog of yours on Twitter and the response was great. Lots of “nailed it” & “like” comments.

      2. I really appreciate you sharing it – hopefully people agree or take what they will from what I’ve written. Thank you! 💋 x

  2. Loving your posts so far. Thanks for speaking the truth about her.

    1. Thank you so much Belle! I’ll keep them coming 💋 x

  3. So spot on. I just had the horrified thought the other day that she’s going to parade around wearing the baby like an accessory. Probably in a $5000 Givenchy baby sling or some such thing.

    1. Thank you! Oh and you know it; wait for all the super expensive baby wear to come out as well. She’s only going to get worse from here on out! X

  4. Great blog.

    I hadn’t ever heard of her before engagement. I’m not in much to cable legal shows. Soon as I watched interview & she said she hadn’t known who Harry was bc she’s from the US & they got to know each other more “organically,” I knew she was lying. Like you point out, who doesn’t know about Harry & William? Obviously it came out she lied about that & was obsessed w Princess Diana. She’s definitely a narcissist. I just hope Harry isn’t damaged too badly. Narcissistic abuse is a real thing. Narcissists seek victims for their emotional supply. Sadly, the victims are usually trusting, giving, empathetic & kind people. The Narc preys on them & usually leaves them emotionally devastated.

    Hope the true stories keep coming out about this narcissist.

    1. Thank you! And 100%. I do think all the attention-seeking from her and her narcissistic behaviour will eventually take it’s toll on Harry and their marriage. He is quite private and not very showy, and it was always said that Harry and William looked for discretion when it came to partners, which so far is something Meghan is incapable of demonstrating. He wanted to marry an actress; well, this is what you get pal. Someone who is more interested on having the spotlight on them rather than supporting the monarchy and the family, like Catherine does. This will end badly and you’ll want to have the popcorn ready!

  5. This is so well written that I read it twice! Thank you for exposing this narcissist to those who are perhaps wearing blinders and can’t see her for who she really is. I myself have dealt with a narcissist in my past and her behaviour is so obvious to me. Her glaring at him with puppy dog eyes like she can’t live without him? I bet they have some serious rows behind closed doors where Harry has probably told her how annoying she is! I live in North America and I’ve never heard of this Meghan girl until she married Harry….something doesn’t seem right with this hook up and hopefully all will be uncovered soon.

  6. Absolutely love your blog! Not only are they hilarious, they’re spot on in your observations of that wretched MM!
    Btw, what is your handle on Twitter? I can’t seem to find you.
    Keep up these fabulous articles! 💕🤗🙏🏻🥰🤣

    1. Thank you my lovely! Really appreciate it. My twitter handle is @CrownOfSapphire. xx

  7. Great FYI! I agree…..What I dont understand is why are meAgain markle and puppy Harry still in the news! News: Please STOP print on this selfish couple~!
    Harry doesn’t deserve the money his Mother left him nor a penny received from his Father that continues to funnel money for their lavish hypocritical lifestyle!! Everyone knows if it was not for Harry’s title and $$ Markle would not had looked at him, everyone knows she barrated/stalked, pushed herself…etc…. on him at his friends wedding and lured him into marriage and purposely quickly got pregnant and will divorce him when the press stops paying attention to her! Press, people please stop now. Markel is a joke and God forbid you say the truth about her on their Instagram page: she states “any negative comments you will be blocked”. Bye Bye Markle, Harry and please pray Archie is allowed to see his family and hopefully be raised in England!
    Harry go home now with your child, get help and grow up and serve your Country!

  8. Harriette Tubman avatar
    Harriette Tubman

    So much hatred and vileness here if you don’t like her then don’t read the news stories about her simple as that. Fyi White princess Kate did the exact same thing holding her belly when she was pregnant all 3 times. It’s what mothers do. I feel sorry for the people here you are clearly angry bitter people with a lot of issues and you choose to take it out on a woman who has achieved more in the past year than any of you will ever achieve in your sad lifetimes. She’s an inspiration something I doubt you people will ever know or experience unless you count how you inspire racists out there. You can vent all you want while she’s slaying it and making her billions and married to an adoring husband. Good luck with your hate losers.

    1. So much hatred from you too, but Sussex supporters have always been known for their hypocrisy. If you don’t like my blog, might I suggest you get the fuck off it? And by the way, your IP address comes up when you comment, so I’d be a little careful when leaving abusive comments on something that has nothing to do with you… won’t take much to report you 😈 run along now, you sad Sussex arse-kisser.

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