Queen Elizabeth II

Afternoon all!

Just a quick note to say that I am indeed working on another blog post but the timing of which will be handled as sensitively as I can manage, due to the fact that it looks as though we’re about to lose Queen Elizabeth.

She is currently being kept comfortable at Balmoral with her family— and Harry and Meghan— at her bedside.

I’ll be back with the next blog soon but will need to edit carefully so I don’t cause any offense anywhere given the current situation.

Get some rest Your Majesty 💜

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  1. Absolutely Correct. No H&M yet, I’m covering at home – BBC are all now in black mourning
    The Terms “Comfortable & Resting” With “Medical Supervision” basically mean HMTQ is on Morphine & End of Life Care. Prayers from around the world will continue.

  2. So sad that it is an end of an era of dignity, discretion, duty, loyalty, humility, discretion and constancy. Her life and what she experienced were extraordinary. The few people who truly knew her will be grieved tremendously. As will the Nation who respected her and revered her.

  3. Very sad news

  4. Thank goodness Markle has not actually been allowed anywhere near this. It was initially reported that the Sussexes were going together but now its just Harry. God bless HM

    1. I read Saffy’s post as H & M were by her bedside. I certainly hope that is not true. That woman should never be allowed near her again. And despite Harry being family, he doesn’t deserve to be there either. TRAITORS!!!!

      1. It was originally reported that they were but it looks like Harry went alone and Meghan remained behind – thank God. She has no place there and I’m glad she wasn’t present after all the havoc she has wreaked. RIP Queen Elizabeth II 💜

  5. The longest Serving Monarch of the UK, has passed away peacefully. Rest In Peace Your Majesty. You served us well & your time to rest has come. 😭😭🕯️🕯️

  6. Hi Saffy and all- your last blog was wonderful! Thank you as always for your excellent humor and spot on analysis 🧐 (heehee) Very sad news about QEII. I just need to vent to all of you who feel like I do that Nutmeg doesn t deserve to be among the family to mourn and attend the funeral! It makes me so mad to think she ll just be thinking how important she is being in the eye of the world during his momentous occasion. After all she has put the family through especially the Queen after the Oprah interview, Nutmeg should hide her head in shame! Besides my German mother, 85 yo in California who learned English in Britain and loved QEII, I don t have anyone else to vent to. My mama also sees Nutmeg for what she is!!!🤬 Love your phrase Saffy, for the Queen to finally rest! ❤️

    1. You are not alone in your sentiments @socalpeach
      The world has lost an incredible woman. We can take comfort in the fact she is with her Prince Phillip. I hope you have seen the double rainbow posts. I like to think that was them, letting us know they were reunited. Blessings from Queensland, Australia 💟🕊✝️

  7. A very sad day. RIP Ma,am and thank you

  8. Since I am reading this at a later time, the Queen’s death has been announced prior to my comment.
    What a sad day this is. The world will never see the like again. A new era will begin and we will see how King Charles shapes his reign.
    We shall miss her dignity, her quiet calm, her flashes of humor and her lifelong, steadfast commitment to service.
    After a life well lived, may she rest in eternal peace with her beloved Philip.

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