The Sussexes: The Next Chapter

So now that baby Archie is here, the media tide seems to have receded a bit and the gushing over new mother Meghan has died down, we can reconvene, collect our thoughts and, perhaps, turn our attention to the future.

With the arrival of Baby Sussex, I’ve been doing a fair bit of thinking about the family and what their life will look like in the future. Not in a “far off wonderment” way, but more like a “how long will this last” way. 

As with any new arrival in the family, things are all happy-happy for a while; there’s a new baby, an endless stream of visitors and doting grandparents to fuss over them – despite the lack of sleep, it’s a really lovely time; but like you, I have many theories about where this will go and how it will end up. 

Before I delve further into this though, something from my “prediction posts” needs to be revisited once again; yes folks, as I predicted, it’s come out this weekend that Harry and Meghan are not releasing Archie Harrison’s birth certificate. 

“Thanks for paying our hospital bill!”

In light of what we now know, it doesn’t make any sense to me; they’ve told us absolutely everything else about him, but there’s maximum shadiness when it comes to the location of his birth and who delivered him.

Like I’ve said previously, I’m not one to buy into every crazy theory going just because I don’t like Meghan, but unless they are hiding something, there is really no other reason to refuse the release of his birth certificate. 

Something about this just doesn’t sit right, but I’m sure we’ll learn more in due course.

However, I digress.

Turning our attention back to the future, this is almost a “follow-up prediction post”, if you will. 

Now that the baby’s here and we’re getting a sneak preview of Harry and Meghan’s (rather predictable) behaviour when it comes to being parents and dealing with the media simultaneously, it shouldn’t be too difficult to see where this is all heading.

First off: the christening. I suspect Archie’s will be held sometime in July or August and likely on Windsor Castle grounds, as the Sussexes seem incapable of leaving the area. Do expect a flurry of “celebrity godparents” jetting in from the USA and the first exclusive pictures being sold to an American tabloid, with some kind of “teaser” photo released beforehand on the Sussexes’ Instagram – (I mean really, who let Meghan back on social media?)

What we shouldn’t expect? The Cambridges to serve as godparents. 

Considering I’ve read this morning that William, Catherine, Charles and Camilla haven’t even been to see the kid yet, I think it’s highly unlikely they’ll be in the fold when it comes to choosing Archie’s godparents. 

The video Rebecca English posted on her Twitter last week of the Cambridges on an official engagement, being asked about their new nephew, was rather indicative of the fact that even a new baby in the family can’t bring William and Harry to utter two words to each other. 

Catherine was forcing her face into such a wide grin that both her cheeks were on different continents – and bar the usual cliches you spew when somebody has a baby, the Cambridges didn’t say anything else particularly personal or touching. 

Oh wait, I lie. Prince William did say at one point of Harry, “I wish him all the best”.

Tissues at the ready.

This is usually a sentence more synonymous with rejecting somebody for a job post in your company – not someone excited for their sibling becoming a first-time parent. 

No – I think there’s more chance of me winding up as the next Queen of Britain than Will and Kate becoming godparents on this occasion.

And what about Royal tours?

Well – there was speculation (and many articles) on the fact that Meghan and Harry were looking to do a big tour of the USA and Canada this autumn, with baby in tow.

However, shortly before Archie’s arrival, it was reported that the Sussexes had “concerns” about their baby’s safety, and therefore have “decided against the trip after all”.

It must be noted that this is coming from a woman who flew to known Zika zones while pregnant, refused the best medical care in the country and was allegedly drinking quite a bit at the start of her pregnancy. 

Honey, it’s the USA – not Somalia. I think Archie will survive it. 

No, my theory is that Harry and Meghan decided while she was pregnant that they wanted to conduct a grand tour of America, the Queen got wind of it and shut the whole thing down. 

Translation: “fuck that”.

I think the main aim of the monarchy right now should be to strengthen relationships with the other commonwealth countries – and Meghan returning to the motherland to show off her Princely husband, offspring and bank-breaking wardrobe doesn’t really contribute to that. 

I do suspect there’ll be a tour of Australia toward the end of this year/early next year, on instructions from the Queen, and the Sussexes will pretend it’s their idea, spewing out some crap like “it’s where we announced the pregnancy, so it’s only right we bring Archie here for his first tour.”

Poor Australia.

As for Archie’s title – I was slightly out on this one admittedly. I said he wouldn’t have one, but I meant “Prince” – I was rather surprised to see that the Sussexes have apparently completely shunned a title for him altogether. No “Lord”. No “Earl”. Nothing. 

My reaction to this was probably the same as that of many others: “my arse does Meghan not want a title for her son”.

In my opinion, the reasoning behind this is one of a few things:

The first guess: The Queen didn’t change the letters patent, said absolutely no “Prince”, offered them “Lord Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, Earl of Dumbarton” and the Sussexes threw their toys out of the pram. Harry and Meghan, probably thinking “fuck that then”, likely decided that if it wasn’t a Prince title, they weren’t taking anything at all, and so, rejected any titles at all. 


The second guess: Harry insisted on no titles for him, and Meghan, not wanting to appear to be the gold-digger and attention-seeker many accuse her of being, was forced to go along with it. I reckon Meghan took the opportunity to look “noble” and probably thinks “well, he’ll get the chance to be a Prince when Charlie’s on the throne anyway, so I’ll bite my tongue for now”.

And lastly: Meghan was happy with this because this is her get out clause. Should there be a divorce, she can always chuck out the “Archie isn’t a royal prince and can easily be taken out of Britain” line; no stuffy royal title for Archie when he heads over to live in LA with his mum.

“Well, fuck yo title then.”

I’m not saying this is accurate (because it’s not), but it may be her train of thought. But no, it’s not accurate – Prince or not, he’s still seventh in line to the throne, and is still property of the crown, so it’s not as simple as all that – but it remains to be seen what cards she plays in the inevitable divorce.

Maybe I’m just judging people by my own standards, but I don’t believe for a second she didn’t want him to be a Prince by title. 

I’m super far from being a gold-digger, but if I married in to the British royal family, I’d want the big church wedding, the white dress with twenty-foot train, my own title and titles for my kids too – the whole bloody shebang. Otherwise I may as well have married the local butcher.

I want it all please

But turning my attention back to baby talk, do I think there’ll be more Sussex kids? Well, not plural – given Meghan’s age, I don’t think she’ll manage more than two children in total, but I do reckon we’ll see the arrival of the second instalment in either autumn or winter next year. 

She may decide that one son is enough to secure her future, but I really think she’ll try and swindle as much as she can out of the BRF before making her departure – and that means a second pregnancy quickly following the first.

I do also suspect William and Kate will have a fourth child next spring or summer (just a feeling I get), so I reckon we’ll see both Duchesses pregnant at the same time. 

To close, I have said repeatedly that I do think everything Meghan does is geared towards a return to the USA. 

I can’t see her being satisfied with being locked up over at Frogmore Cottage in the back end of nowhere for the rest of her days, playing housewife and mother, and living in the shadow of the Cambridges; I do reckon she’s been craving a return to America since the ring went on a year ago. 

Actual footage of Meghan trying to escape Frogmore

Over time, we’ll see her make more and more personal trips to the USA, probably alone or with Archie – stepping out of LAX, sunglasses on, holding the baby, with the “please, no pictures” pose we all know she’s busy perfecting as speak.

“Or little Prince – I mean, er, regular Archie.”

I mean, there’s already talk of her and Harry wanting to buy a place in California, so it’s clear she’s missing the “celebrity circuit” – one that she probably expects she’ll be welcomed back into with far more open arms now, given that she’s made a name for herself across the pond. Her marrying a Prince is simply leverage and a springboard into something better. 

Please, do you really think she wants to stay in Britain amongst the stuffy upper classes, wearing ugly hats and having to run everything by her husband’s grandmother first? Nah – can’t see it.

“Harry, get me the FUCK outta here!”

As ever, I do appreciate I may be totally wrong, but… I doubt it. I think the way the future plays out for the Sussexes will be very interesting – especially within the next year. We’ll see more of the decisions they make in regards to the upbringing of their son and how much of it appears to be angled towards a return to America for Meghan. 

We’ll likely see another pregnancy announcement from them, and it’ll be interesting to see how their marriage changes over time.

Will Harry finally locate his balls? Will Meghan have another baby? Will Archie get his US citizenship? Will Harry start spending more time at his man cave over at Kensington Palace?

It’s all a big soap opera and one that’s bound to be entertaining – so stay tuned! 

30 responses to “The Sussexes: The Next Chapter”

  1. Another interesting blog lovely lady. My two cents worth – of course she wanted a title for the child. What’s the point of difference between him & millions of other children without the title? Zip zero zilch! Not favourable from a merching angle that’s for sure. She probably put that out there when they were told no proof of birth, no perks for you. 😊☮️

    1. Thank you so much! 💖 and definitely – I can’t see Meghan not wanting a Prince title for Archie – like you say, for merch reasons also. I’m betting she’s quietly seething but didn’t want to make it seem like that’s what she was after, so she’s trying to downplay it a bit. Just regular “Archie”? Doubt she’s thrilled!

  2. It will be an interesting time I agree. I always said Megs would only have one child as she does not seem the motherly type to me. Harry, on the other hand, I am sure wants more than one. So if Harry can talk her into it and she can see that it will help her on down the road to get what she wants, then she will opt for one more. I would LOVE for William and Catherine to have a fourth child. It puts one more baby between Harry and the line of succession! I get this vibe that Catherine is really getting broody again. She even mentioned that she was recently when cooing at someone else’s baby, even though little Louis is not quite one year old yet. Wouldn’t it be great if Catherine and Pippa are pregnant at the same time as I also get the vibe that Pippa would like to have another baby close to little Arthur’s age. If Megs got pregnant at the same time, I believe Megs will go all out to be seen and fawned over to try and take the attention away from Catherine’s fourth pregnancy. But all this is speculation. Since the Sussex couple are so secretive, there has to be something wrong with this whole birth. What I don’t know, but something is not right! Love your blog, by the way. Always interesting take on things.

    1. Thank you so much! 💕 well Louis was one last month, so I’m fairly certain it’ll only be a matter of time before Catherine is pregnant again. You are totally correct – she’s been fussing over loads of babies recently, and you can tell she’s broody – when she gets like that, there’s usually a pregnancy announcement in the offing. I am certain this time next year, there’ll be a fourth Cambridge baby. The lengths Meghan goes to when she’s trying to steal the limelight are quite funny, and I suspect it’ll be no different if Catherine gets pregnant again!

  3. Sarah Cunliffe avatar
    Sarah Cunliffe

    I agree with absolutely everything you say. America and a migration there with the modern equivalent of (she thinks) John and Caroline Kennedy, will finally give her the fame she has always craved in her homeland. It is going to be SUCH a trashy ride and yes, there will be one more child; another chance to play tit for tat with her loathed nemesis, Kate Cambridge. She’ll need to get Harry living out there for a while first, so that her argument when the break-up comes is that it is their family home and she CAN take these children away from the jurisdiction of The Royal Palaces. What a disaster and what an ongoing saga……….

  4. sfnewcatholic avatar

    If Meghan thinks moving to America will land her in the “celebrity circuit”, she’s got bats in her belfry. America is NOT interested in Meghan and her visit to New York for her baby shower proved that. When she landed in the Big Apple, not a single reporter was there. She sashayed through the terminal with a ton of guards, no sun glasses, etc., but no one noticed. She stayed at the most expensive hotel in NY and made ostentatious exits from its front door in broad daylight, again with no sunglasses, so people would notice her – but no one did. Finally she went to one of the most famous bakeries in the city and parked herself in a chair facing the door so that everyone could see her when they walked in. Well, they saw her…and walked right past without stopping. No one was interested in her. For two whole days she waited for press coverage but no reporter showed up, no tv host begged for an interview, she didn’t even get someone snapping a pic of her for their Facebook, etc. No one cared, she was a flop. Finally she yelled at her PR team to alert the media and guess what? The only media that reported was the media she paid to cover her, i.e., People, NY Post, Daily Mail, etc. — and their coverage didn’t work. It produced so little interest that not a single fan or reporter showed up at her hotel, its front sidewalk was deserted. Meghan finally had to rent a crowd in front of the hotel to avoid embarrassment. Look, if America’s most media-obsessed city, New York, isn’t interested in you, no one in America is. “Celebrity circuit”, my foot. As far as America’s concerned, Meghan’s just a chicken-legged, badly dressed Z-list actress who got a dumb royal to marry her.

    1. I’m honestly so baffled about the lack of attention for her in the USA. It was very clear she wanted to return to the motherland to a “hero’s welcome”, and instead got met with basically nothing. I don’t figure the Americans care much for her either, just like we don’t over here. It’s actually quite funny.

  5. Howdy, Crowns, you’ve done it again! Still loving the visuals especially the one of Meghan jumping up and down
    trying to flee Frogmore! Her tummy will be absolutely flat after all of that activity going on at the door! (Yes, I’m
    being polite about that tummy for otherwise I’d suggest that the tummy would end up around her knees/feet.)

    Actually, concerning the Royal title for Baby Archie, I’m betting the ranch that Mama Meghan will get that title
    come you know what or high water! Why? How? Simply by Mama Meghan slapping Harry upside his head thus
    setting off his rant about “whatever Meghan wants she gets” as he rushes to QE with the “demand” and so it
    goes with another story from the soap opera about “How the Royal Family Bows to Duchess Meghan”.

    That’s my story and I”m sticking with it…………………….For now that is.

    Thank you, Crowns, for your wit and for your blog.

  6. Need to add a little something here after reading above. Why in the world would Americans be proud of Meghan
    when Americans had to live down Wallis, another “charmer” for sure….Wish I could roll my eyes now! Wallis and
    Meghan were/are both “take charge” women and it appears that the Duke of Windsor (from my years of reading about him/Wallis) was a namby-pamby kinda fella so when Wallis cracked the whip, he jumped! It appears that
    Prince Harry is perhaps in the same league; however, I do not know if he jumps when/if Meghan cracks a whip,
    but he does seem to jump whenever she demands him to.

    All in all, I just wish that the British Royal men would cease from selecting American women who have……Let’s
    say “interesting pasts” and in this way, perhaps y’all will be saved and the Lord only knows that we over here
    will be sure to celebrate! Just please, please do not send Meghan back to us! Please.

  7. Well, unless you watched “Suits” chances are you didn’t know her. Suits ran on the USA channel, which isn’t a major network. The most exciting thing about her so far is that she married Harry. It’s not like when Grace Kelly married into Monaco royalty…she, at least, was a major movie star.

  8. Here in the States, people aren’t very ga ga over her at all. They think it’s cute they got married and had a baby but not much more. I had never even heard of her before she started dating Harry. The show she was on is on a basic cable network and not necessarily something people actually watch unless they’re staying somewhere with only 20 TV channels….I foresee a huge divorce scandal in the next 3-5 years, if not sooner.

  9. persephonie234 avatar

    I love this blog! It makes my day to read the comments!

  10. Allegedly Meghan’s PR is shutting down blogs, tumblrs, etc. Please be careful. Back up your website just in case.

  11. murderfancier avatar

    States side here.
    I never heard of IT before Harry’s straight out of left field love shield statement.
    Then I kept getting her picture mixed up with Pippa. I think Harry did too.
    I have always been a Royal Family fan, so when this Dying on the Vine bit barged in, I was (SMT) skeptical to say the least.
    Your blog is a joy to read, Crowns.

  12. persephonie234 avatar

    Just my thoughts. I think mm thought she would rule the world in marrying into the RF. She didn’t count on years of tradition and her man being a weak link. And Harry, wanted what he saw what his brother had and grabbed the first person who would say yes. Here is where they went wrong, in my opinion. Both growing up in atmospheres where their self esteem was overblown by their families and now they believe their own press. The people, however took offense to the crumbs these 2 thought befitting to dole out to the lesser plebs. MM will jump ship when she finally acknowledges she will not be granted the greatness she thinks belongs to her. Presenting a life style doll to the public will most likely will be the last straw for the people.

  13. Great writing Saffy! I always enjoy reading them! I used to read the Harry Markle Blog, too, but now you have to login there, you can’t just go there and read it. I wonder why.

    I was skeptical about the baby being a doll first, I really thought they attended so anxiously it had to be real. Also my little one used to sleep like that, very still, but then I remembered that when there was a new noise, light, smell, anything, she would move right away, and flinch, and even if she stayed asleep you could see her eyes moving. Babies are very aware of changes in environment, and noises, etc. at the beginning. A two day old baby would have not been happy with the new smell, the cameras, and voices, etc. So now I start to believe the doll idea.

    I was wondering if the birth certificate would show the mother’s real age, and maybe that’s what she is afraid of showing? I don’t know. It’s so suspicious though.

    1. I wonder about this too. She has been 37 for years it seems.

    2. sfnewcatholic avatar

      A cynical hard bitten person like Meghan is not afraid of a minor thing such as her real age.

      As I see it, the reason Meghan won’t produce a birth certificate is because she can’t. Any medical professional, whether doctor, nurse, midwife, etc., will flatly refuse to sign a false birth certificate. If they did, they’d lose their license, they could even be jailed. And Meghan can’t put a fake signature on it either because that would be found out the split second it goes public. So, she’ll simply refuse to produce any birth certificate at all. However, I don’t know how much longer she can continue doing that. Meghan’s in desperate need of money. She’s spent all of Harry’s money, she hasn’t got any of her own and the Palace isn’t giving her a dime. She’s so broke she can’t even afford staff for her cottage, not even a cook. This is why she’s desperately hawking her baby to any and all buyers, she needs the money. Ironically, she COULD get money from the Palace if she had a Royal baby – the Queen would never let her great grandson be in want. But there’s a catch. Meghan has to PROVE Archie is the Queen’s great grandson and that requires a birth certificate. So Meghan’s between a rock and a hard place – and the rock is starting to grind.

      1. persephonie234 avatar

        You are brilliant!!!! This is exactly what I think too. Rumors circulating, Sparkles has a daughter Noel, and she might have been the surrogate. And the baby born in the US doesn’t have paperwork yet to travel. hmmmm

      2. Thank you so much! 💖 and that’s actually crazy! Can you imagine if that all came to light?! It’d be mad! There were photos of her in 2013 looking rather pregnant at an event, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she had been before Archie (assuming she carried this one).

      3. The certified birth entry is now out. Archie is *gasp* a real baby, not a doll. And *double gasp* Harry and Meghan are the parents. Unless this fake form was somehow concocted with the hospital, the palace and everyone in the registrar’s office to try and dupe the public, I think it’s time to put the conspiracy theories about Baby Archie to bed.

      4. Well, I figured it was a real baby and they were the biological parents, yes. Those two have never come into question – at least not for me.

  14. Just discovered your blog! You have great insights and are writing what a lot of us are thinking, bravo! I look forward to your next post.

    1. Thank you so much! 💖

  15. sfnewcatholic avatar

    Excuse me but what happened to “HarryMarkle”? It’s shut down. What’s going on?

    1. I heard it was on password protect because she’s on holiday? Is it gone completely? Admittedly I didn’t follow her before.

      1. persephonie234 avatar

        Has anyone heard from hart Markle? I requested an invite several days ago but haven’t heard anything.

      2. I don’t know, but one of my friends mentioned she was on holiday and shut everything down to prevent hacking while she’s away and can’t keep an eye on it xx

  16. Love your blog, thank you so much Two things, birth certs in UK are a matter of public record and anyone should be able to access them after a month or so PROVIDED that the applicant knows the details of the newborn – date and place of birth etc! That mightn’t be so easy to find out. Secondly, you are correct, Archie will definitely get his title, according to the 1917 Letter’s Patent decreed by King George V, only grandchildren of the sovereign receive royal titles—not great-grandchildren, so when Charles becomes king, the baby will probably be HRH Prince Archie. At the very least Archie will eventually become Duke of Sussex. This allows MM to appear to be a humble mother who just wants her son to be normal and happy. And perhaps “kind”.

  17. persephonie234 avatar

    Today’s rumor mill, what do you think? Rumors are smegs not in the UK, but buying time in another country. Can’t produce a European bcert bcz child born in the US?? Look at the doll in Harry’s arms, either the baby is a giant or they have it wrapped on a plank. Then look at William and Kate holding their newborn, the child’s body has a slight curve to it. And, last, sparkles felt she had to escape?? Only reason people run is they feel like their lie is closing in on them…. what do you think?

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