Megxit Misconceptions: Setting the record straight

On yet more of my journeys through the deep, dark web and venturing out into dangerous territory (namely where Sussex fans sit), I’ve noticed there are some rather far-fetched and hilarious theories about us, our “motives” and who we are as people. You’ll be shocked to hear that all of these are completely inaccurate, but I’ll address them anyway. 

The “Megxit” crowd, as we are apparently known, have quite a reputation amongst Sussex fans, I’ve noticed: one that doesn’t put us in a very good light. 

And as I’ve read some utter rubbish floating about the internet that the “ever-astute” Sussex fans believe to be true, I thought I’d go through a few of them below and add in some statements of my own – for clarification, if nothing else.

We don’t wish ill on anyone 

I’d like to start off with the most important one, because this item seriously needs to be debunked and fast. 

Not one of us in our circle is dangerous.

No, we don’t like Meghan or Harry, but I highly doubt anyone on our threads wishes ill on them or their innocent child. Trust me, I can find far better uses of my energy.

Our conversations are mainly speculative, doses of funny gossip and yes, taking the piss out of a lot of what Meghan says, does and wears – but does that make us a threat to anyone or mean we wish ill on them? No, it really doesn’t.

And you’ll need to come up with hard evidence if you want to make that accusation.

We’re not a bunch of witches sat around our cauldrons or a group of satanists with our voodoo dolls at the ready. Please don’t confuse having a dislike for someone with being pure evil – I don’t think I need to tell a bunch of grown adults that there’s a big difference between the two.

No, I’m not ugly, overweight, jealous, middle-aged or “white” – just to put the kibosh on that one also.

None of us have ever said anything even vaguely threatening towards anyone who has approached us on twitter or the Sussexes themselves. The sooner you come to terms with that the better.

We believe everything negative about Meghan

Nope, wrong again.

As I say, a lot of what we talk about is speculative, but I won’t believe just anything about Meghan solely because I don’t like her.

There are many crazy theories I’ve seen pop up, and I’ll readily chime in and say I don’t agree with something if I don’t. If I think it’s outright ludicrous, I am not afraid to tell my friends I think so. 

And in any case, this is highly hypocritical coming from Meghan’s fans. 

I’ve noticed that most people who champion the Sussexes are Cambridge-haters, and funnily enough, will cry that any rumours about Meghan MUST be false, but anything negative printed about the Cambridges must be gospel.

Take the Prince William/Rose Hanbury scandal for instance; there isn’t a shred of evidence to suggest there’s any truth to it, but Sussex fans have taken that rumour and run a damn marathon with it.

But it was only today that it occurred to me why. 

The Cambridges have a squeaky clean record, basically impermeable – and Sussex fans just couldn’t resist wetting their knickers in excitement when then possibility of a blemish on their reputation came to light in the press. 

As I’ve said before, Meghan must really not have any redeeming features, because her fans seem to think that the only way to make her look better is by making somebody else look worse. 

You don’t need to verbally abuse the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in order to make Meghan and Harry look better: if they’re so wonderful in your eyes, I’m sure you can find plenty right with them to add filler to your arguments. 

Bottom line – I don’t believe everything I read and you shouldn’t either.

Samantha Markle is our leader 

I’ve seen a lot of Sussex fans on twitter promote the utterly absurd notion that we’re all Samantha Markle’s minions and working on some kind of global project with her to take down Meghan. Er – I can’t explain how wrong you are. 

Consider this an official statement: Samantha Markle has absolutely nothing to do with our circle or our threads. 

No, we don’t have monthly conferences whereby Samantha sits at the head of the table in a board room and discusses strategies with us to drag her sister, as seems to be the belief in the Sussex fandom.

The truth?

Yes, she follows some of us on twitter and some of us follow her – mainly for the gossip, but she has not given any at all. 

Yes, most of us have spoken to her before – but completely in passing and on many occasions, it’s been about topics totally unrelated to her sister.

And in any case, she’s hardly ever online these days and nobody in our circle has spoken to her in a good couple of months. 

She is not our “boss”, she is not using us to “push an agenda” and we’re certainly not her fucking “minions”.

Oh, and none of us ARE Samantha Markle either, just in case that wasn’t clear. I’ve seen an awful lot of insane claims that we’re all just multiple accounts of Samantha that she’s running by herself… well, I don’t know if you’ve seen one of our twitter threads, but there are easily fifty to sixty tweets a minute posted sometimes – Samantha would have to be a damn octopus to keep up with that.

No, she isn’t in charge of any of us, nor are any of us Samantha herself.

We’re all cowardly for not using our own pictures

If you consider keeping yourself safe “cowardly”, then yeah, I guess we are. But the simple fact is – I don’t owe anyone any answers in regards to my identity and neither do my friends.

I reserve the right to my own privacy and safety. I’m not a threat to anyone, so you don’t need to know my name, date of birth, address, occupation or my bloody bra size – those things are personal and funnily enough, I don’t wish to share them with a bunch of unstable, hate-filled strangers on the internet. 

I think we all saw what the Daily Mail did some months back – publishing photos of Twitter users without their permission and holding them up for people to stone to death, all because they deigned to express an opinion on Meghan publicly. No thanks – I don’t fancy that scenario.

I’ve already had my tweets screen-capped and published in articles from places like Yahoo Canada; I’m not giving the press the satisfaction of stringing me up in front of the world with my face attached to it. I’ve got a life and professional reputation to protect too and I won’t let anybody bully me.

Quite frankly, many of Meghan’s rabid fans seem rather dangerous; so pardon me if I don’t fancy having members of the Sussex Squad line up at my front door in the middle of the night to put fireworks through my letterbox.

I had someone actually “dare” me yesterday to post a photo of myself on my twitter page; what for? I mean really, what are you taking from knowing what I look like? Either you’ll use the image for your little dartboards or something far more sinister – I’m not gonna wait around to find out. 

I have a personal twitter account for my real self that is separate from all of this and there is obviously a reason I choose to remain anonymous. Meghan fans will just have to deal with it, because the situation isn’t going to change any time soon.

What makes me laugh is that most of these Sussex fans hide anonymously behind fan pages also (and a hate for the Cambridges), yet feel they have the right to call you out for not having a photo… when they don’t have one either. How does that work? 

They are also the same people that will send you a “scathing” comment and then hurriedly block you, because they’re too afraid of seeing your response and incapable of holding a civilised adult conversation. Why do that? We’re here – and ready to debate if necessary.

Don’t be shy – or have we worked out who the real cowards are?

In any case, I hope the above clears things up for these folk quite nicely. It’s getting rather tiresome having to reel off the same responses to Sussex fans over and over, because they only have a few standard party lines they can come out with and seem to have very few brain cells between them. 

If there are any questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact me on Twitter @CrownOfSapphire – but please, try and keep it civil. Most people who read my blog are eloquent and capable of holding a proper discussion, so it would be nice if we could all adhere to that. 

Just a side note to say also that I do really appreciate everyone’s comments on my blog posts and I apologise if it takes me a while to respond. I do intend to get back to every one of you (and I will, albeit slowly), as your comments are always great – life just gets in the way sometimes! But I’m getting there.

Until next time, folks…

18 responses to “Megxit Misconceptions: Setting the record straight”

  1. Barbarella64 avatar

    Well said! And now we wait with bated breath the onslaught of abuse from her stans regarding the birth (of the second coming) as the majority of the public start the questions surrounding her smooth ‘delivery’ – I know I have a few … 😊☮️

    1. Thank you! 💖 and oh, so do I 😉 I’ll be revisiting my initial predictions in a blog this week… looks like a lot of it was right!

      1. Barbarella64 avatar

        I look forward to it … Btw reblogged to Tumblr 😊☮️

      2. As always, thank you so much 💖

  2. Great writing! I think that the “Megxit crowd” is also consisting more of thinkers and educated people therefore quickly questioning when they see something is not right. Other kind of people (like sheep) just accept any news. However, many of us, maybe even more than we know, because many don’t go on social media to express it, yet are totally amazed by the lies…, so many of us keep asking after reading and watching the antics of those two that “WHAT?!” over and over again. “Last week they said that, and now this? What?!?!?!” Things just never add up, but you need to be a person that can think for yourself. Megxit people do think for themselves. We were totally taken aback by the engagement interview lies, then lies about her family, the lie about her how far was she along, etc. So many lies! (Maybe you could put all the lies in order!) And they are still coming! I mean you have to be insane to just accept all these lies without ever questioning them. I think that’s one of the biggest difference between the fans and Megxit people: the ability of one to think…

    1. Thank you for your comment! xx

      I agree completely; we tend to question the details that are given to us, largely because a lot of us are British taxpayers and don’t wish to have the wool pulled over our eyes by these two.

      I think Meghan and Harry fans who really love them always want to overlook everything because they’re so terrified to have their ‘perfect’ image of them shattered. They’re too scared to question things and dismiss everything as absurd.
      I understand not wanting to believe everything you hear, but burying your head in the sand is a totally different lane and not a good idea either.

      And on a level, I don’t think they want to admit to themselves and each other that other people are more astute than they are. Most of them don’t appear to be incredibly intelligent and get argumentative and defensive very quickly, which to me is the mark of somebody rather insecure in their views. If they were comfortable and confident in what they thought, they wouldn’t need to behave that way. It’s ok – it’ll all cave in eventually and then they’ll be forced to face it all.

  3. This isn’t a debatable topic. It doesn’t take high intelligence to see this child was born from a surrogate. The only problem lies within the fraudulent manner that the Royal ENTIRE family presented to the tax payers of Britain. Personally, I’ve lost all respect in the monarchy due to the lies given to the people of Britain. I will NEVER see this family the same again. Quite trashy behavior from all of them . The people of Britain would have graciously accepted surrogate. Dishonesty means NO integrity. No more trust in the Monarchy. Lost respect for the Queen, as well. Toodles.

    1. I think Megs wanted all the glory and perks of pregnancy, but none of the weight gain, the possible stretch lines, etc. I read somewhere the Queen doesn’t like to discuss health issues, so if Hazza told HM that Megs couldn’t be pregnant due to health reasons she might have said ok to a surrogate. Which, I agree with you, would have been fine, but lies are not.

      1. I agree completely; there was an article floating about not that long ago that said she apparently made her ex-husband sign a document to say that if they ever had a kid, he would hire her a personal trainer and nutritionist after to help her get back into shape. If that’s true, she’s clearly incredibly vain and I can’t see her wanting to give up her figure for a child – I don’t get very maternal vibes from her anyway. As long as the boy is biologically Harry’s, the crown won’t give a toss.

    2. I am not sure if she had a surrogate to be honest.
      The main question I have is why would she need one? She is not too old to conceive naturally. Its not like the RF doesnt have money to try fertility pills first, then maybe IVF using their own genetic material so she can carry it herself and avoid the whole surrogate issue and the legal issues around it.

      I will admit I have no explanation as to why the birth was kept so secret lol. Possibly because she wanted a home birth and the RF doesnt look too highly on that? Not sure.

      1. I’m not totally decided on whether a surrogate was used or not; I could go either way on it. I think the reason people assumed she might be using one is because she allegedly told her ex-boyfriend she was infertile, so it sort of stemmed from that as a reason. In any case, anybody could have fertility issues without reason – it happens all the time. I’m not totally sure though.

        I wonder if their reasoning for keeping everything surrounding the birth so quiet was because they either want to appear like ‘celebrities’ by keeping things quiet, or there is something they’re trying to hide. The BRF actually largely condone home births and have done for centuries; before Princess Diana had William and Harry, hospital births really weren’t a thing for the royal family. So I’m not too sure either…

    3. I have to agree with you there.. I’m angered that the Queen has given the Sussexes free reign to do whatever it is they want to do with very little consequence. When people say “I feel so bad for the Queen having to deal with all of this in her 90s”, I just can’t share their sentiments; in my opinion, she let this happen, so my sympathy is somewhat reserved.

  4. Hello, Crowns, absolutely lovely! I do so enjoy not only your writing, but you seem to carry one along with the
    story and I feel better and better until the story ends…….I want what you have to say to go on and on! Greedy
    guts that I am it appears, I agree with just about everything you have to say.

    You have every right to say what you have to say without the fear of being chastised by those seeking to do what they do which is to hurl insults and threats to talented writers like you! Please keep on with the story.


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment – I definitely intend to keep posting. There’s always more than enough material! thank you again xx

  5. I definitely love your blog … I’m glad I found it on that Facebook page … you say everything I think about the Sussex cult … it makes me feel so good people who write so sensible and fluent … I follow you on Twitter I like to be on the lookout for new entries …. excuse my English, it’s not my mother tongue. Please keep writing I like to read you.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! And your English is basically perfect, so no worries at all. Thank you for reading and for your kind words – I really appreciate it xx

  6. sfnewcatholic avatar

    If you’re getting flak, you’re over the target! That’s something any good fighter should be proud of. And you’re good, you’ve been hitting bull’s eyes these days!

  7. murderfancier avatar

    You nailed it once again, Crowns.
    Personally, I get so tired of hearing we are racists. I cannot think of anyone I have liked or not like because of the shade of their skin. It is insulting.
    I do not like her because she is shallow, vain, and runs her mouth too much.

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