Dear Kensington Palace

Dear Kensington Palace,

Today, you issued a new set of “guidelines” (for all us peasants to follow) in regards to your social media accounts and how we, the public, are expected to behave. I did a quick scan, but didn’t look at it in too much detail as it was largely what I expected — a silencer for anybody who has an opinion.

There are the usual ones — no racist remarks (completely agree and understandable), nothing derogatory, etc. But really, in regards to the other terms, there’s an undertone here — no, world, you don’t get to have your say.

Considering a high number of the people following your twitter account live within the UK and therefore are taxpayers, from which the royal family benefit, why do you have the right to tell us what we can and cannot say if it’s within reason? I understand if there is any discrimination of any kind, then blocking people is acceptable in these circumstances— but you’ve been blocking people for far less.

If someone highlights Meghan’s ludicrous spending habits, why is that a reason to be blocked by you? For saying the truth? Or is that just it — you, Meghan and Harry don’t want to hear the truth. Like a child hiding under their duvet at night from the “monsters”, if you close your eyes hard enough and ignore it, it will go away? Sorry, but not this time.

If people were making actual threats, I could understand the real concern— but I can’t abide by people being silenced for (generally) having a normal opinion. What you mean is: Meghan and Harry don’t like to have a mirror held up to their actions, and therefore anybody who attempts to do this will be struck down by the palace. Let’s be realistic: there haven’t really been any threats toward Meghan. Ok, one or two psychos (who should’ve been sectioned long ago) may have said something, but do they represent every last person following your account? I think the answer to that is no.

And what about myself and my friends? We’ve all received some form of threats at some point or another as well by terrifying Meghan fans. Why is this allowed? I don’t see you, nor anybody else for that matter, rushing to our defence because we were threatened over saying Meghan Markle’s baby bump is a weird shape. Does that warrant someone wishing you ill? Or wishing harm to your family? No, is the answer — just in case you were confused.

Oh, and don’t worry KP; I’ve got a lot to say to the media too, so you’re not just being singled out. Quite a few of us from our group found ourselves on Yahoo Canada over the weekend, in an article (if you could call it that) written by Sarah Rohoman, a woman who likely doesn’t know her head from her backside.

In it, she publishes screenshots of a series of tweets, where some of us question Meghan’s pregnancy. Amongst ourselves. Not including (or bothering) anyone else. Which is apparently illegal these days. Did she ask our permission to post this on a global news outlet? No, she didn’t.

I imagine dear old Sarah didn’t get paid much for this crap — but thanks for getting my name out in Canada 💁🏻‍♀️

Of course, all the screenshots are from the same thread, in posts that were all written within about an hour — it would’ve been too much effort to go much further afield to find anything substantial, so Rohoman stuck to something she could see right in front of her, before going back to chewing her pen, reading the ingredients of her low fat yogurt or whatever else it is journalists do when they pretend they’re working.

So on that note, for the media and for you, Kensington Palace, please do tell me why it is you think it’s important to draw attention to those who voice an opinion on Meghan, but when Meghan’s fans spew bile, threats and other nasty comments toward the rest of us, this isn’t covered by the news? Why is that? Because it doesn’t fit your narrative?

There were people wishing death on Thomas and Samantha Markle— why isn’t anyone saying anything about this? What, because some people perceive them to be a nuisance and the only person to be protected is “holier than thou” Meghan? So what if you disagree with the Markle clan— they don’t deserve to receive threats either. Talk about a double standard.

There are others wishing death on the Cambridges so that Harry and Meghan can become King and Queen (*snort*) or giving the UK a chance to vote William and his children out of the line of succession to pave the way for Ginger and Nutmeg; it would be funny if it weren’t so frustratingly deluded. Also, for those suggesting the above, please note the following:

  1. Wishing death on a man and his three kids doesn’t make you any different to the people you scream “bully” at online, day in and day out. It, in fact, makes you far worse and a raging hypocrite.
  2. Thankfully, the monarchy doesn’t operate based on an election system — and if it did, dear Meghan lovers, you might be shocked to find you still won’t end up with her as Queen Consort.
I wouldn’t take that vote if I were you

And what of the stories about Harry creating a fake twitter account to take a gander at what people are saying about him and Meghan online? Strange behaviour for a royal prince. (Don’t you have a ribbon to be cutting somewhere instead?)

So what was the plan with that one, dear Harry boy? Because it certainly wasn’t to take public advice to fix up you and your wife’s image, as you still behave like two immature 16-year-olds, holding hands and skipping about when meeting dignitaries. What is the purpose of lurking without intent? To rub salt in the wounds when you read you’re not as popular as you initially thought? That a lot of people don’t actually like nor have any respect for your wife? That people are pissed off with the amount of money Mrs Sussex spends? I’m baffled.

And as for you, Kensington Palace, on a closing note; you can try and whitewash your twitter page, the media can post as many inane stories as they wish, but the fact remains— people will not be silenced. Nor should they be.

I understand not tolerating threatening behaviour, but what I do not understand is you blocking and reporting people because they’ve pulled up certain members of the royal family on their behaviour— and why shouldn’t they? The British taxpayer funds the House of Windsor after all, so why is our say not important? Because Meghan and Harry threw their toys out of their pram and demanded you clean the page of all comments, bar the ones licking their arses? Honestly, I wonder what kind of world we’re living in.

Really, Kensington Palace, get a hobby. Surely you should be paying more attention to blocking Meghan’s credit card rather than actual people for having their say? After all, it’s the public paying for you, so if you don’t like it, feel free to remove yourselves from the royal gravy train.


A British taxpayer who won’t miss you 💋 x

16 responses to “Dear Kensington Palace”

  1. The blogs are well written and as always interesting. Some talented folks are sharing their thoughts and it’s a refreshing change from that drivel that’s published in People& Vogue magazines. Those pieces are silly and so over the top one-sided its ridiculous. Any well read 10 year old can see right through the biased comments from the writers. Its all so remarkably ultra left winged nonsense.

    1. Thank you very much my darling! I appreciate it. I try to write things properly as well so Meghan fans can’t hurl (too much) hate in our direction. I don’t want to sound like an illiterate just ranting and raving – even if I’m not being particularly favourable about Meghan!

  2. I can’t applaud this post enough! You hit every criticism about this squarely on the head. I’m not a citizen of the UK but I would take steps to bring this up to the elected officials there and ask what they think about the whitewashing. Just a thought.

    1. Thank you so much! 🧡 and I agree; I wish there was some way we could and there must be. I’m tired of this policing when it comes to free speech, and only allowing comments that glorify somebody living like a Kardashian on the taxpayers dime. It’s not on.

  3. Excellent post! Thank you ☮️😊

    1. Thank you!! ❤️

  4. Amen! As an American, it boils my blood to read about such censorship of speech. Nobody is defending psychos who wish violence on people–but there are so few of those compared to the rest of us who find the machinations of the BFR fascinating. This whole thing is going to backfire on Megs and Haz now that the palace has basically mandated we all love them and approve of all their millions of pounds of spending on clothes and trips and real estate and baby showers. People should be allowed to bring up the fact that they are the world’s biggest hypocrites with all their drivel and spew about “green” and “low carbon footprint” and “humanitarianism” being flung from their private planes while they laugh at us peasants. And as a mom to 3–my “bump” was **always** round. Just my personal experience. So the fact that Meg’s “bump” is sometimes square is puzzling. Anyway–keep up the good work & I’ll be interested to know if I will be doxxed now by those “journalists…” LOL

  5. Cassie McMahon avatar
    Cassie McMahon

    Just lobby for a Republic. End the nonsense. All men and women are created equal anyway.

  6. debbiebakermsc avatar

    Well said. As a UK taxpayer, I heartily agree with you. Love your blog. Keep up the good work!

    1. I’m a UK taxpayer as well. I also agree with you.

  7. Glynis Beaumont-Terry avatar
    Glynis Beaumont-Terry

    Beautifully said 👍👍👍👍
    I couldn’t have put it better myself ❤️

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it 🧡

  8. Hit the nail on the head right there.

    1. Thank you so much! 💕

  9. Jane Harbridge avatar
    Jane Harbridge

    This is poorly written rubbish.

    1. Is it really, Jane? Thank you for your input. You’re obviously a Meghan lover with a lot of hang-ups, but that’s ok. My blog gets over 3,000 views a day and is shared multiple times over, so while you personally may view it as rubbish, it’s clear other people don’t. It’s only a personal blog, not a global news outlet — and in any case, is still written better than the likes of the Daily Mail. If you don’t like it, you know what you can do with your opinion love; I can draw you a picture if you’re confused 🙃🙃

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