The bullying of Chelsy Davy

So just to dive right in; I recently started following Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy on Instagram, more out of curiosity than anything else– I never had a problem with her and just wanted to see what she was up to these days. Her page is that of a normal 30-something year old woman; she travels a lot, posts pics of her and her mates hanging out and genuinely seems to be a well-rounded individual.

Looking back at some of her older posts around the time Harry and Meghan got married, and even long after, I noticed a string of rude and downright abusive comments from Meghan Markle fans, who even though they like to shout the terms “bullying” and “racism” when it comes to any comments made against their beloved idol, they apparently don’t think the same terms apply when it it said to a woman of white ethnicity.

I did a quick few screengrabs for example, and below, I have posted some of these, just to provide an example of what actual bullying looks like.
Please note: I have not censored out anyone’s usernames or pictures– why should I? They were happy enough to post their verbal abuse without hiding behind an anonymous account, so one can only assume they will be ok with me re-posting these now. They were clearly proud of their opinions at the time, so I’m sure they still are currently. 
After all, didn’t the Daily Mail think it was appropriate to post names and photographs on their site and in newspapers of a few people they deemed to be “bullies” for saying they thought Meghan was unsuitable online? Without their permission, too? If that’s ok, then so is this – what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

So let’s get stuck in:

This one was interesting to me, because it was literally a photo of Chelsy on holiday, from what I recall. So I’d ask “shi_laws” — where has Chelsy demonstrated in this that she “needs some self respect and morals”? Or Cressida, for that matter? Chelsy and Cressida both have partners, lives and are getting on with things, so why was this comment necessary?

As for the “these girls act so desperate still going to royal events”… umm… Chelsy and Cressida are best friends with Beatrice and Eugenie… so yes… they would attend their mate’s wedding… Do you not go to your friend’s weddings?

And don’t get me started on the other bint below; “just because Chelsy’s blonde and white”. Oh, get over yourselves. At one point, Harry chose Chelsy — and as all you Meghan lovers like to say about Meggers now “she was his choice”— so why does that saying not apply here? Three guesses.

Another somewhat brainless person that has single-handedly written a new British law that we must never say a white woman is pretty, because heaven forbid that is ever the case. Last time I checked as well, Chelsy (in her thirties) did not look older than 70-year-old Camilla, but maybe I need another eye test.

These comments are hilarious, largely because they prove just how deluded people really are. “Meghan has a more beautiful face”— well that’s an opinion honey, it’s not a fact. As for the “Harry didn’t put a ring on her finger” comment; Meghan lovers, look away now, because this may shatter your illusion that Meghan is the only person Harry has ever loved and wanted to be with… Harry did try to marry Chelsy. She put up with intense media scrutiny for seven years and couldn’t handle it anymore and ultimately broke things off with him as she knew it wasn’t the life for her. That’s right— Chelsy was the one who did the dumping and Harry was heartbroken. I still believe to this day that she was the one he has loved the most, but I won’t say it too loud in front of Madame Sussex fans.

Oh, and as a closing remark, the last person that said “it’s been been seven years get over it”— I’d advise you to take your own advice, sweetheart. Coming onto Harry’s ex-girlfriend’s page and hurling abuse years later and after he married another woman indicates that you are really the only one who needs to move on.

The first comment (from someone who has Meghan as their profile pic, so is clearly not “all there” in the head), is really something else. I’ve noticed that her fans keep calling Meghan “beautiful” and “intelligent”, so I will just say the following:

  1. As I said further up in this post, beauty is subjective— not everyone finds Meghan to be this incredible stunning beauty, and I’ll bet 90% of people are saying this just because she’s biracial. In my opinion, take it or leave it, Meghan is very average in the looks department and I’ve seen better looking women in my local supermarket.
  2. What do you deem “successful”? She had a bit-part on an American legal drama and never managed to crack Hollywood in all the years she was out there, largely because she cannot act, so where is the success story here? Chelsy is a qualified lawyer and worked for Allen and Overy for several years— I’d call that intelligent. Because she has a degree? So do lots of women— I graduated with a first from Cambridge— I don’t expect to be at the front of the queue when they hand out the next Nobel Prize.
“I just wanna say thaaaaaanks”

Then there’s the idiot in the last comment saying that Chelsy wanted attention. I looked for evidence of this in Chelsy’s post, but came up with nothing. It was simply a congratulatory post for Eugenie and Jack’s wedding. This was the post:

I’m not seeing it

Here we go, I’ll bet you were waiting for this one; the standard “you mad because Harry married a black woman” comment. They should make t-shirts with this slogan for Meghan fans, as this appears to be their party line for everything.

No, it may come as a shock to you, but most people wouldn’t give a flying one if Meghan Markle was frigging green— as I’ve stressed a million times over:

And people can’t explain why they don’t like Meghan? Have a look at this blog, honey— I got 99 reasons and her skin colour ain’t one!

Nobody is claiming that Chelsy is some world class supermodel. I don’t personally think she’s a stunning beauty either, but a lot has to be said for a woman who was in the public eye for so long and has kept a dignified silence since splitting with Harry— something I suspect Meghan would struggle with if she were to divorce Hazza; let’s be real here, she’d be chatting to Oprah faster than you can say “the Crown Jewels”. It’s Chelsy’s personality that makes her more attractive. She has class— something your Duchess of Sussex doesn’t know the first thing about.

I addressed this in an earlier blog; yes, her expression was unreadable, but yours would be too if a former major love was tying the knot with someone else. Or, y’know, the media took a hundred pics of her sat in the church and only published two where she was pursing her lips or looking distracted, trying to make it look like she was devastated. All jokes aside, I don’t personally think she was; she was with Harry for years, knew what the royal life entailed and didn’t want it. If she had, she would’ve married him. Let that sink in. But of course, Meghan lovers want to believe their own narrative that Harry chucked all former flames aside to marry a black woman, that she triumphed over and above all others in some Game of Thrones style showdown.

Yes, she married Harry, so she’s won the battle— but the war isn’t over yet.

As I stated in my last blog post, Harry was clearly desperate to start a family and so took the first woman who jumped at the chance of wearing a tiara; don’t delude yourself into believing she is the greatest love of his life, because I do feel that was Chelsy. And in any case, they’ve only been married nine months, so the jury is still very much out on their marriage— let’s not get all Romeo and Juliet just yet.

At first, I thought this one was a private joke between friends, until I looked at this idiot’s page and realised Chelsy wasn’t following them and they are utterly racist towards whites— oh, and they misspelt her name.

Just dissecting this, the comment confuses me. “Get out of Africa”— pardon? For those who like to insult Chelsy without having bothered to educate themselves on her at all, Chelsy is Zimbabwe-born, so yes she spends a lot of time in Africa. And in any case, even if she wasn’t, she’s allowed to go anywhere she wants in the world without receiving hate on her Instagram page. Does anyone tell YOU where you can and cannot go? Unless you’re living in an ISIS state, probably not.

I’m going to leave it there for now, as I just wanted to give you a taste of the utter tripe that is posted on Chelsy’s Instagram page— rest assured I could fill another ten blog posts out with the amount of abuse she gets.

One question I will pose to Meghan’s fans who find it necessary to attack Chelsy, Cressida or anyone else who came before Meghan, is this: what is the need? You appear to think the “better woman” won, so why are you going back onto the social media accounts of Harry’s exes and bombarding them with hate? Chelsy hasn’t banged Harry in years (as far as we know) and likely wouldn’t touch him with the Queen’s royal sceptre now, so why don’t you let it go?

Just in case you all needed some further assistance understanding what I’m saying, THIS is textbook bullying. Going on to someone’s personal social media account and hurling abuse directly at them, where they can see and read everything you are saying. Bullying is NOT commenting on the Daily Mail, an open news forum, stating that you think Meghan is unsuitable for Harry and the royal family.

Let’s pretend we’re in alternate universe for a minute, where Harry had married Chelsy, Meghan was the ex (at ease, Sussex Stans— it’s only hypothetical) and people were paying Meghan’s Instagram a visit to tell her exactly what they thought of her… I can only imagine the reaction that would get. Comments made against a biracial woman? Never! Send them to the Tower of London!

So then why is it ok for it to happen to a white woman? When did we become a society where we condoned the vilification of one innocent woman but not another, solely based on colour? When did the definition of bullying vary depending on what ethnicity the person is? Come on Meghan lovers, it’s time to grow up. And if you’re unwilling to do that, you’ll have one hell of a battle on your hands, that’s for sure.

10 responses to “The bullying of Chelsy Davy”

  1. Its pretty obvious that mm fans are low I.Q. racists.

    1. Oh, definitely, but they like to accuse others of being that way. It’s laughable.

  2. As usual, brilliant insightful post based on hard, sad facts. I often despair at MM fans, they are relentless and say the same old stuff over and over. My hope is that the Royal press officers and courtiers keep a close eye on social media and are working out what to do about it. Free speech is allowed. Bullying and abuse is not. Thank you so much x

    1. Thank you!! 💕 they do repeat the same things because they don’t have any other arguments, which is a bit pathetic. I hope they keep an eye on public opinion too but without doing these stupid newscasts about poor old Meghan and how she’s being bullied…

  3. Hi,

    I don’t mean to be rude, but could you change the settings on the homepage? Is there a way to make each post display only some of the post with a Read More button? I hope that’s clear. It’d make the blog much easier to read and check for updates. It’s more difficult scrolling down the whole blog post to see any missed posts. Just a suggestion.

    Thanks for another great post!

    1. Hello! Ahh of course, I can definitely take a look. I’m not that adept at using WordPress settings yet, but I’m more than happy to check it out — I agree, it’d be better if it read easier. Thank you for letting me know! 💕

  4. This is so eloquently written. I applaud you for taking the time to show these attacks on Davey. I had no idea. These low IQ creatures are more than likely Markle’s paid PR. They all say the same on every site. They are vile and disgusting and KP has no problem setting guidelines about not saying anything but flowery nonsense about RMM but never has anything to say about how her ignorant sycophants attack anyone that disagrees with her narrative. I am black and I am mortified at the behavior of the narcissist RMM and her entire coterie including the idiots you profiled. I agree with everything you have written. Thank you for your tolerance.

    1. Thank you so much ❤️ I really appreciate your comment. I thought it was important to draw attention to the insults being hurled at Chelsy, because if people are going to paint Meghan as the victim and claim she is being bullied, we need to look at all angles of it. I don’t think it’s fair to ignore what’s being said to her, just because it doesn’t suit the narrative to acknowledge it. Chelsy split up with a Harry nearly a decade ago and still has people leaving nasty and defamatory comments on her personal IG— that to me is bullying and harassment, not saying Meghan is unsuitable for the royal family due to her behaviour on an open news forum. I hope more people will see it from this angle and realise that it’s not one rule for one person and another for everyone else. Thank you once again for your lovely comment xx

  5. Coming to this late and learning as I go. This might be the wrong place to comment but this started me wondering about PH’s history of losing girlfriends, his seeming need to get wed and get heired up, and reading about his 2016 strange on-off courtship with MM…….specifically about what happened around the time of the Inskip wedding, before, during and after, when MM suddenly seemed to be nudged out and then sidle back. Is it true that they’d had a few 2016 dates but that PH tried to dump her, she ejected from polo by PW, turned up solo at the Inskip wedding, crashed Invictus with Marcus but all of a sudden she’s centre stage with a ring on her finger. This might be a load of circumstantial bits and bobs knitted together but as I say, I’ve come to this late. Why the turn around from someone who appeared not to want to know into this apparently besotted Prince of the Realm?

    1. Thank you for your comment – as far as the Inskip wedding in Jamaica, I do believe it to be true that M wasn’t meant to be attending, but forced her way in at the last minute. I think H did actually see her as a royal bedwarmer, but she clung on, determined not to let go of the Prince she had fought so hard to ‘win’. I do think it was more a case that H wanted out, but realised she was the only person that was willing to accept the life, so perhaps he was worn down in the end? I think is extremely manipulative and knows how to play people to get what she wants… in my opinion, anyway xx

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